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Chapter: 1031

Perfect Physique 2

Chapter 1031 – Perfect Physique (2)

"Oh, yeah. I’m not sure what happened, but my cultivation was reduced to Spirit Apprentice after consuming the Perfect Tempering Ginseng." Yuan casually said, leaving them speechless.

"H-How can you be so calm about this?! You just went from being a peak Spirit Lord to a Spirit Apprentice! And the tournament is in two days! Even if you have a perfect physique, you won’t be able to do anything in the tournament!" Huang Xiao Li exclaimed.

"The Perfect Tempering Ginseng reduced your cultivation? That’s impossible! The treasure has no such side effects!" Huang Chen exclaimed in a panicked manner. After all, he would be responsible for Yuan’s lost cultivation since he was the one who handed Yuan the Perfect Tempering Ginseng.

"Calm down. Although it’s true that my cultivation is gone, my body feels a lot stronger than when I was a Spirit Lord. If you don’t believe me, you can try hitting me. As for my spiritual energy… It won’t take much effort for me to return to my original cultivation base." Yuan explained to them.

"Are you for real? You feel stronger even though your cultivation was reduced to such a state? What kind of phenomenon is this?" Huang Xiao Li mumbled in a dazed voice.

He nodded, "Go ahead. Hit me with your strongest attack. I will even remove my armor."

Yuan removed his Invisible Dragon Cloak and gestured for Huang Xiao Li to hit him.

However, Huang Xiao Li was hesitant to strike a Spirit Apprentice with her cultivation.

"Don’t worry, I will be fine." Yuan showed her a confident smile.

She suddenly recalled how Yuan was able to defeat a giant with his raw strength.

"Don’t blame me if you die from this!" Huang Xiao Li shouted at him before unleashing her strongest martial technique backed by her full cultivation base.


Huang Xiao Li plunged her palms directly into Yuan’s chest.


The entire room shook for a brief moment from the impact, yet Yuan remained standing in the same spot without moving even a millimeter.

"No way…" Huang Xiao Li muttered with a baffled look on her face.

"See? I told you. I barely even felt your attack just now." Yuan said with a gentle smile on his face, treating Huang Xiao Li’s attack as though it was a baby’s playful punch.

"Does this mean you’ll still participate in the Tournament of Strength?" Huang Chen asked.

"Of course." He nodded.

"Very well. Then you must restore your cultivation as soon as possible. If you need any help, we have plenty of treasures—"

Yuan raised his hand and gestured for Huang Chen to stop.

"You have already done enough by giving me the Perfect Tempering Ginseng. The tournament is in two days, right? Then I have plenty of time."

"If you say so." Huang Chen nodded.

Yuan returned to his room shortly after to cultivate.

‘My cultivation speed is at least four to five times faster than before… At this rate, I should barely return to being a Spirit King right before the tournament.’

Thus, Yuan would spend the next two days cultivating nonstop.

Meanwhile, in the spectators’ room, Chu Liuxiang mumbled in a dazed voice after seeing Yuan’s new appearance.

"My god… I didn’t think it would be possible for Yuan to become even more handsome than he already is, but he’s exceeded my expectations!"

Meixiu didn’t say anything, but her gaze when looking at Yuan was akin to a young maiden who was falling in love for the first time.

Li Jinxi swallowed nervously after seeing Yuan’s new physique. In her eyes, that was the most attractive part of him, and she couldn’t help but imagine how it looked underneath his clothes, causing her mouth to become watery.

"A-As expected of a legendary treasure… Only the Perfect Tempering Ginseng could possibly create such a miracle…" Feng Yuxiang sighed, feeling a little dejected that she couldn’t get a closer look at the treasure.

"Hey, Meixiu, do you think this treasure will affect Yuan’s real body?" Chu Liuxiang asked Meixiu in a low voice.

"I don’t know… But considering how powerful the treasure is, I wouldn’t be surprised if it does."

"I’m going to check his body! Be right back!"

Chu Liuxiang logged off Cultivation Online before Meixiu could even respond.

After removing her helmet, Chu Liuxiang turned to look at Yuan, who was sleeping right beside her.

‘Hmm… He doesn’t seem any different. Maybe it takes some time before the treasure affects his real body?’

Chu Liuxiang returned to the spectators’ room shortly after.

"Nothing yet, but I won’t lose hope just yet!" Chu Liuxiang said to Meixiu.

Two days later, Yuan stopped cultivating and opened his eyes.

‘Peak Spirit Grandmaster, huh? I am on the verge of breaking through to Spirit Lord, so I might have a breakthrough during the tournament.’ Yuan thought to himself after inspecting his own body.

He left the room to meet up with the Huang Family afterward.

"We’re all ready to go. What about you, Yuan?" Huang Chen asked him.

"I am ready as well." He nodded.

"Good heavens, you’ve managed to increase your cultivation from Spirit Apprentice to peak Spirit Grandmaster in just two days? Just how monstrous are your talents?" Huang Xiao Li was baffled when she saw his cultivation.

Yuan and the Huang Family left the hotel and started making their way to the location of the tournament.

Although they didn’t know where to go, they only needed to follow everyone else in the street, as they were all going the same direction.

After walking for almost two hours, they would eventually arrive at a massive square where a single colossal stage existed in the center.

However, there were so many giants in the square that all of the humans there had to fly if they wanted to see anything.

Not far away from the stage, there was a large platform supporting a colossal throne, where a handsome giant with golden hair sat. Of course, this man was Giant Emperor Kulas, and he had a bored expression on his face.

However, that changed when he noticed Yuan’s presence somewhere in the crowd, and a wide smile appeared on Giant Emperor Kulas’ face.

‘Show me a grand performance, Tian Yang!’

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