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Chapter: 54

54 Male Lead (男主)

"It’s not troublesome. Actually, I haven’t done anything. On the contrary, I think Xinyan is very good. I just took advantage of my time. As long as there is enough time, he will be better than me in the future." Yin Heng said to Bai Yin, "And I should thank Xinyan, Qingxin Vine he gave me is very useful. To be honest, Mr Bai, my cultivation has been stuck in a bottleneck for a long time. Thanks to Xinyan, I can make a breakthrough, so I have an unkind request. I hope to stay as close to Xinyan as possible in the future."

Bai Yin frowned when he heard Yin Heng’s words and sneered bluntly, "Because you need to break through the bottleneck, you have to tie Yanyan to your side? Won’t Mr Yin be embarrassed for saying this?" Obviously what Yin Heng needed wasn’t only the function of Qingxin Vine, but also Bai Xinyan’s special physique!

Yin Heng said, "Of course, it’s not just for this reason. To be honest, I don’t really care much about my own cultivation now. Anyway, it’s enough for now and there’s no hurry to deal with the bottleneck. But Xinyan is different. He hasn’t built his foundation yet. The two elders… and Mr Bai, should have worried about Xinyan’s lifespan. Although they can rely on natural resources to prolong their lifespan, these methods are not as safe as their own cultivation base, are they?"

"……" Bai Yin was told that his family had worried about that for a long time and couldn’t help but look at Yin Heng vigilantly, "What do you want to say?"

Bai Xinyan finally felt the increasingly tense atmosphere between the two and wanted to mediate, but after hearing them talk about his own cultivation, he suddenly felt guilty again and couldn’t say a word.

Yin Heng still didn’t change his face, but he secretly comforted Bai Xinyan by adding Bai Jiahei and then said to Bai Yin, "Xinyan can help me break through the bottleneck, I should have a similar effect on Xinyan. His current cultivation is significantly improved than before."

Hearing this, Bai Yin couldn’t help frowning when he heard the words and stared at Yin Heng deeply, "Are you sure?"

Yin Heng was, of course… not sure yet, but he did have such a guess through his discovery during this period of time. Although it hadn’t been fully verified, seeing that Bai Yin was going to be the queen mother to fight the mandarin ducks, of course, there was only one answer to this question, "Yes. But I haven’t figured out the reason yet. Mr Bai can also check it himself." (王母, mother queen is more like a mother-in-law or a dowager in the imperial?) (棒打鸳鸯, a metaphor for breaking up a loving couple or lovers, here)

Of course, Bai Yin had tested it. This test showed that Yin Heng really didn’t tell lies. Bai Xinyan’s cultivation had indeed increased a bit. Although it was still not much, there was a great improvement compared to his previous situation. As for whether this change was related to Yin Heng, Bai Yin had to admit that it really happened after comparing when Yin Heng was present and his absence.

Although he didn’t want to give Yin Heng a chance to take advantage of it so soon, the issue of Bai Xinyan’s cultivation and lifespan was a major issue. Bai Yin really couldn’t stop Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng from asking to live together for this reason. However, that night Bai Yin still held Bai Xinyan back. After discussing with Father Bai and Mother Bai for a long time that night, he let them be the next day.

Bai Yin didn’t rashly tell Father Bai and Mother Bai about the relationship between Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng, but only raised the issue of cultivation and inquired about Yin Heng’s background from them. Father Bai and Mother Bai rest assured to let Yin Heng take care of Bai Xinyan and naturally understand his background. On the other hand, Bai Yin was quite surprised after hearing this. His impression of Yin Heng was a little better. After all, according to what Father Bai and Mother Bai said, Yin Heng’s talent and his character were very good. He had suffered a lot in his early years, so it was very difficult to get to where he is now.

However, even if he had some sympathy and admiration for Yin Heng, Bai Yin still didn’t relax his vigilance so easily when it came to Bai Xinyan’s future. He decided to arrange some more people, and then go to various places where Yin Heng had been, to check and see how Yin Heng’s personality and behaviour were, and whether he would be a suitable partner for Bai Xinyan.

Bai Yin had this idea, and the next day he followed Bai Xinyan to Xinghuan Entertainment, saying that he wanted to know about his work. Generally speaking, it wasn’t easy for non-staff members to enter Xinghuan casually, but of course, Yin Heng wouldn’t stop Bai Yin. Therefore, Bai Yin visited Xinghuan smoothly and happened to listen to Zhang Kai’s notification to Bai Xinyan about the casting of the TV series 《Tracing the Source》.

"This is the script. You can see if there is a character you like. You can play any character you want." Zhang Kai said to Bai Xinyan after introducing the general situation.

Bai Xinyan was stunned, "I can choose whatever I want? Is okay to be the male lead too?"

"Yes, 《Tracing the Source》 has two male leads, you can choose both." Zhang Kai said.

"…what about Li Zhibai?" Bai Xinyan thought that Li Zhibai had asked him to help him go through the back door to grab the male lead’s role, but he didn’t care about if after mentioning it to Yin Heng. However, now the male lead he wanted to be was given to him first…

"You choose first then the other chooses after you." Zhang Kai said honestly, "But Li Zhibai is the most suitable candidate for the role of Zhu Ling (祝凌). If you don’t choose Zhu Ling, it should be given to Li Zhibai."

