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Chapter: 1025

Soul Nourishment Array

Chapter 1025 – Soul Nourishment Array

After spending a few minutes creating array symbols, Huang Chen pointed his hands at Yuan and gestured for the symbols to activate, "Soul Nourishment Array!"

The array symbols surrounded Yuan and illuminated a beautiful golden light.

Although the difference wasn’t anything major, Yuan’s soul strength was definitely recovering noticeably faster.

"How do you feel, Yuan?" Huang Xiao Li asked him.

"This array is really useful. I’ve been thinking about getting a soul cultivation technique, but this could work as well— at least temporary. Do you mind teaching me this array? I’ll be able to use my trump card much more often if I have this array. Of course, it’s okay to refuse. I am aware that it’s a valuable array since anything that can restore soul strength is valuable." He asked Huang Chen.

"I don’t mind teaching you the Soul Nourishment Array, but will you even be able to use it? It’s a level 4 array combination that’s even more difficult than some level 5 array combinations." Huang Chen said.

"Level 4 array combination… I only know up to level 3 array symbols…" Yuan sighed.

"You can always learn level 4 array symbols. I mean, you’re a quick learner and a genius Array Master. Here, you can have this." Huang Xiao Li handed him a thin book that read ‘2,000 Master Array Symbols’.

"Thank you!" Yuan accepted the book and immediately started flipping through the pages to memorize the content.

Since there were only 2,000 array symbols, it didn’t take long for him to memorize all of them.

"Here’s the Soul Nourishment Array." Huang Chen handed him the array combination next.

"Thank you." Yuan also memorized the array combination right after acquiring it. Since he couldn’t take these items outside the Stairway to Heaven, he needed to memorize them before the trial ended.

While Huang Chen maintained the Soul Nourishment Array, Yuan would study the level 4 array symbols.

They continued this until they finally arrived at their second checkpoint.

"Do you wish to rest here like before?" The driver asked them.

"Yes, please."


Once the carriage was parked, Yuan and the Huang Family entered the city to take another break.

Shortly after Yuan and the others entered the city, a tall figure wearing a cloak approached their carriage, where the driver was patiently waiting for their return.

"Hey, I have some questions for you." The cloaked figure asked the driver.

‘A woman?’ The driver raised his eyebrows after hearing her clear voice, and judging by the size of this figure, she appeared to be human.

"What kind of questions?" The driver asked.

The woman proceeded to ask him several questions.

"Sorry, but I cannot answer these questions." The driver politely refused this mysterious woman after hearing her questions.

The woman sighed, "I didn’t want to do this but…"

The driver immediately prepared to retaliate after hearing this woman’s ominous words.

"Calm down. I’m not here to fight," she said after seeing the driver getting defensive and all.

"I’m going to show you my face. Don’t shout too loudly." The woman said as she removed her hood just enough to reveal her facial appearance to the driver.

"Y-You’re?!" The driver’s eyes widened with shock upon realizing the identity of this woman.

"Shhh!" The woman quickly shushed him with a finger between her lips.

"Now tell me what I want to know," she then said.

"Alright…" The driver couldn’t refuse her after recognizing her identity.

After spending several hours inside the city, Yuan and the Huang family returned to the carriage, but to their surprise, there was someone they didn’t recognize with the driver, mostly because they were wearing a cloak that hid their face and identity.

"Who are you?" Huang Chen asked this cloaked figure.

"Hello, my name is Xie Mey. I have been looking for you, Tian Yang." The woman suddenly introduced herself.

Yuan frowned slightly and said, "I’m Yuan."

"Then why did you answer the Giant Emperor, who was calling for Tian Yang?" She asked with a smile.

"What do you want from me?" He asked.

"Nothing, really. I’m just interested in you, who has managed to receive the Giant Emperor’s attention. As far as I am aware, the Giant Emperor isn’t interested in weaklings. In fact, he wouldn’t even acknowledge one’s existence until they prove their strength. However, you have not only managed to attract his attention but even make him personally visit you. That’s the first time I’ve seen him do something like that."

"You’re going to Colossal Mammoth City for the Tournament of Strength, right? Do you mind if I tagged along? I promise that I won’t be a bother. In fact, I’ll even help out with protecting the carriage. I may not look like it, but I’m pretty strong." Xie Mey made a gesture that one would normally make to show off their biceps, but the cloak hid everything.

Yuan narrowed his eyes at this mysterious woman.

‘I cannot sense her cultivation base, but she’s definitely not a mortal, so she must be above Spirit Emperor. It would be a great help if someone like her joins our journey.’ He thought to himself.

Furthermore, it was not as though he had the power to stop this woman from following them if she really wanted to.

"Do you mind if she joined us?" Yuan turned to look at the Huang Family.

"If you’re okay with it, I won’t say anything." Huang Chen said.

Yuan turned to look at the driver, who immediately nodded his head.

‘The driver is acting weird… Does he know this woman?’ Yuan thought to himself after noticing the nervousness within the driver’s gaze.

"Alright, you can follow us." Yuan said to Xie Mey a moment later.

"Thank you, Tian Yang!"

"Call me Yuan. That is my name." Yuan corrected her.

"Okay, Yuan! Nice to meet you!"

They returned to the road sometime later but now with a new addition— this mysterious woman named Xie Mey whose motives were as mysterious as her identity.

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