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Chapter: 1029

Perfect Tempering Ginseng

Chapter 1029 – Perfect Tempering Ginseng

"Don’t misunderstand, Tian Yang. When I emit killing intent, it’s not because I want to kill you. I only do it when I really want to fight someone, and I really want to fight you right now, but alas, you’re not ready yet." Giant Emperor Kulas said after he stopped laughing.

"Anyways, what is going on here? What is the cause of this commotion? You better have a good explanation on why you summoned me."

"It’s really simple…" Yuan proceeded to explain the whole situation to Giant Emperor Kulas.

"I see… Conspiring against me, huh? Well… Are you?" Giant Emperor Kulas asked Yuan with a calm expression on his face.

"What do you think?" Yuan responded with a question of his own.

A wide grin suddenly appeared on Giant Emperor Kulas’ face.

"You’re many things, but you’re definitely not a backstabber."

He turned to look at Zou Nuying, who was on the verge of pissing herself right now from fear. She could’ve never imagined that Yuan would be buddies with Giant Emperor Kulas himself.

"The Gold and Money Bandits, huh? I have never heard of you losers, but you must be a bold bunch to dare to try and trick my guards." Giant Emperor Kulas sneered in disgust.

"Guards! Public execution!"

When Zou Nuying heard Giant Emperor Kulas’ words, her face immediately paled.

"W-Wait! He’s lying to you! I am not a bandit! I am really telling the truth! They’re secretly plotting to harm you, Your Majesty!"

"How dare you, a mere human, try to trick us! Die, you bitch!" One of the guards there suddenly shoved his spear at Zou Nuying, piercing her stomach.

And before Zou Nuying could even react, another guard also moved into action, penetrating her shoulder.

Then another spear came flying at her.

Within seconds, seven spears skewered Zou Nuying’s body without mercy.


The head guard swung his halberd, decapitating Zou Nuying the following second.

Yuan and the others there watched as Zou Nuying’s head rolled on the floor like a ball.

Nobody there uttered a single word for the next few moments.

Giant Emperor Kulas was the first to speak again, and his voice boomed throughout the city.

"Heed my words! This young man here is my lifelong rival, Tian Yang! Nobody is allowed to touch him before the Tournament of Strength!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The giants there had many questions, but nobody there dared to ask these questions.

Giant Emperor Kulas’ words were the law. The moment he announces it, they lost all chances to dispute or question it.

"I look forward to your performance at the Tournament of Strength, Tian Yang. Don’t disappoint me." Giant Emperor Kulas said to Yuan before turning around and walking away.

Yuan returned to the hotel with the Huang Family shortly after.

"You almost scared me to death back there, Yuan!" Huang Xiao Li confronted him with a puffed face, trying to look angry.

"Sorry, but I didn’t have any time to explain."

"Fortunately it all worked out in the end. That could’ve been the end of all of us, after all." Huang Chen could finally take a breather.

Sometime later, Huang Chen stood up and approached Yuan.

"Yuan, this is for you."

He retrieved a small wooden box and offered it to Yuan, who raised an eyebrow.

"What is this?" he asked as he accepted it.

"Open it and see for yourself."

‘Does this mean it’s the end of the trial?’ Yuan wondered to himself as he opened the wooden box.

However, it was not a golden orb inside the wooden box. Instead, it was red ginseng that was the size of an adult’s finger and shaped like a human body.

"What is this?" Yuan asked again since he didn’t recognize the treasure.

"That’s a Perfect Tempering Ginseng." Huang Chen said with a smile on his face.

"Is that the Perfect Tempering Ginseng?!"

Inside the spectators’ room, Feng Yuxiang exclaimed in a shocked voice after seeing the treasure.

"What kind of treasure is that?" Chu Liuxiang asked with a curious look on her face.

"Perfect Tempering Ginseng… It’s a priceless treasure that was only available during the Primordial Era. In other words, they are no longer available— at least they shouldn’t be."

"What are the effects of this Perfect Tempering Ginseng? Does it have anything to do with one’s physique?" Li Jinxi asked.

She nodded, "The Perfect Tempering Ginseng will fix all imperfection within one’s body and then refine it. It is a priceless treasure that will improve one’s physique multiple times and is a legend that many body refiners spend their whole life chasing after even to this day."

"Even if it’s indeed this Perfect Tempering Ginseng, does it really matter? I mean, we’re still inside the Stairway to Heaven, so it’s just an illusion." Meixiu suddenly said.

"Yes… You’re right. We’re still inside the Stairway to Heaven. I guess I got a little excited after seeing a legendary treasure. It’s truly unfortunate." Feng Yuxiang sighed.

Meanwhile, Huang Chen just finished explaining the Perfect Tempering Ginseng to Yuan.

"Since you’re going to participate in the Tournament of Strength, this Perfect Tempering Ginseng will benefit you greatly."

"Thank you…" Yuan said with a smile on his face.

‘What a pity. If only this treasure was real.’ He sighed inwardly.

"There’s still a few days until the tournament. Go ahead and take this time to absorb the Perfect Tempering Ginseng." Huang Chen then said to him.

"Alright." Yuan nodded.

"Good luck!" Huang Xiao Li and the others said to him before he locked himself inside another room.

Yuan looked at the Perfect Tempering Ginseng in his grasp with a pondering look on his face.

"Ah, what the hell. There’s no harm in trying it. Although this is just a simulation, all of the food that I ate had a taste to it and this is probably no different."

And without thinking any further, he tossed the Perfect Tempering Ginseng inside his mouth and started chewing on it.

‘Ugh. It’s so bitter.’

Yuan’s body shivered after tasting it.

Once the bitterness disappeared, his body suddenly began heating up, and within moments, his body started steaming with smoke coming out of his pores.

This shocked Yuan, who did not expect anything to happen after eating the Perfect Tempering Ginseng.

‘I need to cultivate!’

He tossed aside all questions in his mind and immediately sat down to cultivate.

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