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Chapter: 92

Chapter 92: The Myriad Soul Cauldron Has Been Damaged!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Dong Mi’s eyes were lifeless and only his lips were squirming non-stop.

Jiang Yiming looked at his disciple who seemed to be talking to him while also seemingly only mumbling to himself. He could roughly guess the meaning of his words.

"What do you mean?"

Thinking of this, Jiang Yiming couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

The Myriad Soul Cauldron was used to further bind the people trapped in purgatory.

The souls of those trapped in the purgatory would be split in two.

One-half of the soul would be slashed by spears, axes, halberds, and knives.

The other half of the soul would be subjected to terrifying refinement.

Now that they had knocked it over, it meant that the halves of the souls that were trapped here would find their master again. The endless wails in the air were emitted by these souls!

"Th-the cauldron collects their minds, as well as their viciousness. Now that the spirit souls that have been split into two have merged back into one," Dong Mi abruptly raised his head and said, "This also means that the shackles and the small ghosts outside who are watching over the spirit souls can’t control them anymore!"

‘When Jiang Yiming heard this, he was naturally very shocked in his heart. So this was the reason why his disciple had said that "there’s no need to look for the name list anymore".

It was because all the trapped souls in the Blood Pool Prison controlled by Guan Mingwang had been released!

"Dong Mi! This is no longer our priority!" Jiang Yiming roared.

With that, Dong Mi came back to his senses quite a bit.

The aura of the barrier in the Hall of the Dead had been greatly weakened.

There was no time to think about it.

Those who were imprisoned in Underworld Prison were definitely not good people when they were alive.

If they didn’t get the Origin Treasure Plate now, they would have to deal with even more trouble later!

Jiang Yiming leaped and rushed onto the high platform, wanting to get the Origin Treasure Plate!

He didn’t forget to scan his surroundings to see if there were any other treasures that could be used by him.

The aura of the barrier had clearly been weakened, but when his hand broke through the barrier and entered deep into it, it was still getting bounced off! Looks like only the person in question could take the Origin Treasure Plate himself!

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"Dong Mi! Come quickly!"

At this moment, a dragon’s roar came from above the palace.

It seemed to be mixed with endless sorrow and a lot of anger!

Neither Jiang Yiming nor Dong Mi had ever witnessed the appearance of a true dragon, but apart from the head of all living things, the dragon, there wouldn’t be a second living creature who could make the incomparably majestic roar! "Quick! Quick!"

This furious roar also pulled Dong Mi back to reality.

"I can’t touch the Origin Treasure Plate in the slightest!"

"Alright! Then let me give it a try!"

Indeed, how could a mortal like them be able to understand an item of the Underworld?!

"Be quick and we’ll still have a way to escape!"

Dong Mi stretched out his hand and also easily broke through the barrier around the Origin Treasure Plate.

Vaguely, the Origin Treasure Plate seemed to be slowly fusing with Dong Mi’s aura!

"Master! I can do it!"

Before Dong Mi could be overjoyed, the Hall of the Dead was directly torn apart by a violent force!

The two of them raised their heads at the same time, and what greeted them was a huge dragon covered in black scales and spewing black smoke, so huge that its head could be seen while its tail couldn’t. It had almost completely destroyed the Hall of the Dead by just opening its mouth casually!

"Hm, I have already been locked up here for ten thousand years! Where is Guan Ming Wang?!" The huge dragon spoke in human language. ‘Ao was the surname of the dragon race.

Could it be this huge dragon was Old Hai’s old friend?

"Dong Mi, quickly put away the Origin Treasure Plate! We can’t stay here for long!"

Jiang Yiming and his disciple, along with Old Hai, had smashed the Myriad Soul Cauldron together.

Although they had successfully obtained the goal of their trip, they had also stirred up an unprecedented riot in the Blood Pool Prison!

Some ferocious beasts that already had intelligence when they were alive could smell the human breath on Jiang Yiming and his disciple now that the two halves of their souls had merged back into one!

The only goal of their existence was to kill!

Natural selection, survival of the fittest.

If it was just to fill their stomachs to survive, they could also enter reincarnation after death.

Those who came to the Blood Pool Prison were naturally the ferocious beasts who had figured out the way of cultivation but they still chose to kill! "Let’s go!" Jiang Yiming and Dongmi took off together.

Guan Mingwang had stopped targeting Jiang Yiming just now because he could feel the aura of the giant dragon’s revival!

Now, the Blood Pool Prison had completely lost control.

The countless ferocious beasts and evil spirit souls that had been released all began to kill each other.

The scene before him was almost more bloody and terrifying than the scene where the ten thousand souls had been executed together! Right now, the only goal of the two was to escape from it.

But how could they do it?

They were now in the Underworld, or more specifically, in the Blood Pool Prison among the ten halls.

‘What would be outside after they struggled out of this place?


Just as the two of them were dodging, there was a loud explosion between Heaven and Earth!

The giant dragon had engaged in a fight with Guan Mingwang!

The battle between them was even fiercer than the battle Old Hai had participated in just now!

There was already a faint sign of the skyline being torn apart!

It was just as Jiang Yiming had thought.

Even if they could escape from this place, what would be outside this prison?!

"Master! Can you feel it?!" Dong Mi’s eyes were filled with ecstasy!

Hearing this, Jiang Yiming quickly felt the aura between Heaven and Earth!

This! It couldn’t be wrong!

Jiang Yiming’s eyes flew open!

This aura must belong only to the human world!

Although they couldn’t describe it, the two of them had already been in the Underworld for several hours.

They could feel the difference between the two auras!

Jiang Yiming and Dongmi weren’t the only ones who felt this aura.

The rest of the spirit souls imprisoned in the Blood Pool Prison look at the sky at the same time.

"Hahahaha!" The dragon was heard laughing maniacally in the air, "If I can escape from the Underworld, wouldn’t I be immortal in the human world? Hahaha!" "Never!" The array behind Guan Mingwang expanded rapidly, intent on rebinding all the spirit souls!

"Hahahaha! Even if you are powerful, how many spirit souls are locked up in this prison?! You can’t control them! Hahaha!"

In the sky, the space that had been vaguely torn apart was widened again!

Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi looked at each other and they soared into the sky!

No matter where it was beyond the border, they had no choice but to head there.

Since there was a method for them to choose, they could only try!

The closer they got to that crack, the closer they were to the familiar aura of the human world!

That’s right!

If they could escape from it, they might be able to return to the human world!

But around them, countless spirit souls also wanted to return to the human world!

They were spirit souls that were already dead, so if they returned to the human world, wouldn’t it make them immortal?!

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