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Chapter: 397

Bitter Swamp Twin Kissing Mosquito

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Are you convinced?"

Under the service of Black Jade and White Jade, Jiang Li put on his clothes again and looked down at the five demons.

The five demons lying on the ground seemed depressed and desperate.

After the death of the Lu family’s ancestor, Lu Shoushan, they originally thought that they could no longer be bound and live freely.

‘The five demons who had enjoyed the life of freedom were naturally unwilling to live under another’s roof.

However, with a wave of Jiang Li’s hand, the artifacts left behind by the Lu Clan’s ancestor, Lu Shoushan, automatically flew out and landed on the five demons.

Just like back then, even if the cultivation and demonic power of the five demons were no longer the same as before, after being bound by these artifacts, they were still unable to break free.

Jiang Li mobilized them slightly, and the five demons, ox, sheep, pig, dog, and donkey, felt an intense pain from the depths of their souls.

After enduring a wave of fear that was left behind thousands of years ago, it was also awakened by a familiar feeling.

‘Their indignant expression completely disappeared as they obediently lay on the ground, not daring to raise their heads and look straight at Jiang Li.

"We admit defeat, Lord. We admit defeat!"

"We are willing to serve you as our master. Please spare us!"

The five demons lay on the ground and returned to their humanoid forms.

However, those artifacts still stuck to them like glue, preventing them from having any bad thoughts.

That ancestor of the Lu family was indeed worthy of being a Demon Trainer Master. Even a demon that had been separated from the world for hundreds or thousands of years could be defeated with just an artifact.

It could be seen how cruel the demonic cultivation methods passed down by the Lu family were.

To do this, it was most likely that they had already done something to the demons’ soul when they were weak.

Unless one could cultivate to the Demon Immortal realm, it could be said to be extremely difficult to escape this kind of restriction. Even if the Netherworld was still around, the reincarnation cycle could not remove it.

If not for Jiang Li interfering midway, the Lu family would not have killed themselves because of greed.1

With these five artifacts, they might really be able to subdue the Five Banishment City and rise up from then on.

Unfortunately, greed harmed others, and these things still fell into Jiang Li’s hands in the end.

After using these five artifacts to intimidate them a little, Jiang Li was not interested in continuing to torture them.

He put the five demons back into the coffin and let them use the spiritual qi in the coffin to quickly recover their injuries and combat strength.

On the other side, the Tu Mountain fox demons finally recovered from their shock and surrounded Jiang Li to thank him.

"Thank you for helping Tu Mountain out. Congratulations on receiving the five demons as your servants."

In the fox group, Wu Ya’s eyes were filled with fear and envy.

The Five Banishment Demon that had caused the entire Tu Mountain to be terrified not long ago had actually become the subordinates of this human in the blink of an eye.

It could be seen that if Jiang Li wanted to attack Tu Mountain, even if these foxes felt that they were noble, they would probably not be able to defeat Jiang Li with a single hand.

Fortunately, she had made the right choice earlier. She wanted to hand over the information about the Xuanyuan Tomb to curry favor with Jiang Li.

If she had lost her mind earlier and chose to resist by force or by illusion, it was hard to say how Tu Mountain would be now. In any case, she was definitely doomed.

"Lord Jiang Li, in order to thank you for saving Tu Mountain, please accept this fox fur coat."

Tu Mountain was too poor and had nothing to give him.

After thinking for a long time, Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya stepped forward and respectfully delivered a thick snow-white fox fur coat.

‘The fox fur emitted specks of spiritual light. Clearly, it was not ordinary.

On a closer look, there were actually six furry tails hanging on the fox fur coat.

This caused Jiang Li to be slightly surprised.

Previously, he had also learned that after the spiritual qi resurgence, there had only been two Six-tailed Foxes in the history of Tu Mountain all these years.

One of them was Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya, and the other was her mother.

The corpse of the previous generation’s Spiritual Maiden was actually made into a fox fur coat. Now, she was even giving it to Jiang Li.

This Tu Mountain’s mannerism was really too practical.

"Lord, please don’t misunderstand. Mother was harmed by a villain outside back then. Her corpse was made into a fox fur coat, and her Essence Soul was imprisoned in a pearl. Wu Ya spent a lot of effort to retrieve these two items."

"Lord, please treasure it."

‘Wu Ya saw Jiang Li’s expression and was afraid that he would have a bad impression of Tu Mountain because of a misunderstanding, so she immediately explained.

