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Chapter: 1023

The fourth eldest, helianxiu, also likes helianxiao very much, but Yu Xi often comes to brush his sense of existence and has been brushed away.

This made Helian jiuxiao very depressed. What was very depressed was that Yu Xi was shameless and directly designated the fourth brother as the successor of the wolf state.

His old father said many times that he did not want the throne of the Wolf Kingdom. However, Yu Xi shamelessly said that whether his old father agreed or not, or his own Xu'er agreed or not, he would be the king of the Wolf Kingdom, and the people of the Wolf Kingdom would support him.

Helian jiuxiao expressed that he was very angry. Two or three of them all thought about his children.

Nangong yueluo watched Helian jiuxiao pacing back and forth in the room. He knew at one glance what was bothering him. Then he said, "jiuxiao, do you want to take the child away?"

Just when Helian jiuxiao wanted to tell Nangong yueluo what he thought, Jing Yu hurried to report: "Lord, Lord, it's bad. The Emperor himself read the imperial edict on the wall and announced to the world that he abdicated and let the emperor's eldest son succeed."

"Now the emperor's eldest grandson wears a Dragon Robe and is held by the emperor on the city wall for public display. It is considered that the new emperor has succeeded to the throne." Jing Yu finished his story in a few words.

"This old thing!" Helian jumped with rage.

Nangong yueluo sighed and looked at the furious Helian jiuxiao: "do you want to go? Or do you want to go into the palace to help Tuoer?"

He lianjiuxiao didn't know how to choose for a moment. He asked him to leave his son and take other children to have fun. He couldn't do it.

He could only have a dark and calm face: "enter the palace!"

After more than a month, when the baby became the new emperor, he directly became the supreme emperor!

Nangong yueluo doesn't want to enter the palace either, but the emperor is her son and can only be bound.

When Helian jiuxiao and Nangong yueluo came into the palace with their children, the old emperor disappeared, leaving Helian Tuo playing with the jade seal.

I saw a baby for more than a month, wearing a Dragon Robe, lying on a dragon chair, playing with a jade seal. The picture is too hot.

"Where is the emperor?" Helian jiuxiao asked zhaojin'an with a cold face.

Zhaojin'an looked at the owl king. Although he was frightened, he could only respectfully say: "return to the owl king, the emperor is here."

Zhao Jin'an said that the emperor was his son Helian Tuo, and Helian jiuxiao wanted to find the old emperor.

Needless to think, the old man left such a heavy burden on a baby and slipped out of the palace himself?

"Get the emperor back for me!" Helian jiuxiao said sternly with a dark face.

Zhaojin'an again said, "King Xiao, you are the emperor's father. You are the supreme emperor."

"Go and find the old thing he liantian for me." Helian jiuxiao had no respect for his dignity, he said angrily.

The guards dare not take orders, but the secret sentry of Lord Xiao's residence takes orders to find he liantian.

At this time, he liantian, whom he lianjiuxiao is looking for, has left the imperial city through the secret road. Outside the city, no one would expect that the former Emperor and today's beggar.

Alone, the old emperor turned into a beggar, dressed in rags, and eating was very different from the emperor.

Even the secret sentry of Lord Xiao's residence was cheated.

Rao Shihe didn't expect that his old father would turn into a beggar.

I have been looking for it, but I failed.

He, the emperor's father, was forced to manage the territory of East Vietnam for his son.

Helian jiuxiao has been in charge for five years.

In the past five years, all countries were afraid of Nangong yueluo's lethal weapons, and because Nangong yueluo and even the mysterious Wolf Kingdom were loyal to the East Vietnamese State, and the new successor was the third son of Helian jiuxiao.

Small countries around pay tribute to Dongyue every year.

And because of the Nangong moon, East Vietnam became the largest country.

Moreover, the capital city of East Vietnam has close trade exchanges with other countries.

Caravans from various countries came in an endless stream.

No one expected that three little guys hid in the caravans and left the imperial city.

It was not until the caravan left the imperial city for a hundred miles that the three little guys showed their small heads. Their beautiful Obsidian eyes were shining with excitement.

"Brother emperor, will you leave like this?" He Lianzhuo is the third.

When he Liantuo heard that he Lianzhuo's question was not nutritious, he made a killing in his eyes.

"Call big brother. Don't ask these non constructive questions. What is the purpose of our coming out?"

He Lianzhuo and he lianxu said in unison: "for freedom! The imperial palace is suffocating. It's not fun at all."

"We should have a good time playing the whole continent."

"Brother, shall we continue to follow the caravan or run away?" Helianxiu asked excitedly.

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