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Chapter: 96

Chapter 96: The Lingyun Sect Is Open to Take in Disciples!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"It won’t delay our matters! It won’t! Don’t tell me that you think this small bottle of wine can defeat your senior brother, huh?" Gu Lingfei shook his head and his expression became serious.

Ever since the disciples of the Lingyun Sect had shown off their skills during the sect trial and had beat up the Zhenlei Sect’s people who had come to provoke them, it wasn’t just the merchants who came to pay their addresses to them.

Batches after batches of people came, wanting to be taken in as a disciple.

After all, when they had destroyed the Huoyun Sect back then, everyone knew that the Lingyun Sect’s foundation wasn’t stable yet and it needed more time to develop as a new rising star.

As such, it was only natural that now that the Lingyun Sect had upgraded its rank, if they didn’t recruit disciples now, when would they do so?

On top of that, from what they heard from the Lingyun Sect’s sect leader during the sect trial a few days ago, they were about to begin accepting disciples.

There were countless people who had come, wanting to take Jiang Yiming as their Master.

"Master had already instructed us before he set off that if there’s anyone with good talent who wants to join our sect, it’s alright to take the person in," Gu Lingfei said with a slight headache, "But, junior brothers and sisters, all of you should know that there have been simply too many people coming to our sect wanting to be taken in. It won’t be easy if we really want to find a genius."

"Senior brother, don’t keep us in suspense. What should we do then?" The junior brothers and sisters were a little anxious. Their eldest senior brother had said that he was going to recruit disciples for their Master in the sect today.

"Well, it’s nothing! It’s just that I’ve already spread the news that our sect is going to recruit disciples, and today, the selection will be held in our sect!" Gu Lingfei could not suppress the smile on his face. "Wow! Senior brother! Why didn’t you say anything earlier?!"

All of his junior brothers and sisters instantly became excited.

"Didn’t Master mean for us to hold a selection with what he said before he set off? It can also be considered as sharing Master’s worries too! What do you think, junior brothers and sisters?"

"Good! Good! Sigh, I didn’t expect that one day, I would be able to experience the pleasure of selecting others!" Shangguan Qingyun’s words had just left his mouth when his imposing manner weakened a little as he continued somewhat dejectedly, "Regardless of that though, I’m just a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator, I…"

"Junior brother! What are you saying? What’s wrong with being in the Foundation Establishment Realm at your age?"

"That’s right! Junior brother! Let alone your mastery of the spiritual energy, even if we were to only consider your cultivation speed in the Foundation Establishment Realm, you’re still beyond the reach of ordinary people!"

When Shangguan heard this, the knot in his heart was also somewhat untied.

What his senior brothers and sisters said was true.

His cultivation was merely not outstanding in the Lingyum Sect.

If he was placed in any other fourth or fifth-rank sect, he was still an outstanding existence.

"Junior brother, during the sect trial last time and later when we fought against the Zhenleii Sect, I saw that you fought quite happily!" Gu Lingfei patted Shangguan Qingyun’s shoulder heavily as he said, "Why are you belittling yourself again now?" "No, no, it’s just that how should we decide in this selection?" When Shangguan said this, the other disciples also became curious.

Although in this world, cultivation was everything, the Lingyun Sect only wanted the best.

"Hmm, if you want to put it that way, cultivation is naturally the most important thing to be considered. Besides, in our sect, no one can cheat," Gu Lingfei said as he pointed at Old Ling who was cultivating.

"Hehehe, I’ve only lived a little longer than all of you, it’s nothing to brag about…"

"And let me tell you, this isn’t the most interesting part," Gu Lingfei said this and laughed, "Now, those who want to come to the Lingyun Sect aren’t just ordinary people who want to cultivate."

"Senior brother, you don’t mean…"

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"That’s right. Those that would like to benefit from association with our sect include chefs and farmers too, but most importantly, I’ve heard that there are pill-refining cultivators who also want to come to our sect."

‘The Lingyun Sect was now very famous.

It wasn’t just because of Jiang Yiming who was the sect leader, but also because everyone had witnessed the advancement of his disciples.

They had to take advantage of the fact that the Lingyun Sect hadn’t grown to be a bigger sect yet to join quickly!

The benefits they could get from doing so would be countless!

"Tsk, if there really are pill-refining cultivators or weapon-forging craftsmen who come to our door, it doesn’t seem too bad, right?" Ye Yunfan supported his head with his hand under his cheek.

This was the first time they were troubled by having too many choices.

"Let’s see how it goes tonight. If there are any good talents, we’ll let them stay and wait for Master to decide when he returns."

The Lingyun Sect disciples nodded and continued to cultivate.

The selection would begin soon.

It was time.

Gu Lingfei took a deep breath and opened the main gates of the Lingyun Sect.


The front of the sect was already packed with people.

"Senior brother! Senior brother! I know! You’re senior brother Gu Lingfei!"

"Senior brother, look at me! I brought you a bottle of each of the various types of good wine in the market!"

"I see senior sister Huang! Oh my God! Is this the Lingyun Sect? !"

"[haven’t even stepped into the Lingyun Sect, but I can already feel the endless spiritual energy inside!"

Gu Lingfei was somewhat at a loss because there were more people here than he had expected.

"Take back all your things. Those who want to buy their way through, please leave."

Seeing that giving gifts were useless, everyone tactfully put away the gifts in their hands and fell silent in unison.

"Alright, come in first. If you can’t find a place to stand, then wait for a while," Gu Lingfei nodded as he signaled for everyone to come in.

"Whoa, senior brother, why did you have to set the time for the selection to be at night?! Take a look! With such a huge wave of people here, when will the selection end?!"

"I just felt that it would be cooler in the training ground at night! I didn’t expect so many people to have turned up either!"

Old Ling, on the other hand, was all smiles as he stood behind them the whole time.

"Number 1!"

With that, a brawny man jumped into the arena.

Huang Chaoyu didn’t even raise her head as she waved out a streak of spiritual energy.


‘When the spiritual energy arrived in front of him, the brawny man was immediately knocked to the ground.

Huang Chaoyu said in puzzlement, "Tsk, senior brother, did you say that anyone can come?"

Even someone in the Qi Meditation Realm could’ve easily taken the spiritual energy she had just waved out.

It seemed that the brawny man did not even understand the circulation of spiritual energy!

"How could that be! Am I such a reckless person?! Naturally, I had set conditions, but…" Gu Lingfei scratched his head in embarrassment before he continued, "But I didn’t set a threshold for the realms. After all, so-some people are gifted, but they just haven’t been able to discover it…" His words were quite right.

Shangguan Qingyun was right here as a great example.

"Hmm, okay," Huang Chaoyu shook her head.



From the beginning of the selection, more than an hour had passed.

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