Jiang Li nodded. To be able to make use of the demon beast’s corpse to its soul so thoroughly, the one who killed the Spiritual Maiden of the previous generation was probably a human cultivator.

‘The fur of the Tu Mountain’s fox demon could resist the invasion of illusions and mental injuries. It was considered a good artifact, so Jiang Li no longer stood on ceremony and put away the fox fur coat.

With a wave of his hand, the fox demons dispersed.

Now, the entire Tu Mountain was covered in uneven pits like the surface of the moon. If they wanted this place to regain its former vitality, they still needed to work hard.

After resting for three days, Jiang Li sat on the back of a large water buffalo. The buffalo walked on the air and returned to the sky above Five Banishment City.

At this moment, the Five Banishment City was no longer as bustling as before.

‘A gust of wind blew past, and only withered leaves flew everywhere in the entire village.

It was not only in the city, but the large forest outside the city had also lost its former vitality.

It was clearly a warm summer with abundant rain and sunlight, but only ten days had passed. The originally lush forest, from the tall trees to the low grass, had already withered.

Countless leaves withered, accumulating a thick layer of fallen leaves on the ground.

Ordinary people would probably fall into that thickness without even seeing the top of their heads.

Under the quiet appearance, there was often an even more terrifying killing intent.

Even if he stopped in the sky, Jiang Li could notice that the air seemed to be emitting an aura that was similar to an insect.

‘That aura indicated that once he descended to a certain height, something bad might happen.

Jiang Li reached out and grabbed a sheep demon that had yet to transform from the coffin.

This was one of the small demons he had captured from Five Banishment City.

In order to accommodate these demons and humans, he even spent a lot of effort to specially isolate a suitable environment in the coffin.

After sticking a Light Body Talisman on the sheep demon, his hand loosened, and he directly threw the small demon towards the Five Banishment City below.

‘As the name suggested, the Light Body Talisman could reduce the weight of objects and slow down the speed of falling. Even if one fell from a high place, they would not die easily.

‘The sheep demon did not have any artifact on it, so it clearly could not fly. It did not know what had happened at all. It began to fall freely with a dumbfounded expression and quickly circled in the air.

It fell towards the quiet fortress below.

‘The speed at which the sheep demon fell became faster and faster. The height that Jiang Li threw it down was a little too high. Even if it did not die, its four legs would be crippled.

However, before he landed, Jiang Li’s ears suddenly went numb.

He heard a series of intense vibrations that disgusted his ears.

Buzzing sounds rang out. First, there were hundreds, then thousands, and then quickly became tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions!

Using his hearing of the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, the city below suddenly seemed to buzzl. Countless vibrating waves spread out below.

Then, a dense swarm of mosquitoes flew out from every shadow in the Five Banishment City.

In the blink of an eye, a thick black cloud formed.

They smelled a living thing. It was like a huge black hand dragging the sky as it grabbed the falling sheep demon.

The sheep demon’s cries stopped abruptly. It was held back by the swarm of mosquitoes and could not land for a time.

Countless tiny needles stabbed into the sheep demon’s body, pulling out everything that could flow.

‘The sheep demon actually did not need to consider landing safely because it was already dead before it could reach the ground.

‘When the sheep demon landed, its shriveled body was actually smashed into countless tiny pieces like a piece of porcelain.

"Was it the group of mosquitoes we saw at that time?"

Through the Nine Nether clone, Jiang Li had naturally seen the mosquito that flew out from the Banishment Immortal Residence.

However, he did not expect the destructive power of those mosquitoes to be so powerful.

This reproduction ability was a little exaggerated. In ten days, the mosquitoes sucked up all the creatures in the vicinity, including animals and plants.

In such a short period of time, there were actually so many of them. Just looking at them made one’s scalp go numb.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

At this moment, the mosquitoes below became restless. They seemed to have discovered Jiang Li and the ox demon who were floating in the sky.

In the surrounding forest, countless black mosquitoes similarly flew out. They gathered larger and larger, surging towards Jiang Li above.

[Name: Bitter Swamp Twin Kissing Mosquito}

(Type: Small Insect]

[Age: Rapid Reproduction]

[Lifespan: Short Term]

[Gender: Male and Female in one body]

[Source of Nutrition: Biological Body Fluid, Spiritual Qi

[Habit: Insect Queen Ecosystem, Nourisher]

Jiang Li quickly threw an appraisal skill down.

‘These disgusting mosquitoes had a name that he had never heard of.

After sweeping through the information, he roughly understood the situation of these mosquitoes.

