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Chapter: 1019

The Dongyue people and the disciples of the lihun hall were protecting their two children. Helian jiuxiao held Nangong yueluo in his arms. After a day's walk, they arrived at the foot of the snow mountain.

After going down the snow mountain, the disciples of the soul separation hall found the master according to the secret code left by their master.

Without much trouble, they soon found bailihan.

When Bai Lihan saw that the woman in Helian jiuxiao's arms hadn't woken up yet, he raised it again with half a sigh of relief. The stone in his heart became heavier instead of decreasing, and his eyes were filled with worry.

The two children have been fed to their children by turning dry food into rice soup.

Bai Lihan hurriedly asked the nanny to feed the two children first, and here he asked someone to find two more nannies.

Helian jiuxiao looked at the child held in Bai Lihan's arms. At the moment, he didn't see his daughter's joy, and was worried about his little woman.

If he had known that giving birth to a child was really going to hell, he would not have allowed his own woman to give birth to a child. He would rather have no children in his life.

Therefore, he swore that he would never let his daughter have children in the future. If his son-in-law did not want to, his daughter would be spoiled by him and would not marry for life.

He lianjiuxiao looked at the child in Bai Lihan's arms and swore in his heart.

Bai Lihan knew at a glance that he lianjiuxiao was afraid. He also understood that although he just recognized himself as the child's master, he also swore that he would never let Tuan Tuan suffer the pain of having a child.

Don't kill me.

But Bai Lihan didn't know that he and Helian jiuxiao couldn't stop Xiaotuan's determination to give birth to a loved one.

But that's the last word.

"Luo'er, this is our child. Open your eyes and have a look." Helian jiuxiao looked at the frightening woman on the bed, and his heart trembled more and more.

He lianjiuxiao's subordinates took the two children to Nangong yueluo. The eldest and second children were not very safe, but when they were placed next to Nangong yueluo, the children stopped making trouble. The two little guys were playing with bubbles with big black grape eyes open.

He lianjiuxiao looked at it, his eyes were wet, and then he motioned Bai Lihan to give him his daughter. Bai Lihan went to he lianjiuxiao. When he lianjiuxiao took the child from Bai Lihan's arms, the child who had slept soundly burst into tears.

"Ah... Ah..."

Helian jiuxiao hurriedly hugged the child and asked Bai Lihan, "is the child hungry?"

Bai Lihan shook his head. "I just let the nanny feed me. When I was full, I just closed my eyes and fell asleep."

Bai Lihan stretched out his hand several times to take the child, but his father was reluctant to give it. He lianjiuxiao had to quickly put the child beside Nangong yueluo.

But the child still howled loudly. The cry was loud, and he had to fight with the fourth.

The elder sister's howling did not affect the eldest brother and the second child at all. The two little guys were still playing with their own saliva.

The child was crying out of breath and seemed to faint.

Bai Lihan could not help it after all. He rushed forward and picked up the child.

Don't tell me, as soon as bailihan holds the baby, the baby won't cry.

This made Helian jiuxiao see that it was not a taste.

My daughter was crying like this when she was beside her parents.

Helian jiuxiao felt as if a needle was directly inserted into his heart. He felt very bad. He also had the youngest child. He wondered whether he was safe.

Helian jiuxiao felt that his heart seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, which made him breathless. Here, bailihan held the child. The child stopped crying and soon closed his eyes and slept sweetly.

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