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Chapter: 1024

"Follow the caravan."

The caravan went all the way east to Yongjia city near the sea and stayed in the city for one night.

Who would have expected the sun to shine during the day and the wind to blow at night!

"Brother, it's not good. Listen to this voice. Is it the tsunami that my mother said is coming?" He Lianzhuo's small face was unusually dignified.

The small faces of Helian Tuo and Helian Xu are also very serious. It is not suitable to go out at this time. However, the tsunami chose to come at night. If it is really the tsunami that my mother said is coming, the tsunami will bring tornadoes and Yongjia city will be swept away.

Even if it is not swept by the wind, the strong precipitation will also submerge Yongjia city.

"I have to go out and have a look." He Liantuo exuded his own dignity, and his eyes were worried.

"Brother, let's go together." He Lianzhuo and he lianxu followed him closely.

Three five-year-old little guys walked out of the door of the hotel and found that the wind had not reached the highest level.

If it is midnight in twoorthree hours, it will be difficult for the people to move. Smell the humidity in the air and feel the wind and direction.

The three little guys estimated together according to the method given to them by their mother.

The maximum wind force and rainfall will be around Choushi, which can be submerged in more than an hour.

"Brother, I can see a high mountain not far from here. It's leeward. There seems to be a temple on the high mountain. It's not on the wind side." The careful helianzhuo said again.

He Liantuo nodded: "yes, run to the high mountain leeward. We are now looking for their county magistrate when we are in charge. Let them quickly organize the evacuation."

"OK, let's wake up the store and the guests. Then let the store send someone to go to the county magistrate's office with us." He lianxu said with a frozen face.

With that, he opened his legs and ran to the store.

At this time, the store owners also heard the wind outside. They live in the coastal city. I'm afraid there will be a strong rainfall.

I'm also worried about whether the rain will inundate here.

When it rains heavily in previous years, it will submerge into the store.

When the three brothers of helianto went to the store and told the store that the tsunami was coming, the wind power here would reach the strongest and the rainfall would reach the maximum in three hours. In just over an hour, the store could be submerged.

The shopkeeper saw three little dots and listened to their words. Although he didn't know what the tsunami was, he understood it. At dawn, this place will be flooded.

"Three little guests, where are we going to escape this big night? Besides, there is a strong wind and heavy rain outside." The shopkeeper also looked worried.

"Not far from here, there is not a mountain. There seems to be a temple on the mountain. Running there, the mountain is against the wind." He Liantuo said with a frozen face, "go and ask someone to knock on the door to wake up the guests."

"OK, I'll send someone to call the wake-up officials." The shopkeeper was busy.

"If you send someone to accompany us to the county magistrate's office, all the people in the city will have to retreat." He Liantuo said calmly.

"However, the temples on the mountain cannot accommodate the people of the whole city." The shopkeeper said with a sad face.

"Go to Yongning city next door. The wind is not strong there. Hurry up! Those who have carriages should prepare them quickly." He Lianzhuo said aloud.

"Big brother, second brother, when we go out at night, we only have three lights and three small flashlights in our bag. The people in the city are not enough? Their lanterns are so windy that it's difficult to walk." Helian Xu Ningmei said.

At this time, the three little guys miss their mother. If only their mother were here, there would be everything they need in the space.

"Don't think about it now. Let's go to the county magistrate and ask him to call the people and organize them to retreat. I'm afraid there are still some old people who would rather die in their own homes than evacuate." Herento's worries have come true.

The shopkeeper personally took three little guys to the county magistrate's office. The county magistrate looked at the wind and rain outside and couldn't sleep. He was also worried about the heavy wind and rain.

When the shopkeeper and three little guys came to the county magistrate's office, they explained the matter.

The county magistrate didn't think the three little guys were alarmist. He also felt that the strong wind and heavy rain were wrong.

"Well, I will immediately order people to organize the evacuation of the whole city." The county magistrate immediately made a decision without hesitation.

Looking at the county magistrate, he Liantuo is a man who does practical things for the people.

Looking at his action, I remembered it in my heart.

The three little guys watched the Yongjia County Magistrate in the wind and rain organize the evacuation of the people.

When preparing the chariots and horses, the people believed the magistrate completely.

Although the blackmail went away, the lantern was blown out of hand by the strong wind.

Fortunately, he Liantuo gave three searchlights to the officer.

There are only three searchlights.

The officer who leads the way in front carries a light, walks on the road in a strong and strong way, and takes a carriage for the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled, children.

"Second and third younger brothers, you go to Yongning city with the brigade first." He Liantuo looks like a little adult.

"Eldest brother, we are three brothers together. Wherever you are, we will be there." Helianzhuo and helianzhu spoke in unison.

He Liantuo couldn't screw up his two younger brothers, but he was worried about an emergency. If there was an emergency, how could he explain to his father and mother.

Besides, he came up with the idea of traveling.

"Brother, we'll be fine." The two brothers comforted him again, and finally he nodded and agreed.

The three little guys accompanied the county magistrate to persuade the old man who did not want to leave.

There are many people in the city, but fortunately, everyone works together.

In the end, those who can't walk are carried, and those who can help are supported.

All night long, one foot deep and one foot shallow.

We support each other.

Yongjia County Magistrate even lamented that the three little dolls' coping ability and organizational ability made him ashamed of having a county magistrate arrive.

He just thought that the strong wind and heavy rain worried him, but he didn't know that the wind and rain would flood the whole city.

Everyone rushed to Yongning city before dawn.

Yongning city is also a good place to receive. After hearing the report from the officer standing guard on the wall, the officer of Yongjia County came with the written letter of the county magistrate and begged Yongning city to keep it convenient.

Yongning Chengshou unexpectedly opened the gate.

What does this decision mean?

It means bringing trouble to Yongning city.

Yongjia County Magistrate and Yongning Chengshou talked about the three kids' courage and ability to deal with problems. Both adults praised the three kids.

"Both of them are good parents. It is lucky for the people to have two adults. But now is not the time to be happy. The doctors in the city have to be prepared. After a major disaster, there will be serious illness." He Liantuo looked at the two parents.

Yongjia County Magistrate and Yongning Chengshou listened and asked: "serious illness? What serious illness will there be?"

"Plague!" Helian Tuo chenshen road.

Hearing the plague, Yongjia County Magistrate and Yongning Chengshou were shocked.

God, is this going to kill them?

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