Zhu Ling was one of the male leads. His appearance was more in line with Li Zhibai. In addition to his popularity and acting skills, if there was no Bai Xinyan, this role must belong to Li Zhibai.

Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but feel a little guilty after he promised to help others through the back door, but he blocked the way first. However, Bai Xinyan didn’t plan to really snatch it from, especially after seeing the characters of several main characters.

Zhu Ling was a criminal policeman who looked like a playboy on the surface. He looked good and had a coquettish aura. He was barely serious during working hours, but he often haunted bars and nightclubs when he was resting and he had countless confidantes. Of course, there was a lot of disguise in this, but in fact, Zhu Ling wasn’t a real playboy.

However, this person, Bai Xinyan knew that he wasn’t suitable for this at first glance. After all, it would be too contradictory to set his face into a playboy. His appearance was cute and lovely. The contrast of playing a madman might be even creepier, but if he played a veteran about love, the contrast would only make people laugh.

《Tracing the Source》 was worthy of being a key project of Xinghuan. The script could be seen as the potential one. Bai Xinyan was very interested after reading it and finally chose a role, which happened to be another male lead Lu Zifeng (路子枫).

"If you’re sure to choose Lu Zifeng, then I will ask someone to draft the contract. When the remaining episodes of 《Career Story》 are recorded, the filming of 《Tracing the Source》 will almost start." Zhang Kai said.

Bai Yin watched Bai Xinyan on the side. He was so easily decided on the role of a male lead. Once again, he intuitively felt to what extent Yin Heng’s care for Bai Xinyan…

It was just that Bai Xinyan didn’t have to worry about resources and treatment, but in the long run, it might affect his reputation and future. So Bai Yin was pleased but also a little unhappy. He felt that Yin Heng was still not thoughtful and hadn’t paid enough attention.

Thinking of this, Bai Yin coughed lightly and said deliberately, "Don’t the crew have to audition for actors selected? Yanyan is still a newcomer and it’s not at the level set by people in advance, right?" Well, even if it was an internal decision, at least, he should have an audition to hide it from people’s eyes. And with Bai Xinyan’s acting skills, it wasn’t impossible to win the role with strength if there was an audition.

Of course, Zhang Kai understood what Bai Yin meant and quickly said, "There will be an audition. At that time, the crew will definitely be satisfied with Mr Xiao Bai."

Bai Yin was satisfied after this. Then he observed it carefully for a while and found that Yin Heng’s treatment of Bai Xinyan was really good. Originally, he wanted to stay here after returning this time, just to give Bai Xinyan some career support. After all, the development in the entertainment industry had never been achieved by strength alone and it was easy to encounter various snobbish and realistic situations. But now it seemed that Bai Xinyan had been strictly guarded by Yin Heng and it seemed that he had no role to play here.

If he really wanted to say it, maybe Bai Yin had more advantages in the U Country. Bai Yin thought so and decided to use his network in U Country to get closer to the giants in the film and television industry, paving the way for Bai Xinyan.

Bai Xinyan didn’t have to stay in Xinghuan all the time. He could leave at any time when he had no class or nothing. After Bai Yin had visited enough, Bai Xinyan was ready to leave work with him. Yesterday, Bai Yin chatted with him for a long time and also targeted Yin Heng in various ways, but he finally let go and agreed to let him continue to live with Yin Heng in the future. Today, he could go back to the house he and Yin Heng decorated and lived in. Bai Xinyan was obviously much happier than when he went back with Bai Yin yesterday.

Seeing this, Bai Yin sighed in his heart an unknown number of times in just a day or two. He felt that he should still emphasize to Bai Xinyan that living together should focus on cultivation. Puppy love is not allowed!

Bai Xinyan hadn’t found out that his mind had been discovered by Bai Yin long ago. He thought that his little uncle was so picky because he was simply worried that Yin Heng, a strange demon, wasn’t reliable enough. Excitedly, he was about to "leave work" to find Yin Heng for dinner, he received a call from Li Zhibai, saying that he was coming to find him.

"Ah? What? Oh… about 《Tracing the Source》. Then, come here, hurry up." Bai Xinyan sat back again, waiting for Li Zhibai to come. Just he didn’t know why, after hanging up the phone, he felt something was wrong as if he had forgotten something…

Bai Yin didn’t care when he heard that someone was coming to look for Bai Xinyan until Li Zhibai pushed the door and came in. He was about to say something to Bai Xinyan in a hurry and suddenly felt that something was wrong…

An aura that made him terrified by instinct pressed down almost overwhelmingly. Li Zhibai turned his head in a cold sweat, just in time to meet Bai Yin’s cold and terrifying gaze. He immediately froze in place before he could say a word and then there was an extremely exaggerated scream, "Ti… ti, ti, ti, TIGER AH!!!!"

Li Zhibai screamed miserably and Bai Xinyan was shocked by him. At the same time, he finally remembered what he had forgotten…

Li Zhibai was scared to death when he met an ordinary tiger, but he forgot to remind him that he happened to have a tiger demon whose cultivation was far superior to his…

After all, it was his own negligence, so even if Li Zhibai almost deafened his ears this time, Bai Xinyan didn’t slap Li Zhibai, but lowered his head with a little guilty…

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