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Chapter: 396

99 Runes Purple Extreme Golden Core

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The four demons calling a human a monster sounded a little strange.

However, the perpetual motion machine Jiang Li was ridiculously strong, causing the four demons to feel deep helplessness.

They surrounded Jiang Li, but they did not have the slightest intention of continuing to attack. Instead, their gazes crossed each other, and it was unknown what they were thinking.

"Kid, we’ll let you off today. Don’t let us see you again."

"Right, our brothers, the four demons, are in a good mood today, so we won’t fuss about it with you anymore."

"We’ll give you Tu Mountain. We’ll mind our own business in the future."

They already had the intention to retreat. They shouted at Jiang Li as they retreated.

After all, Jiang Li’s recovery ability was bottomless, and his spiritual qi and stamina did not show any signs of exhaustion.

If they continued fighting, they would probably be the ones exhausted to death in the end. At that time, they would not even be able to leave.

After the four demons finished speaking, they planned to use their flying technique to leave.

However, how could Alliance Leader Jiang agree to let them go?

Now, Tu Mountain could be considered his territory. They had ruined his mountain to such an extent. How could they leave just like that?

‘With a stomp of his foot, a large number of green sprouts suddenly emerged from the bumpy ground.

It was the seed that Jiang Li had casually scattered in the battle earlier. Those vines instantly wrapped around the four demons, preventing them from rising into the sky in a short period of time.

Then, a huge lotus phantom appeared on the surface of Tu Mountain, and blood-colored petals gathered inward.

Taking advantage of the time when the four demons were entangled by the vines, he locked them all inside the lotus shadow.

In the seven days that Jiang Li dragged them along, the statue clone had plenty of time to tamper with the ground.

He used the Karma Cleansing Lotus to set up a temporary array formation on the mountain.

Although they could not unleash their full power without the enhancement of the earth vein, they could still trap the four demons for a period of time.

The four demons broke free from the restraints and noticed that they were surrounded by the lotus shadow. They immediately glared at Jiang Li.

"You’re courting death!"

They felt that they had already given Jiang Li enough respect by taking the initiative to retreat, but this person was still unwilling to stop and wanted to make them stay.

Did he really think that the Five Banishment Demons was easy to bully?

At the very least, up until now, they were still suppressing Jiang Li. It was just that there was no way to determine the winner.

If Jiang Li did not let them leave, they would not be afraid. At most, they would beat him up before leaving.

The Demon Ox Horn charged towards Jiang Li again and collided with his fists.

However, this time, the ox demon clearly felt that its strength had fallen into a disadvantage.

The human in front of him had actually become stronger again!

The four demons continued to attack. They quickly discovered that at this moment seven days after the battle, the human in front of them was undergoing a terrifying change.

Amidst the continuous collision, the strength and spiritual qi rose at a visible speed.

Not long after, they were even unable to suppress Jiang Li.

‘A few minutes later, a five-colored spiritual light blossomed. A terrifying aura forced the four demons back.

Five inner cores tightly attached to each other were spat out from Jiang Li’s mouth.

There was also a ball of bright flames burning the five inner cores.

As the flames roasted them, the boundary between the five pills had already disappeared. The four inner cores around were slowly fusing into the largest Dragon Pearl Golden Core in the middle.

This was where Jiang Li’s rising strength came from.

"What is he doing?"

"That’s a human Golden Core. Quickly destroy it!"

"Wait, a human Golden Core cultivator? Is this guy only a Golden Core cultivator?"

"No matter what it is, we can’t let this guy succeed!"

The four demons could not believe Jiang Li’s true cultivation. However, they still tacitly rushed towards the Golden Core that was fusing.

Regardless of whether this thing was a Golden Core or not, it seemed to be the core without a doubt. As long as it was destroyed, it would definitely be a huge blow to Jiang Li.

However, as soon as they approached, a huge sense of danger enveloped them.

Fear! It was the same aura as before!

It was the flames on the Golden Core that made them stop in their tracks and instinctively not dare to approach.

The ox demon opened its mouth and condensed an ox roar cannon.

However, halfway through, just as he aimed at the Golden Core, another huge sense of danger assaulted him.

He could sense that if this shot was fired.

The flame would definitely pass through space and land on his body.

The feeling was so clear that the ox demon could only dissipate the energy in its mouth.

The most important function of the legendary Suiren Human Fire was to expel demon beasts to protect humanity.

How could it be possible to avoid it by using a random long-range attack?

Not to mention the four of them, even if a Demon King was here, they would probably not dare to touch the Golden Core wrapped in the Human Fire.

Then, they could only watch helplessly as the five Golden Cores slowly fused together.

Jiang Li, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, was not afraid of others causing trouble. His palms and head faced the sky, and his body continuously emitted a large amount of top-grade spiritual qi and the power of chaos that surged towards his Golden Core.

