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Chapter: 1030

Perfect Physique

Chapter 1030 – Perfect Physique

"What’s happening to Yuan? Why is his body steaming?! His skin is also red, almost like his blood is boiling!" Chu Liuxiang exclaimed after seeing the sudden changes to Yuan’s body.

"Don’t tell me that it was caused by the Perfect Tempering Ginseng? I thought treasures acquired inside the Stairway to Heaven won’t affect one’s body for real…" Lan Yingying muttered in a dazed voice.

"I have also never heard of this before. Just what is happening to the Young Master?" Feng Yuxiang had a profound frown on her face as she thought about the implications from the situation.

Meanwhile, steam continued to gush out of Yuan’s pores like boiling water in a kettle, quickly filling the room and turning it into a sauna.

Although nobody there could see it, significant changes were benign made inside Yuan’s body.

His muscles moved around as though they were alive, and his bones altered their own shape, becoming bigger and more sturdy.

His blood rushed throughout his body, feeling adrenaline like never before.

The Perfect Tempering Ginseng was not only altering his body and fixing all of its imperfection, but it was also strengthening his bones and muscles at the same time.

One would expect intense pain from the changes happening inside Yuan’s body, but besides feeling a little hot, he felt not even the slightest of unpleasant feelings.

Suddenly, the golden symbols that had embedded itself inside Yuan’s body began emanating a profound light that made his body seem as though it was being protected by a layer of divine aura.

His spiritual veins and Dantian suddenly began expanding in size, becoming wider and allowing his spiritual energy to circulate throughout his body multiple times faster.

And while Feng Yuxiang and the other spectators couldn’t see it through the reflection, Yuan’s cultivation was actually starting to decrease!

His peak Spirit Lord cultivation quickly lowered to the first level, but it did not stop there and continued until it reached the first level of Spirit Grandmaster. Several more moments later, his cultivation went down to Spirit Master, and it would not stop until his cultivation reached the first level of Spirit Apprentice!

However, despite his cultivation lowering, Yuan’s aura did not weaken at all. In fact, it even skyrocketed, becoming many times stronger than before.

Over the next several days, Yuan would sit in the steamy room without moving a single finger, almost as though he’d turned into a statue.

The Huang Family didn’t dare to disturb him even though it was getting close to the tournament.

"The tournament is in two days, yet he’s still holed up in his room. Hopefully he doesn’t miss the tournament…" Huang Xiao Li sighed.

"The Perfect Tempering Ginseng is a miracle treasure that can turn even a trash cultivator into a dragon amongst dragons. I cannot even begin to imagine its effect on someone who was already a dragon to begin with." Huang Chen shook his head.

"I guess we’ll find out when he—"

Huang Xiao Li stopped speaking when an unfathomable pressure suddenly enveloped the entire building.

"W-Who is emitting this pressure?!" Everyone in the hotel was shocked by the pressure that came out of the blue.

The pressure was so powerful that it made it hard for everyone in the hotel to breathe properly. Fortunately, this pressure disappeared as quickly as it appeared. However, even though it was just slightly, everyone that had a taste of this pressure would not stop trembling in fear.

Meanwhile, inside his now clear room, Yuan slowly opened his eyes, which glimmered with dominance.

He took a deep breath and stood up.

‘I’ve gotten taller… My body feels as light as a feather, and my body is constantly absorbing spiritual energy even without needing me to do anything, almost as though I am cultivating just by breathing.’

Yuan looked at his own hands.

‘My cultivation had somehow weakened to Spirit Apprentice, yet I feel even stronger than when I was a peak Spirit Lord. Is this also because of the Perfect Tempering Ginseng? But Huang Chen didn’t mention anything about this…’

As he tried to comprehend the situation, his cultivation actually increased, reaching the second level Spirit Apprentice.

However, he did not get any notifications from the system, nor did his stats increase. Despite that, he could somehow still feel his body getting a little stronger.

‘Forget it, there’s no point thinking about it now. I’ll ask Tian’er once I finish this trial.’

Yuan left the room shortly after.

"Y-Yuan…? Is that really you?" Huang Xiao Li’s eyes widened with shock when she saw Yuan.

His appearance had changed so much that everybody there instantly recognized it the moment they saw him.

Not only did Yuan get taller, but his face was also much more refined and handsome, not to mention his body, which looked flawless even underneath his clothes.

"Heavens… You’re almost like a different person…" Huang Chen mumbled in a dazed voice after seeing Yuan.

Huang Xiao Li approached Yuan until she was standing right in front of him.

"Y-You grew half a head in just a few days?! Is this the effects of the Perfect Tempering Ginseng?!" she exclaimed.

After swallowing nervously, she asked in a trembling voice, "D-Do you mind if I touch your body for a bit?"

Yuan smiled, "Go ahead."

Huang Xiao Li didn’t hesitate and started squeezing his arms and legs with her hands.

‘Wow! What perfect muscles! They feel soft yet firm at the same time! How is this possible?!’ she cried inwardly as she squeezed his muscles as though she was kneading dough.

"Looks like the Perfect Tempering Ginseng worked like a charm on you." Huang Chen smiled.

"Yes, and it’s all thanks to you." Yuan bowed to him.

"Don’t even mention it." Huang Chen shook his head.

Huang Xiao Li suddenly exclaimed, "Wait… What happened to your cultivation?! Why are you suddenly a Spirit Apprentice?!"

"What?!" Huang Chen’s eyes widened with shock after hearing her words. He narrowed his eyes at Yuan, and sure enough, his cultivation was only at the third level Spirit Apprentice!

However, before he could even say anything, Yuan’s cultivation suddenly increased to the fourth level right before his eyes!

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