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Chapter: 94

Chapter 94: The Reappearance of the Black Dragon! Ao Qi’s True Strength?!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Jiang Yiming cursed angrily and immediately started circulating the spiritual energy in his body.

He was prepared to blast the people who were blocking his way into pieces!

As he circulated his spiritual energy, he suddenly realized that his cultivation had improved quite a bit!

It seemed that such encounters that ordinary people couldn’t even come into contact with would bring him a lot of gains! Dong Mi was right beside Jiang Yiming.

He had naturally also felt the difference in himself!

The cultivators who had been waiting by the side had already rushed up to them one after another.

‘They didn’t care whether or not one had obtained a supreme treasure in the Underworld, they would just kill the person first! ‘They might not like each other normally, but now, the goal of these cultivators had been unified.

Among the cultivators rushing towards them, there was no lack of cultivators who cultivated water attribute techniques. Fighting on the edge of the vast sea, this was their most powerful home ground!

"Since you’re here, I must let you know the rules of Underworld Ci

Tsk, it would be great if Huang Chaoyu was here.

With her terrifying physique, the second such unrated water attribute technique came into contact with her flames that burned everything, wouldn’t it just make these trash despair?


Jiang Yiming came back to his senses, the lesson he had learned just now still fresh in his mind.

‘As long as this group of people seized the slightest chance, they would definitely gang up and attack.

The longer the battle dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would be for him!

"Disciple, help me to just wipe out this group of crazy people who don’t care about their lives."

Dong Mi nodded.

He naturally knew what his Master was thinking.

A few cultivators had already surrounded Jiang Yiming.



‘The few of them couldn’t even finish unleashing their martial skills before being directly wiped out by Jiang Yiming.

They didn’t even leave behind any traces.

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"are the lot of you really not afraid of death?" The Master and disciple were quite surprised.

After all, they had the ability to escape from the terrifying Underworld, so how could these people be so bold?

"You’re overestimating yourselves!"

Even Don Mi could repel quite a few cultivators with a casual wave of his spiritual energy.

"Ladvise the lot of you to stop overestimating yourselves here," Jiang Yiming said in a deep voice.

Underworld City was now blanketed by the strange aura of the Underworld, so people were allowed to enter but not leave.

If he made too much of a commotion here, and the strange barrier had not disappeared yet which would then mean he still had to wait for a few more days in the city, it would be extremely dangerous for them! "Boss! That kid is really something."

"Before the gates to the Underworld had opened tonight, two teams had already died at his hands!"

Hearing this, everyone stopped.

‘They were not an alliance, to begin with.

As such, at this time, no one wanted to be the first to go up and be the cannon fodder.

Jiang Yiming sneered.

‘As expected, he only needed to make a move and they would begin to disintegrate from the inside.

It collapsed on itself.

"Let’s go!"

Just as the two were about to leave, an explosion suddenly sounded from the crack behind them.

It was almost dawn.

When the sun comes up, would the Underworld be closed?

Could it be that the explosion just now was a reminder?

At the moment, the Master and disciple had their backs to the abyss.

As for the cultivators who had been preparing to rob them and were facing the abyss, a strange mix of emotions appeared in their eyes. It was a mixture of puzzlement, doubt, fear, and panic.

At this moment, these emotions had also appeared on their faces.

Between Heaven and Earth, there was only silence.

Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi felt a chill down their spines.

What had these cultivators seen?

‘They tumed their heads slowly, and their pupils dilated at the same time!

They were not unfamiliar with the thing in front of them.

The moonlight that had begun to dim had been completely obscured at this moment.

A giant dragon covered in blood was currently swimming out of the abyss.

It had black scales.

Each scale emitted the bloody smell of slaughter.

"Cough cough, cough. Hahahaha!" The black dragon laughed.

Its figure could cover the sky and hide the sun.

The breath it exhaled could shock the nine regions!

This was the black dragon that they had released from the Myriad Soul Cauldron just now!

It had not been imprisoned by Yama again!

Instead, it had broken free!

"L didn’t expect this! I didn’t expect that I, Ao Qi, would be able to see the light of day since I was locked in the prison!"

It turned out this was really the fellow that Old Hai had wanted to save.

It was just that he was not a human, or rather, he was a dragon that could already transform into a human.

Everyone present had ever only heard of such a creature in legends.

"I don’t know how many years I’ve been imprisoned in the Blood Pool Prison, makes me wonder how many times I could’ve reincarnated! Now that I’ve finally returned to the human world, I still have to thank you both for your help!"

Jiang Yiming and Dong Mi had wanted to leave, but with only an exhale of the black dragon, a bone-piercing chill had shot out from his mouth, which made it so that the two couldn’t move at all.

"Ao Qi! You can’t escape!" Under the abyss, another voice shouted.

"No! I will never return to that dungeon!"

Ahuge chain stretched out from the abyss and wrapped around Ao Qi’s body.

The people who had been frozen in place and couldn’t move felt the spiritual energy in their bodies recovering at this moment.

"Ugh! Originally, the circulation of the celestial phenomena and the exchange of humans and ghosts was just a rare scene that would only happen once every ten thousand years," The voice in the abyss sighed, "I didn’t expect that such a rare thing would be turned into such a city by you crafty people! It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t! Underworld City shouldn’t have appeared in the human world in the first place."

In just a few words, Jiang Yiming had already understood the intentions of the mysterious person in the abyss. "Hurry up and leave! If we don’t leave now, we’ll all be buried here together!"


Underworld City that was covered by the strange aura had suddenly shaken.

The cultivators on the shore all felt the earth sink little!

In Underworld City, the ground was cracking inch by inch and bone-piercing seawater surged out from within.

"Let’s go! It Won’t be long before Underworld City will cease to exist! Run!" Jiang Yiming pulled Dong Mi along.

They flew out of the city with all their might.

‘The cracks in Underworld City continued to grow, and the seawater kept surging up.

This place was the northernmost region, to begin with.

As such, the temperature now was even colder than before!

The cultivators in the city all came back to their senses.

Underworld City could no longer escape the fate of being destroyed!

The cultivators all soared into the sky, wanting to escape from this chaotic place!

But everyone was aware in their hearts that back when the gates to the Underworld had been about to open, a strange aura that spread out for several miles had already enveloped this city. The city was originally the place where they had come to search for treasures, but now, it had become the place where they were to be buried!

"Master! The closer we get to the boundary where we had come from, the more the Origin Treasure Plate has a reaction!"

It seemed that the strange border had not been removed yet.

As expected, the Yamas were prepared to drag the entire Underworld City to be buried with Ao Qi!

This strange barrier just happened to be their natural coffin!

Underworld City, the city full of blood and sin, would become history in less than 15 minutes..

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