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Chapter: 1026

Mysterious Woman

Chapter 1026 – Mysterious Woman

After leaving the city, the driver said to them, "There won’t be any more stops until we reach Colossal Mammoth City now."


Yuan said as he pulled out the level 4 array symbols manual and started studying it.

Xie Mey, who has been staring at him since they got on the carriage, suddenly asked, "What are you doing?"

"I’m learning array symbols. I will need all of the concentration I can get before we’re attacked by magical beasts, so if you don’t mind, don’t bother me until I am done. You promised that you wouldn’t be a bother, right?"

"Eh? That’s not fun! Let’s talk a little before you focus on that book!" Xie Mey said.

"Hey! Stop bothering him or I will kick you out of here!" Huang Xiao Li interrupted with a slight frown on her face.

The driver in the front snapped his head and looked at Huang Xiao Li with wide eyes.

‘Oh my god! She just threatened her!’ He cried inwardly.

Xie Mey turned to look at Huang Xiao Li and smiled underneath her cloak.

"You’ll kick me out? How are you going to do that? A mere Spirit Grandmaster, I can crush you with a single pinky." Xie Mey showed Huang Xiao Li her pinky and even wiggled it around in a provoking manner.

Yuan suddenly sighed and looked away from his book to look at Xie Mey.

"Did you come here just to pick a fight? If that’s the case, let’s get this over with."

Although he wasn’t confident in beating her, he had a chance if he could catch her off guard with the God of War’s Astral Arts.

"Relax, I don’t want to fight you— at least not right now."

Yuan narrowed his eyes at her words that implied that she wanted to fight him at a later date.

"The Tournament of Strength. I will be participating in it as well. As much as I want to fight you now, I will wait until we both enter the stage," Xie Mey said.

"You’re also participating in the Tournament of Strength? I understand Yuan’s reason for joining, but you as well? Aren’t you a human?" Huang Xiao Li was surprised to hear that a female human wanted to join the Tournament of Strength.

"So what if I am human? There are no rules that prohibit humans from participating in the Tournament of Strength. In fact, many humans participate in every tournament. Though no human has ever won the tournament before."

"A female body refiner, huh… How rare…" Huang Chen mumbled.

"Anyways, I just want to talk a little. I will stop bothering you afterward. Please?" Xie Mey said a moment later, even clasping her palms together in a pleading gesture.

"Fine. What do you want to talk about?" Yuan agreed to her proposal.

"How did you meet the Giant Emperor?"

"That’s a secret between us." Yuan made up an excuse since he didn’t know.

"Fair enough. Then why does the Giant Emperor want to fight you?"

"I don’t know. Go ask him. He’s the one who challenged me." He shrugged.

"I can’t argue that… Alright then— why did you come to the Giant’s Continent if not to participate in the Tournament of Strength?"

Yuan pointed at the Huang Family and said, "I am here as their bodyguard, and they’re here to exchange their treasures."

"Seriously…? That’s why you’re here?" Xie Mey mumbled in a dazed voice, seemingly in disbelief.

After asking Yuan several more questions, Xie Mey finally stopped bothering him.

However, it didn’t take long before he was distracted again.

The moment he sensed a magical beast nearby, Yuan dropped the book in his hands and retrieved the Empyrean Overlord. His movements were incredibly fluid and without any hesitation, almost as though he’s done this a thousand times before.

[Vanishing Ghost’s Soundless Blade!]

Yuan’s arms flickered and disappeared for a split second, and in a speed that nobody there but Xie Mey could see, he sliced the magical beast over a dozen times, separating its body into many pieces.

"Not bad." Xie Mey praised him after he returned to the carriage.

"Thanks." Yuan casually said as he picked up his book and began reading again.

An hour later, Yuan sensed another magical beast approaching their location.

"I got this one."

Xie Mey suddenly said, and she left the carriage before Yuan could even stand up.

Yuan and the others watched as Xie Mey flew at the magical beast before giving it a single punch.

Although the punch looked ordinary, there was actually an immense force behind it, and when the fist connected with the magical beast, it blew a massive hole in the magical beast body.

"What?!" Huang Xiao Li’s eyes widened with shock after seeing how little effort Xie Mey exerted to defeat the Spirit Emperor magical beast.

After killing the magical beast with a single punch, Xie Mey returned to the carriage.

"What do you think? Do you think you’ll be able to survive my fist? By the way, that wasn’t even half of my full power." Xie Mey said.

Although he couldn’t see it, he was sure that there was a smug smile on her face right now just from her voice alone.

"Aren’t you ashamed to be asking a mere Spirit Lord such a question when you’re above Spirit Emperor?" Yuan asked her.

"Can a mere Spirit Lord kill a Spirit Emperor magical beast with such ease?" She responded with a question.

"I can tell that you’re not using all of your power. I think I understand why the Giant Emperor took interest in you, but you’re nowhere near the level to fight him, so I’m a little puzzled why he would challenge you."

Xie Mey suddenly looked around in a suspicious manner.

A few moments later, she spoke, "Now that we’re pretty far away from the city, it should be fine if I show my face."

And without any warning, she removed the cloak that had been hiding her appearance this entire time.

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