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Chapter: 93

Chapter 93: The Master and Disciple Fought a Tough Battle and Finally Escaped from the Underworld!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"No!" Guan Mingwang was no longer as calm as before.

He had now lost his composure.

"Those imprisoned here are all spirit souls who deserve to die ten thousand deaths! You’ve broken the Myriad Soul Cauldron, do you know what the consequences will be?!"

Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi were also quite afraid.

They had only entered the Underworld this time to seize the Origin Treasure Plate and help Dong Mi remove the curse on him.

They didn’t expect to release the spirit souls from the Underworld and cause such a big mess.

‘The other nine of the ten halls had already sensed the terrifying aura that had appeared in the Blood Pool Prison, and have thus sent people forward to deal with the troubles in the Blood Pool Prison together! Guan Mingwang’s strength was so terrifying that before him, the only thing that could be considered his opponent was the black dragon.

When the other spirit souls tried to rush out of the defense line that Guan Mingwang had built with his body, all of them turned into black smoke directly.

With his sharp senses, Jiang Yiming had already discovered that the defensive array Guan Mingwang had built seemed to only target the evil spirit souls that had already been stripped of their bodies!

Since he and Dong Mi had used Old Hai’s talisman to avoid themselves being stripped of their bodies at the beginning, the array that Guan Mingwang had swiftly repaired didn’t have any effect on them!

"Dong Mi, don’t be afraid! Although this array is very profound, it only prevents those spirit souls from escaping! You and I both have bodies of flesh and blood!"

The moment these words left his mouth, even Jiang Yiming himself didn’t dare to be sure.

However, from the beginning when he had comprehended the Divine Secrets to their trip to Underworld City, they had almost always been in a dilemma of life and death.

Besides, this was a land of death, to begin with, so how could there be a difference between life and death here?!


‘When the two of them saw that they were very close to the crack that the black dragon had opened, another almost human-looking Yama with vicious fangs who they didn’t know belonged to which hall appeared!

"To think you haven’t kept a good guard of this small Blood Pool Prison! Even the Myriad Soul Cauldron has been broken by someone! Hahahaha!" The Yama directly ridiculed Guan Mingwang.

After saying that, he took out a jade bottle from his sleeve.

He turned the mouth of the bottle, and a large number of spirit souls were swallowed by the bottle.

It seemed that the different Yamas in these ten halls each had their own unique skills!

Jiang Yiming was really envious of them.

He was only an Incarnation Realm warrior now with an unstable foundation.

If he wanted to reach the realm that would allow him to challenge them, he wondered how much longer would he have to cultivate.

He hoped that after this escape, he would have time to concentrate on cultivating for a while.

Thinking of this, the two of them had already reached the crack.

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Just as the two of them were about to enter the crack, Dong Mi felt that something was wrong with his legs.

He couldn’t advance any further!

He looked back and found that unknowingly when, a group of small ghosts had attached themselves to him.

"No! No! Young hero, please show mercy! If I can hold to you and escape from the Underworld, I will definitely repay you handsomely!"

Before Dong Mi could make a move himself, a wave of spiritual energy came attacking, dispersing the small ghosts that were attached to his legs.

Jiang Yiming had a somewhat guilty look on his face.

After all, they had indeed brought a lot of trouble to the Blood Pool Prison.

If the spirit souls in the Underworld were to return to the human world, God knows what terrifying things would happen!

"What happened today was presumptuous of me and my disciple," Jiang Yiming thought to himself, "But there’s no other way now. When I return to the human world, I will definitely slaughter all the spirit souls that have escaped!" After dealing with those tarsal maggots, Jiang Yiming hurriedly brought Dong Mi along and entered the crack in the sky that was gradually being repaired.

The Origin Treasure Plate that was currently in Dong Mi’s hand had a huge reaction.

The human world and the Underworld were two separate worlds, to begin with.

As such, the things within them should not be interflowed in the first place.

If it was possible in the future, they would definitely send this thing back!

Guan Mingwang and the other Yamas who had rushed over were all working together to clean up the chaos in the Blood Pool Prison.

‘As such. they did not have the time to care about the two living beings, which gave Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi time to escape!

‘The two of them entered the crack together and found themselves surrounded by vague chaos.

‘There was no aura nor light here.

‘When the two of them entered the crack, the crack under their feet had also been completely repaired.


"Why are you here? This is not where you should be!" A voice rang out in the void.

‘Where exactly was this place?

Following that, an extremely powerful force appeared and the voice boomed, "I can see into the future, and I can destroy the past! Who are you?!"

The force then carried the two of them, and they quickly floated!


Jiang Yiming and Dongmi felt as if the spiritual energy within their bodies had been completely sealed.

As their bodies continued to float, they finally felt that familiar aura!


They were finally going to return to the human world!

Their scene before their eyes gradually lit up, and ultimately became familiar!

Wasn’t this the crack that had opened up in the sea outside Underworld City?!

It had truly been a life and death experience!

They were finally able to return to the human world.

Although Underworld City was extremely dangerous, at least it was slightly better than the Underworld which was difficult to enter and exit!

The two jumped out from the endless void.

"This! Did you see that! Someone came out from there!"

"It can’t be? If he can get out from there, then the other people who went down to search for treasures might also have a chance!"

‘When the gates to the Underworld had opened, many people had jumped into the abyss.

But Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi were the first two people they saw to get out from there!

Jiang Yiming thought to himself, "Shit."

They had entered the wolf’s den first, and when they had finally left, they found themselves in the tiger’s den.

‘When they entered the city, the peddler who was selling mysterious items by the roadside had already said that there were many people who didn’t leave this place because they wanted to get a share of the profits. ‘They didn’t have the courage to enter the gates of the Underworld, but they had quite the courage to snatch things from the hands of those who returned.

Jiang Yiming looked back and found that it wasn’t just the two of them that had jumped out of the abyss.

It was just that the other things might not be considered human.

This crack was a passage between the human world and the Underworld, to begin with.

Since they could go in, the souls in it, just as they had seen in the beginning, could also escape.

It was just that their bodies hadn’t been eaten yet, so they were different from the souls in the Underworld in the sense that they hadn’t passed through the Underworld yet and thus retained a sliver of their souls from back when they were alive. But it seemed that the people of Underworld City had long been prepared to deal with the various ghosts.

‘They formed their respective defensive arrays and blasted the spirit souls that escaped from the Underworld into pieces before they could even cross the surface of the sea.

"Hahahaha! I’m tired of playing with this bunch of worthless trash! I finally got my chance!"

‘Their target had never been the spirit souls who had nothing, but people like Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi who had made a trip in the Underworld and returned!

"Damn it, another bunch of flies!"

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