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Chapter: 97

Chapter 97: Another Genius Had Come?

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the hour that the selection had been ongoing, only one person could be considered alright. The rest could even be said to have yet to start on the path of cultivation.

They thought it would be a series of fierce and exciting battles, but as it turned out the prospects were quite worrisome.

Old Ling stood behind them with his hands behind his back, a small smile on his face.

Perhaps it was because when he watched the ambitious disciples were faced with a somewhat unsatisfactory outcome, he had thought of himself when he was young. Another person came into the arena.

"Ahem, this cultivator isn’t bad. You can pay more attention to him," Seeing the person who had just come, Old Ling casually felt the person’s aura and said.

Although Old Ling didn’t belong entirely to the Lingyun Sect, he was quite experienced.

Although he was only left with a trace of his soul, he still had the strength of the Nascent Soul Realm.

Since this person had his approval, the Lingyun Sect’s disciples naturally didn’t dare to be negligent.

"Tm Yan Shangqing, and I’ve never joined any sect, cultivating miscellaneously. When I heard of the Lingyun Sect’s reputation, I had specially come here only with the wish to be taken in as a disciple and learn the Master’s ways." Indeed, this person hadn’t even made a move yet.

He had only said a few words, and the Lingyun Sect’s disciples had already noticed that his aura was distinct from the others.

Huang Chaoyu cast another streak of spiritual energy that pounced towards the person.

Yan Shangqing didn’t even try dodging.

He simply lightly pushed out a palm, and the tyrannical energy dissipated between Heaven and Earth.

Everyone exclaimed in unison.

It seemed that this person’s strength should be quite extraordinary!

Ye Yunfan had been cultivating diligently for a long time, and was already somewhat tired of fighting with his senior and junior brothers in the sect.

Since he had the chance to fight with someone else now, he naturally wouldn’t let go of the opportunity!

Just as Huang Chaoyu and the others were stunned, Ye Yunfan was already in the middle of the arena.

"Brother Ye! The last time when your esteemed self had been sent to battle for the Lingyun Sect, I had been fortunate enough to witness your battles a few times! They’re truly eye-openers!" "Hahaha! No need! Between us, we don’t need such flattery!"

"Alright! I only hope that I can call you senior brother in the future!"

Seeing that Ye Yunfan was straightforward with his words, Yan Shangqing didn’t say anything more.

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Although both of them were respectful with their words, the moment their eyes had met, the spiritual energy around them had already been probing at each other.

"Good! Let me help the two of you build a barrier so that innocent people won’t be hurt," Old Ling moved his hand slightly, and a barrier had already appeared around the training ground. Ye Yunfan’s gaze tured slightly cold and his figure disappeared in the training ground!

Yan Shangqing remained expressionless as his figure swayed slightly.

He disappeared directly as well!

Just a moment ago, the two of them were still standing in the arena, and now, the two of them had disappeared together!

The crowd clicked their tongues.

"Tsk, when had he become so fast?"

"He seems to have gotten faster and fiercer than the last time he made a move, right?"

It wasn’t just the crowd, even the other Lingyun Sect’s disciples were quite surprised.

They could not sense the spiritual energy in the air.

If they were like Old Ling and could sense the change in the two with spiritual energy they would’ve been even more surprised.

This was because it wasn’t that the two had disappeared in the array, it was that they were fighting at an extremely fast speed.

After a few rounds, the two figures finally appeared in the arena again.

"Sorry for making a fool of myself, Brother Ye! What I mainly practice isn’t this kind of cultivation technique, so this is the best I can do."

Everyone stretched their necks together.

Hearing what the man surnamed Yan said, did it mean Ye Yunfan was the winner?

But upon closer inspection of the two’s condition, one could see that Ye Yunfan’s breathing was a little unstable while the other was no different from before.

In comparison, Ye Yunfan even appeared a little flustered.

"Alright!" Ye Yunfan smiled and cupped his hands towards the other party.

To be honest, he did not have the heart to laugh now.

This guy was another monster!

They definitely couldn’t this guy go!

"Tsk, Xiaoyu, from the looks of it, your second senior brother is going to be a little jealous again."

Everyone from the Lingyun Sect nodded, indicating that Yan Shangqing could be considered to have passed.

Yan Shangqing’s expression still didn’t change as he walked down the arena with Ye Yunfan and to the side of the Lingyun Sect’s disciples.

‘When Old Ling saw him walk over, he actually said a few words of envy, "Hehe, your cultivation technique is pretty good!"

"Oh?" This time, a hint of surprise appeared on Yan Shanggqing’s face.

"Hahaha, I’ve seen this cultivation technique once before. It’s something that can only be obtained by chance! Your future is boundless! It’s boundless!"

"What are you two talking about?" Seeing that the two of them seemed to be chatting happily, Shangguan chimed in as well.

"It’s hard to explain it. It’s not too late to wait until Master comes back and decides if he wants to take me as a disciple. If I can enter the Lingyun Sect to cultivate, I’ll explain then," Yan Shangqing smiled.

"Alright! It’s a deal then, junior brother!" Looking at the young cultivator in front of him who was about the same age as themselves, Shangguan Qingyun nodded seriously.




The general cultivation of the people who had come to the sect this time round could be known after a try. Apart from Yan Shangqing, they had also allowed some disciples to stay.

These disciples were not geniuses, but they were not bad either.

The night was getting late, and the disciples of the Lingyun Sect were beginning to feel tired.

At this moment, the person who jumped into the training ground was a middle-aged man.

"This? Is he also here to be taken in as a disciple?" Gu Lingfei was a little surprised, "If he enters the Lingyun Sect, how are we going to calculate the seniority?"

At this moment, Old Ling said faintly, "This person isn’t simple either, you should take a good look."

‘The middle-aged man didn’t say much.

He only took out a few pills from his sleeve and said, "I’m a pill refiner. I wonder if your sect is interested."

Upon hearing these words, the disciples were ecstatic!

Apill refiner!

Even though their Master could also refine pills, he naturally had various affairs!

It was a given that large sects had their own pill refiners!

The person before them could become the first pill refiner in the Lingyun Sect apart from the sect leader!

"If I can stay in the sect, I will definitely be extremely grateful!" As the middle-aged man said this, he handed over the pills in his hand to the disciples.

‘The fragrance of the pills was refreshing.

It was really not much inferior to the pills that their Master had refined!

"Not bad! Not bad! When Master returns this time, he’ll probably praise me a good lot!"

‘The first day of the selection had ended, and they had taken in more than ten ordinary disciples.

As for Yan Shangqing and the pill refiner, they would have to wait for their Master to return to the sect and let him decide if he would take in them as his disciples. "Hey, senior brother, what do you think of the people we’ve taken in on behalf of Master today?"

"Tsk! Even if we put Yan Shangqing and the pill refiner aside, those more than ten ordinary disciples are all amazing enough! Hehe, We can finally restore the number of disciples in the sect!" "know right? Let’s hurry up and cultivate! When Master and junior brother come back this time, their cultivations might have improved by leaps and bounds!"

In the Lingyun Sect at night, only laughter was heard..

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