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Chapter: 1021

Now that the child came back, he was naturally crazy with joy.

The little guy got up in his arms.

Looking at the little guy like that is obviously very happy.

God knows, it's only a few days since the child was born. How can he?

It's amazing. Generally, it takes half a month for smart people to laugh. It takes more than a month to laugh.

Good guy, he lianjiuxiao teased the child. Although the child didn't laugh out loud, the little thing grinned and drooled. What is this?

And he lianjiuxiao just tooted, which was just teasing the children.

This made Yu Xi angry.

He fed the baby, changed his diapers and clothes. When he saw that the baby was freezing to death, he put it on his stomach to cover his body.

Yuxi admitted that he was very unhappy and had a bad taste!

The little heartless man saw that he lianjiuxiao, the cold-blooded and heartless father, was so intimate.

The child is facing Helian jiuxiao.

Yu Xi felt more and more uncomfortable. He wanted to turn around and leave. God is small. His feet seemed to be filled with iron, and he couldn't move a bit.

He just stared at the little guy trying to interact with Helian jiuxiao.

Yu Xi was about to burst: "he lianjiuxiao, your father is cold-blooded and ruthless. No matter the child lives or dies, the child gives you a hot face and a cold ass. a father like you is rare. He is talking to you, but you are responding to him."

In fact, he lianjiuxiao didn't want to respond. He was secretly pleased that the child had returned to him. For a while, the little guy was the most active of the four children.

When I saw him, I was so surprised.

He didn't know how to tease the child and how to respond to the child. Moreover, Luo Er hasn't woken up yet, so he really didn't know how to tease the child.

Fortunately, this did not affect the child's enthusiasm for him.

Yu Xi scolded again. Helian jiuxiao responded with some discomfort: "Oh, my father is here!"

After holding for a long time, he said this sentence, but it didn't affect the child. The child seemed to feel the response of his father, and was more motivated.

Helian jiuxiao looked at the little guy like this, and his heart was as soft as a pool of water.

Yu Xi was speechless as he watched. People only said that the little thing was so excited when his father was there.

Qi is stagnant, and the heart, liver and lungs ache.

He lianjiuxiao then just talked to the child for a few times. The little guy was more excited and excited than before, and the sound was longer.

I don't know whether it was the children who came back, or the interaction between Xiaoxi and Helian jiuxiao's father and son. Nangong yueluo, who was originally unconscious, woke up, opened his heavy eyes, saw the children nearby, and then saw the love interaction between father and son.

Although the moment she gave birth to a child, life was really worse than death, her heart was as warm as spring water at the moment.

I don't know how long I watched it. Nangong yueluo also likes this lively little guy.

"Jiuxiao... Let me see the child." The sound of Nangong yueluo is very weak and light.

But he lianjiuxiao, who had been "Oh" with the children, suddenly turned his head.

I thought it was my own illusion, but when I turned around and looked at my little woman, her eyes were full of light, and her whole body was full of maternal soft light. When I looked at them, my heart was infinitely moved, and I could not help but feel that he lianjiuxiao liked this lively child in his heart.

Helian jiuxiao was so excited that he sat beside the bed with the child in his arms and showed Nangong yueluo the little guy.

When the little guy saw Nangong yueluo, he was still holding his mouth because he lianjiuxiao didn't respond to him. When he saw Nangong yueluo, he opened his voice again: "ah... Ah..."

Nangong yueluo saw the little fellow saying "baby words" to her. Although she was weak, she couldn't help feeling good. She also replied: "ah... Oh..."

Seeing the picture of love between the mother and the son, he lianjiuxiao was deeply moved. Rao Shi, Yu Xi, looked at Nangong yueluo on his bed.

It was he who threatened to ask the East Vietnamese state to bring Nangong yueluo to be his wolf king. Now he has seen Fangrong personally. It's not surprising that she really gave birth to a child.

But the scene of interaction with the child is deeply imprinted in Yu Xi's eyes, which makes him envy, envy and hate!

A greedy child's eyes are tight.

I don't know whether the little guy was too active to wake up the three children sleeping next to him, or whether all three children were hungry.

Three little guys wake up and cry!

One high, one low, three different levels, different timbres.

Although the three little guys were crying, Nangong yueluo was really touched.

Maybe at the moment of giving birth to a child, I swore that I didn't want to have a child, but now my heart is full of joy.

Nangong yueluo turned her head to appease the three children. It was strange to say that when she began to appease the children, the three children stopped crying as if they understood what she was saying.

"You are not hungry. You are jealous. My mother only plays with him, not with you?" Nangong yueluo is still very weak, but she can't help but have only children. At that moment, she sees three little guys interacting with Nangong yueluo.

The most moving and unforgettable part of this scene is Helian jiuxiao.

His life is perfect. From now on, he will use his life to protect the children and their mothers.

"Luo'er, thank you. Thank you for giving birth to such four lovely little guys!" Thousands of words turn into thanks.

To tell the truth, Nangong yueluo woke up today and saw four little guys. She was also shocked that someone was so powerful that there were four at once.

That's good. Her life is perfect. She has children and daughters. Next, she doesn't want to have children.