However, the fusion of the five cores was unprecedented. At the final moment of the fusion, the energy needed suddenly began to rise exponentially.

The huge suction force sucked away the surrounding spiritual qi on the spot, causing the entire lotus shadow to become unstable.

The two types of energy in Jiang Li’s body had already reached the limit that his body could endure.

However, it was far from satisfying the needs of the Golden Core.

The sudden spiritual qi insufficiency caught Jiang Li off guard.

Without a sufficient energy supply, the vitality in his body began to be replenished.

The perfectly curved and healthy body began to wither and cave in because too much vitality had been sucked away in a short period of time.

After such a long time, it would definitely injure his origin.

Jiang Li, who was fine after fighting for more than seven days, was almost sucked dry by his Golden Core. Sure enough, the path of cultivation was filled with dangers.

Especially when the path of cultivation was unique, without predecessors, there would be more danger.

Fortunately, Jiang Li was a person who liked to prepare before work.

"L originally planned to use it when I broke through to the Nascent Soul realm. I didn’t expect that I would need it now."

Jiang Li looked at his palm that was already slightly dry and did not panic.

He took out the Ground Control Flag from the coffin.

Then, the small flag unfolded, and a vein pattern that was meandering like a flood dragon was released by Jiang Li.

‘As soon as those patterns appeared in the air, they continuously increased the concentration of spiritual qi in the surroundings.

The spiritual qi in a radius of dozens of kilometers was attracted and gathered here.

"What dense spiritual qi. It’s as if I’m ina large spirit mine. What’s that?"

The four demons of Five Banishment City did not dare to approach the fire and were unable to break through the lotus shadow in a short period of time. They could only stay on the spot and watch Jiang Li fuse with his Golden Core.

At this moment, the fox demons hiding underground had already returned to the ground.

Before they could feel sad about the destruction of the Tu Mountain, they were already attracted by the golden light emitted from above Jiang Li’s head and the Golden Core that was like a black hole.

"That seems to be… an earth vein?"

"Legend has it that in ancient times, there were immortals who could intercept the earth vein spiritual vein and plant it on their mountaintop to nurture the Dragon Vein and strengthen the foundation of the famous mountain."

"I didn’t expect to see such an immortal technique today!"

Some ancient inheritances and old fox demons with decent knowledge would recognize the golden light that was emerging from the Ground Control Flag and entering the Golden Core.

Hearing the old fox’s explanation, the other demons also revealed respectful expressions.

This golden pattern was indeed the earth vein.

Jiang Li naturally did not have the ability to intercept the earth vein.

However, as a feudal artifact under the Human Emperor in ancient times, one of the terrifying abilities of the Ground Control Flag was to capture the earth vein.

In theory, it should be used to move the earth vein and modify the environment.

It could even move low-level earth veins repeatedly to feed high-level spirit veins and finally develop a Dragon Vein.

However, at this moment, Jiang Li used the entire earth vein and threw the spiritual qi into his Golden Core.

Since his own spiritual qi was unable to satisfy the fusion of the Golden Core, it should be enough to use an entire earth vein no matter what cost it required.

With an entire earth vein as nutrients, the energy demand for the fusion of the five cores was naturally no longer a problem.

Under the refinement of the Human Fire and having enough power of virtuous merit to protect himself, he naturally fused completely without any danger.

As the last purple-gold light flashed, Jiang Li’s Golden Core appeared.

‘When he was at the Core Formation realm previously, his Golden Core had changed in three colors: gold, red, and purple. Then, there were 33 golden runes and 33 blood runes on the Extreme Violet Golden Core, a total of 66 runes.

Now, after the fusion of the five cores, the Golden Core was twice as large as before. There were 33 mysterious white runes on it.

In addition to the red and golden runes, there were 99 in total. Even he could not help but tremble when he felt the power contained in them.

Jiang Li could sense that his strength had obtained an explosive increase compared to before.

The terrifying 99 Runes Extreme Violet Golden Core had already reached the limit of the Golden Core realm. As long as he was willing, he could shatter his core and reach the Nascent Soul realm at any time.

Opening his mouth, the Extreme Violet Golden Core that had fused with his endless blood and sweat automatically shrunk and flew back into his stomach.

He took out two more Nine Nether Earth Fruits and nibbled them clean in his mouth. The vitality that had been extracted by the Golden Core in Jiang Li’s body was completely replenished.

The sunken skin and muscles returned to their original state, and his strength had more than doubled when compared to before. He looked at the four demons again.

"Tm really sorry for making you wait. In order to express my apologies, let me send you to reunite with that big yellow dog."

"What? You’re the one who killed him?"

‘As soon as Jiang Li spoke, how could the four demons not know that the disappearance of the yellow dog was the work of this person before them?

However, they clearly had a misunderstanding, thinking that the dog demon had been killed.

They were furious in their hearts. The five great demons came from the Banishment Immortal Residence together. For thousands of years, although there were often conflicts, the feelings between them were also extremely deep.