It was no wonder that these mosquitoes could reproduce so quickly.

According to the information of the Five Banishment Demons, there was still a huge difference between the overwhelming number of mosquitoes and the small group of mosquitoes that appeared at the beginning.

It should be a derivative creature of the tiny clump of mosquitoes he saw.

It could also be seen from the two aspects of appraisal: (Lifespan: Short Term] and [Habit: Insect Queen Ecosystem, Nourisher].

These derivative mosquitoes were a type of life force gatherer. Their lifespan was not long, and after some time, they would collectively die.

The reason for their existence was to provide nutrients to the mosquito at the source.

However, these derivative mosquitoes had such destructive power. The initial mosquitoes could even force the Five Banishment Demons to abandon the city and escape. How terrifying would it be?

Looking at the approaching black mosquito swarm below, a ball of Liquor Fire flames appeared in Jiang Li’s hand and casually smashed towards the surging black cloud.

The black mosquitoes almost occupied all the vision below. It was impossible to miss.

A fist-sized ball of fire fell into the black cloud and suddenly exploded, forming a red fireball 500 feet in diameter that enveloped a large number of mosquitoes.

A large piece of the black color below was wiped away by the flames.

A burnt stench filled the air. This fireball had burned tens of millions of mosquitoes.

However, before Jiang Li could relax, the dense buzzing sound sounded from below again.

"The Liquor Fire Spirit Flame is being absorbed?"

‘The enormous fireball started to shrink at an abnormal speed. Soon, it was completely extinguished and vanished from Jiang Li’s sight.

‘These small mosquitoes had a good resistance to damage of various attributes. Moreover, they lived by absorbing spiritual qi and had the ability to directly absorb the spiritual qi in the spell.


Of course, even so, this mosquito was actually not very strong alone. Any bird could eat it.

However, once the number reached a certain size, it could fill the victim’s entire body in an instant.

Then, all the blood in his body would disappear in an extremely short period of time.

Even with the protection of a defensive artifact, the mosquitoes had the ability to absorb spiritual qi. No matter how much spiritual qi there was, it could not withstand the absorption from millions of mosquitoes.

It was precisely because of this that they were so troublesome to deal with. This large area was sucked into a desolate region.

"Looks like ordinary spirit fire can’t do anything to these mosquitoes."

‘The enormous black insect ball was already getting closer and closer. An even larger fireball appeared in Jiang Li’s palm again.

Then, he injected his Nine Nether Asura power into this flame and the Soul Dissolution Liquor that had long been stored in his body.

Fora time, the fist-sized fireball quickly swelled, its power greatly increased.

Most importantly, the power of the Nine Nether Asura was not pure spiritual qi. The power of two worlds was not so easy to absorb.

He threw it down again.

A shocking heat erupted from it, causing the surrounding air to distort.

Due to the fact that there were a large number of mosquito corpses as fuel, thick smoke rose and the flames did not dissipate for a long time.

‘The huge commotion alerted more mosquitoes.

More black mosquitoes rose into the sky, trying to bypass the fireball in the air and attack Jiang Li.

Jiang Li raised his hand and struck out a pale white fire snake that descended into the flames below.

‘The fire spirit formed by the Holy Spirit of the Rock Mountain Range controlled the huge fireball below.

‘The fire ball immediately deformed, turning into nine flaming pythons that began to burn the other mosquitoes.

In the thick smoke, there was the stench of burning insects.

Jiang Li could only continue to rise into the sky to avoid being tainted by the stench.

He looked at the floating flames that were constantly swallowing more and more mosquitoes.

Later on, the entire fireball that was burning in the air directly landed in the Five Banishment City Fort. It was roasted for half an hour before it dissipated.

The white Ghost Lantern Cold Flame Holy Spirit flew out of the fireball in disdain. After ruthlessly coughing out a few balls of black smoke, it returned to Jiang Li.

Without the obstruction of these abnormal beings, the earth vein below became clear in Jiang Li’s eyes again.

After fusing with an earth vein in his Golden Core, Jiang Li’s Earth Spirit talent became even stronger.

He saw at a glance that there was something wrong with the earth vein here.

‘The spiritual qi flow in the earth vein was very abnormal. Something was attached to it and greedily absorbing the spiritual qi in the earth vein.

Apart from these mosquitoes, there were no other creatures in this region.

Relying on the direction of the earth vein flow, he easily found the key point.

‘That mosquito must have an extraordinary background to be able to kill an Earth Immortal back then.

No matter what, Jiang Li had to deal with it carefully..1

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