One time is enough for the suffering of childbirth.

Nangong yueluo used the medical space to make a secret inspection. Only then could she tell which child was the eldest and which was the second. The most lively little thing turned out to be the fourth. As expected, she answered.

"I like child scoundrels most!"

But when she used the medical space to find out who was born first, she was surprised.

The eldest brother, that is, their daughter, actually had "cold poison". However, fortunately, the medical space showed that although the child had cold poison, the child's own physique was strange, and he was a good physique to raise Gu and poison.

Although the cultivation of insects and poisons made her feel uncomfortable, as long as it did not affect the child's health.

Because all the four children returned to Nangong yueluo and her husband, she was in a good mood. In addition, she had medical space, so she gave herself a Chinese medicine meal for childbirth.

It was only a few days, and I was already ruddy.

When Nangong yueluo gets better, he lianjiuxiao discusses with her about naming the four little guys.

Finally, the couple agreed on the names of the four kids: his daughter Helian Xue, his second son Helian Tuo, his third son Helian Zhuo, Helian Xu

After a few days, the little guys became more lively.

What Helian Xue likes most is Bai Lihan. Even her parents are not as good as Bai Lihan. She sleeps with Bai Lihan at night.

The second and the third are free. Anyone can take it. The mother naturally prefers it.

But little guy helianshu likes his father best.

In the evening, he and his son should sleep in arms. Before going to bed, they should interact for a long time.

Besides, after Yu Xi sent the little guy back to Helian jiuxiao and his wife, he saw that the couple's four children were so cute, especially the fourth Helian Xu, who really only made his eyes greedy.

He did not leave either, but stayed at the inn where the couple stayed.

He also wanted to rob the little guy again, but if the little guy was robbed by him, the picture of crying, vomiting and fainting would be too profound.

Then he dismissed the idea.

In the end, I don't know whether the child had pity on him or not. One day, when he secretly looked out of the window, the little guy turned to him at the window.

At that moment, he was moved to tears.

The little heartless man did not forget him.

He finally opened his mouth tentatively: "can I hold Xuer? I swear I won't rob Xuer again."

"Oh... Oh..."

Helian jiuxiao didn't respond to Yu Xi, but the child seemed to understand Yu Xi's words, and was obviously very excited.

Helian jiuxiao thought a little and nodded lightly.

When Yuxi saw Helian jiuxiao nodding, the corners of her eyes were moist. She hurried to Helian jiuxiao. When the child returned to his arms again, her eyes became more moist.

At that moment, he felt incomparably moved.

The child is also in his arms with him!

He interacts with the little guy!

It turns out that only one child in life can sprout him. He doesn't want anything. He just wants to keep this child. He just hopes that he can grow up safely and healthily. He is willing to exchange everything for it.

From the moment Yu Xi held the child again, he made up his mind. From then on, he just wanted to keep the child safe.

If Helian jiuxiao and his wife agree, and they go back to East Vietnam, then he can guard the children openly. If he doesn't agree, then he will guard them secretly.

At the foot of the snow mountain, there was a humble Inn, because there were Nangong yueluo and his party, the leader of lihun hall and Yuxi, the wolf king.

Although hidden forces in other countries want to wait for opportunities.

But when they saw that the powerful Wolf Kingdom was accepted by Helian jiuxiao and his wife, they dared not act rashly.

Normal, month after month, nature is to be full-term.

But there is a good thing called medical space. It doesn't take a month, half a month. Nangong yueluo is well fed.

Although there are many children and Nangong yueluo is very thin, milk is enough.

In addition, there is a good thing, medical space, which is easy to recuperate, just like a cow.

Enough milk.

There is a breast pump in the medical space!

Yu Xi spent half a month with her child. Apart from Helian jiuxiao and Nangong yueluo, the child's favorite belongs to him.

One day, Yu Xi told Nangong yueluo and Helian jiuxiao their ideas.

Even, he has secretly vowed to let this little guy inherit everything from the Wolf Kingdom, and he will give everything to Xu'er.

Helian jiuxiao was on alert. A daughter was already very close to others. This guy wanted to rob the youngest son who was closest to him.

He would never allow Yu Xi to rob his own children.

"No!" Helian jiuxiao disagreed.

After more than half a month, Nangong yueluo repeatedly promised that he could set out to return to East Vietnam.

After all, the forces in the dark are still at ease in their own territory, although they are hidden.

However, Nangong yueluo persuaded Helian jiuxiao that it would be good for the wolf king to protect them back to East Vietnam.

After several persuasions, he lianjiuxiao reluctantly agreed.

After another two days' rest, Helian jiuxiao and his party also purchased and prepared things. On this day, the sun was just right, and they were ready to go.

Many disciples from the hall of departed souls also came, just because they wanted to protect the four little guys back to East Vietnam.

Although the Wolf Kingdom suffered heavy casualties, all of them were brave and good at fighting.

Although some people didn't want to, they finally followed Yu Xi to escort their four children to the East Vietnam under his persuasion.

Countries in the dark are afraid of the soul separation hall and the wolf king Yuxi.

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