However, when they recalled the appearance of the Golden Core just now, they did not dare to vent their anger.

"What we did to Tu Mountain previously was our fault. Now that the yellow dog is dead, it can be considered to have resolved the karma between us."

"How about this matter ends here? The Five Banishment City will definitely not take revenge on Tu Mountain."

The four demons chose to admit defeat.

It was one thing for this person to not die, but he actually became stronger the more he fought.

Especially with that flame in hand, they could not even attack.

If Jiang Li used that flame, the only outcome would be that they would follow in the footsteps of the yellow dog.

Jiang Li originally wanted to arouse their anger and test the strength after the fusion of the five cores. He did not expect that these five fellows would actually have such a reaction.

After all, they were once domesticated animals. Their bloodthirsty nature was still much inferior to wild demon beasts.

However, Jiang Li would not let them off so easily.

He reached out and grabbed the coffin, pulling out a huge yellow dog.

The yellow dog was thrown into the middle of the four demons. It was also covered in injuries. Clearly, it had been beaten up quite badly in the coffin.

"So you’re not dead."

"Wait, what’s on your neck? Is it Master’s?"

Although he was not dead, this demon had already lost his original confidence.

This was because there was a metal ring on his neck.

With this thing around, Jiang Li could make him suffer any time.

The big yellow dog, who had been patiently taught by its master, no longer dared to resist Jiang Li after trying a few times.

The other four demons were originally quite excited to see that the dog demon was still alive.

The five demons combined might not be as powerful as the rumors said.

However, below the Demon King, they had already touched the peak existences of the Soul Formation realm.

They were confident that as long as they joined forces, they would definitely be able to defeat Jiang Li. If it was really impossible, they had to fight to a draw.

However, now that the dog demon was wearing the same collar as before, as long as Jiang Li chanted the spell, the dog demon would be crippled.

Forget about helping, it was even possible for them to turn against each other if they could not withstand the pain.

They did not dare to expect a counterattack. They even had a very bad guess.

Since Jiang Li had obtained the yellow dog’s collar, could he also have their respective restraining artifacts?

There was naturally an answer.

He did not hide it. With a wave of his hand, four artifacts floated behind him.

Looking at the four artifacts that had once worn them and brought them endless pain, the four demons’ pupils constricted, and their legs could not help but go soft.

Long before the four of them arrived, the Nine Nether clone had already met up with his main body.

These artifacts naturally arrived in Jiang Li’s hands.

‘What Black Jade and White Jade said previously was not bragging.

Jiang Li’s main body plus two clones and the combination of the Black Jade and White Jade could defeat them head-on even without using these restraining artifacts.

Moreover, he had such an ace in his hand.

These four guys had purely been tempering his body for seven days.

"Tll give you one more chance. Either kill me here, or I capture you and make you my servants."

"From now on, I won’t use these four artifacts. As long as you defeat me, I’ll set you free."

Jiang Li crossed his arms and spoke to the four demons patiently.

Unfortunately, the four demons clearly still looked disinterested and completely lacked fighting spirit.

Humans were really too good at lying. They did not believe a word that Jiang Li had said just now.

How could he really not use such a winning artifact?

However, if they did not attack, Jiang Li would not forgive them.

A fist enlarged in the ox demon’s eyes.

Jiang Li’s speed was twice as fast as before.

His speed was not slow to begin with.

Now that it was doubled, they did not even have time to react.

The ox demon let out a wail and was sent flying.

The other four demons were helpless. They could not escape now, so they could only join the battle.

They did not believe that he would not use the artifacts for fifteen minutes.

Once they really had a chance to win, this human would definitely not hesitate to use those artifacts to restrain them.

No matter how hard they worked, it would not end well.

If they injured this future master, they would be the ones to suffer.

The five demons, who had once raised livestock, really understood the principles behind this.

They could not be bothered to pay attention to the incense stick that Jiang Li had erected.

They weakly faced Jiang Li’s punches and kicks, hoping that this human would quickly stop.

Jiang Li’s aura from before was not fake. Now, the power of his punches and kicks was shocking.

Any one of them could cause the five demons considerable injuries.

They had barely formed the Five Banishment Demon Array, so they could withstand a few more attacks from Jiang Li.

However, it was only a few more hits.

If they were at their peak, they might be able to suppress Jiang Li.

However, they had no fighting spirit now, and the spiritual qi and demonic qi in their bodies were only at 20-30% of their usual capacity. How could they be Jiang Li’s match?

After being beaten up ruthlessly, they lay down in resignation.

Alright, Jiang Li admitted that these five demons’ thoughts were not wrong. When these five artifacts landed in his hands, the outcome of the Five Banishment Demons was already predestined.

He could not give up these five powerful combatants for nothing. He had to let them serve the human race for the rest of their lives to make up for their previous sins..

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