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Chapter: 1032

Ancestral Tablet

Chapter 1032 – Ancestral Tablet

While Yuan waited with the Huang Family for the Tournament of Strength to begin, countless players in the Spirit Heaven were busy looking for the treasures that Yuan had hidden for his event.

Even though it has been over two weeks since Meixiu revealed the location of the treasures to the world on behalf of Yuan, only half of the treasures had been found, so the treasure hunt was still in progress.

In fact, the players’ excitement and passion only grew stronger with every passing day.

However, because of this seemingly innocent treasure hunt, thousands of players have died to other players because whenever a treasure is found, there would be a massive war to acquire it.

Although it was never Yuan’s intention to cause such chaos, what’s done has already been done, and nobody blamed him for the chaos.

"Bastards! I found this treasure first! Get your hands off me!"

"Nonsense! It doesn’t matter who finds it first! The last person to hold it will be the rightful owner!"

The residents of Spirit Heaven were dumbfounded by the commission caused by the players. In their eyes, most players were rouge cultivators, and it was not normal for so many rouge cultivators to gather in one spot, so they couldn’t help but keep watch of the situation.

When the residents of Spirit Heaven realized that the players were looking for treasures, they also joined in on the fun.

Even though Yuan was no longer in Spirit Heaven, he was still causing mayhem there.

Meanwhile, Chairman Lee was laughing his ass off as he watched the chaos from a safe distance.

Since Yuan had given him special treatment for his help, he didn’t need to fight for any treasures.

"I am truly thankful to Chairman Zhao for his foolishness! If he didn’t offend Yuan, I wouldn’t have taken his place and became friends with Yuan!" Chairman Lee laughed out loud.

Of course, Chairman Zhao was not the only one who had received special treatment.

White Lotus, Xia Jingyi, and Yu Rou also received their own Divine-grade treasures.

About ten minutes after Yuan arrived at the square with the Huang Family, Giant Emperor Kulas stood up from his throne and swept the crowd with his profound gaze.

The noise in the square immediately died down, and everyone there turned to focus on Giant Emperor Kulas

"Welcome to the Tournament of Strength, where the strongest warriors in the Giant’s Continent are born. In the Tournament of Strength, only one thing matters— your physique and raw prowess." Giant Emperor Kulas’ voice rippled throughout the whole city.

"There are only three rules in the tournament. One, you are not allowed to step on the stage with any treasures on your body. We have uniforms prepared for all participants. Besides this uniform and your own body, you will bring nothing else onto the stage."

"For the second rule, you are not allowed to use any martial techniques during the match. The only technique you are allowed to use are body enhancement techniques. In other words, anything that doesn’t directly affect your body is strictly forbidden!"

"Last but not least, you are not allowed to consume any kind of medicine or pills during the match. Before the match begins, you are required to consume a Body Cleansing Pill, which will remove anything unnatural affecting your body, so any pills or treasures that you have consumed beforehand will be rendered useless."

"If you dare to disobey these rules and cheat before my presence, I will personally rip your head off your body. Did I make myself clear?" Giant Emperor Kulas narrowed his eyes at them.

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Everyone responded in a clear voice.

"Now then… As for the qualifications to participate in the tournament. I don’t care if you’re a human or a giant, if you can create even the slightest crack on this Ancestral Tablet, I will allow you to participate in the tournament for a chance to acquire the title of Colossal."

The next moment, Yuan watched as two massive giants wearing golden armor carried a large black boulder onto the stage.

Even though the boulder itself was smaller than either one of these giants, it required two of them to carry it.

"The Ancestral Tablet is made out of the most durable material that can be found in this continent, and it has a special property that gives them extreme resistance against spiritual energy, essentially making them invulnerable to all spiritual attacks. However, that doesn’t make them vulnerable to physical damage. Not only are they durable against spiritual energy, they are also incredibly durable against physical damage. In order to participate in the tournament, you must strike the Ancestral Tablet with nothing but your fist and make a crack in it. Simple, right?"

Everybody there was left speechless by Giant Emperor Kulas’ last words. Even though the task sounded simple, it was actually an incredibly difficult requirement that will eliminate the majority of people there today!

"I have one more announcement before we begin the qualifiers." Giant Emperor Kulas suddenly said.

And he continued, "The winner of this year’s tournament will not only receive the title of Colossal and a Mythic-rank body refinement technique, he will also earn the right to take my youngest daughter as their bride."


Several people there exclaimed in a shocked voice after hearing such words.

‘Giant Emperor Kulas has a daughter?’ Yuan raised an eyebrow.

In the midst of the commotion, a figure suddenly appeared on the stage.

This person was an unbelievably beautiful woman with long golden hair and a pair of emerald eyes, but she did not have the physique of a giant.

Yuan’s eyes widened when he saw this woman on the stage.

"T-That’s Xie Mey! She was the Giant Emperor’s daughter all along?!" Huang Xiao Li exclaimed beside him.

Indeed, this woman turned out to be Xie Mey, who had accompanied them to this city.

"Greetings, warriors. Just as my father said, I will consider marrying the person who will bear the title Colossal for the next 100 years." Xie Mey spoke in a gentle voice as she swept the crowd with her gaze, stopping when her gaze met Yuan’s. When that happened, a bright smile appeared on her face.

‘This woman…’ Yuan shook his head inwardly, wondering why he didn’t realize her true identity sooner when she had the same features as her father.

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