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Chapter: 1018

The great doctor of the Wolf Kingdom has never seen his king look so worried.

Then he went to Yu Xi's side and reached out to check the child. He found that the child had no breath at all.

He did not dare to make a hasty conclusion, and now he was carefully exploring the child's heart.

"Wang, I'm afraid it's......" the miracle doctor of the Wolf Kingdom said with a worried face.

"In less than an hour, you are a miracle doctor of the Wolf Kingdom. Can't you even save a child?" Yu Xi said angrily.

"I can only do my best. As for whether the child can get back his life, I can't guarantee it." The miracle doctor of the Wolf Kingdom took out a porcelain vase and gave the child a pill.

However, I took the medicine.

Yu Xi wrapped the child in his cloak.

But the miracle doctor shook his head and said, "Wang, you can't cover the child's body. If you want to cover the child's body, you must put the child on your stomach and keep him warm."

The miracle doctor motioned other subordinates of the Wolf Kingdom to warm up the child, but Yuxi refused.

They found a cave. In the cave, Yu Xi put the child close to his body and warmed the child with his body.

The little guy's cold body was close to Yu Xi's chest. At this moment, Yu Xi's regret was even greater.

Such a child with exquisite jade carving is just born. Because of him, he is going to die.

The people of the Wolf Kingdom have some grievances about their land.

The child's parents are their enemies. They have made them homeless.

When the child died, he died. Their Lord even condescended to give the child a warm body.

But these people dare not express their anger and dare not show it on their faces.

Time passed quietly. One hour, two hours, one day later, the child was still pale and lifeless.

The body is obviously covered by him. Why hasn't the child opened his eyes.

"Little fellow, you are crying. I don't mind you being upset. You should cry..." Yu Xi looked at the child anxiously.

But the child still closed his eyes and stopped crying.

"No, send someone to find Nangong yueluo and Helian jiuxiao." Yuxi realized that only Nangong yueluo could save the child.

At that moment, Yu Xi, the wolf king, sent his subordinates to look for Helian jiuxiao and Nangong yueluo to see if they were buried in the tunnel.

"Wang, it's just an avalanche and a mountain quake over there. It's too dangerous to return to the tunnel to find people. It's inappropriate." There are subordinates. In fact, subordinates think their words are more and more incomprehensible.

Isn't it just a child? Or the child of an enemy who destroyed their home.

Now they have to ask them to find their enemies and let them save their children.

Although the children of the Wolf Kingdom have heard the order, they are unwilling to look for Helian jiuxiao and Nangong yueluo. They wish that the couple died in the tunnel.

Therefore, this is the first time that these children have not foolishly searched for Nangong yueluo and Helian jiuxiao.

Yu Xi was so absorbed in his children that he didn't find their careful thoughts at all.

He sent more and more disciples to look for Helian jiuxiao and Nangong yueluo, but they didn't come back.

Yu Xi sent people to complain in places that Yu Xi could not see.

At this time, Nangong yueluo was still in a coma. He lianjiuxiao looked at the pale little woman in his arms, looked at the direction of the avalanche, and finally bit his teeth, took a step and walked down the snow mountain.

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