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Chapter: 1025

"No fear. It's handled properly. Plague is just a small thing. You just need to do what my third brother said." Helian Tuo looked at Helian Xu.

"Young master, do you have a recipe? But please tell me. I will obey it." Yongjia county magistrate was busy saying that if there was a plague, he would feel ashamed.

Yongning city is kind enough to let them take refuge, but we can't afford to waste it.

He lianxu came forward and immediately took out a beautiful pen and book from his small backpack.

He wrote it down with great ease, and soon wrote the prevention plan and the promised medicinal materials.

Scheme 2: how to disinfect and treat the plague.

When he finished writing, he lianxu handed the paper to Yongning Chengshou. When the two adults saw the little guy's plan and preventive medicine, they were also amazed.

Even though he sighed that he was not as good as three children, the two adults looked at each other secretly. What seemed to be the truth in their hearts?

If his guess is true, God, the little emperor made a private visit in disguise and saved the people of the whole city.

Secretly peeking at the three little guys, they all showed a sense of cleverness.

Although the faces of the three little guys were as usual, the two of them secretly winked and secretly looked at them. They were all caught in the eye.

The brothers didn't say anything on three sides, but they tacitly decided to leave. What they did here, the father and mother will find them soon.

If he is taken back, his father will leave the burden and let him deal with the Court Affairs alone. It will be too late.

He Liantuo wanted to escape most.

It's not fun in the palace.

Therefore, the three little guys arranged everything and ran away.

When Yongjia County Magistrate and Yongning Chengshou wanted to find three more kids, they had disappeared.

Talents sent by Helian jiuxiao and Nangong yueluo catch up with Yongning city and find that they have been stolen by three little guys.

A new quest

And her sister Helian Xue is in the hall of departed souls at this time.

"At the age of three, Xueer stinks. You help Xueer take a bath!" Helian Xue pouted her lips.

Bai Lihan looked at Helian Xue and said in a soft voice, "you are a girl. You can't let Shifu help you wash. And you can't call me three years old. You should call Shifu."

"Three years old, three years old, I'm going to call it three years old. Shifu is awful! Which one do you think sounds good? Xueer will call it." Helian Xue said firmly.

And the little guy has automatically taken off his clothes.

"Xueer..." Bai Lihan raised his voice several times, with a slight anger, and then taught with a calm face, "put on your clothes. I told you, girls are family. You can't take off your clothes in front of men. Even if you are a teacher, you can't do it."

As soon as Bai Lihan raised his hand, he Lianxue's clothes fell on her again.

"But you are my three-year-old, and you are not a man. Men and women are indifferent. Why didn't you say it when you held me when you were a child? You kissed me."

"At the age of three, do we have skin relatives? You should be responsible for me." The words of Helian Xue suddenly appeared solemnly, which shocked Bai Lihan.

"Xueer, don't talk nonsense. I'm Shifu. Shifu is your elder." Bai Lihan's forehead was blue and blue.

However, no matter how bailihan preached, he Lianxue ignored it.

"Xueer, it seems that I can't teach you. I will send you back to the Palace tomorrow." Bai Lihan sank his face and said.

"No, three years old. Xueer is obedient. Xueer listens to you." Helian Xue flattered her and hugged Bai Lihan's thigh.

"Since everyone listens to me as a teacher, that's called Shifu." Bai Lihan sank his face and said.

"No, three years old, three years old..." although he Lianxue was afraid of being sent back, she didn't know why. She just didn't want to call Shifu.

When I called Shifu, I was older than her at the age of three. She didn't want it.

She wants to marry three years old when she grows up.

The little guy's big eyes are full of tears. He is holding his small mouth. He is very wronged!

The little sample was reluctant to give up when he saw it. He was never willing to give up the fierce little guy. He even didn't give up at all.

The little guy saw the love in Bai Lihan's eyes, and his tears rolled down like beans.

Clattering and clattering.

Then he Lianxue burst out crying: "wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu

Bai Lihan was already distressed. As soon as he Lianxue was crying, he immediately squatted down and said in a low voice, "Xueer is good. It's Shifu's fault not to cry!"

However, when he Lianxue heard Bai Lihan calling himself master, he cried even louder.

"Xueer is good. She knows she is wrong when she is three years old. What do you want to do? It depends on you when she is three years old. OK?"

However, no matter how bailihan cried, he Lianxue cried pitifully, but did not stop.

Suddenly, he Lianxue felt it difficult to breathe, and the little guy suddenly fell down.

Bai Lihan quickly picked up Helian Xue and regretted that his intestines were green.

When he was a master, he had nothing to do with his children.

Shifu gave the child a bath. Why.

Needless to say, the disciples of lihun hall called the doctor to Helian Xue's room by themselves.

"How?" Bai Lihan was worried.

"Return to the Lord, young master xue'er is too excited, which affects the insects in his body. The insects secrete too much poison, which led to young master xue'er's coma."

"So what?" Hearing what the doctor said, Bai Lihan was even more remorseful.

"Although young master xue'er was born to raise insects, after all, she is only five years old and can't control insects. The Lord must not let young master xue'er get too excited. Don't stimulate young master xue'er. You must rely on the young master. Otherwise, no matter how good your body is, you can't raise insects, but will be eaten by insects."

Bai Lihan nodded heavily and looked at the little guy's forehead full of fine sweat. He had already been very distressed.

Helian Xue cried out: "pain... Pain..."

As soon as Bai Lihan heard Helian Xue's painful cry, he even began to roll on the bed, and immediately picked her up: "Xueer, it doesn't hurt, holding you at the age of three... It doesn't hurt anymore..."

Bai Lihan coaxed Helian Xue softly, coaxing her back and forth in the room.

Helian snow seemed to calm down, and the loud pain became a low pain.

Bai Lihan looked down at the little guy in his arms, and his eyebrows gradually expanded. After a long time, there was a sound of even breathing.

Bai Lihan indicated that the doctor could go out. What he didn't know was that the doctor wiped a cold sweat on his face when he turned around.

He and little master xue'er cheated the Lord. If the Lord found out that little master xue'er was all right, he would be miserable.

Fortunately, the Lord cares about little Lord xue'er with all his heart, but he doesn't find that little Lord xue'er cheated the Lord.

Seeing that Helian Xue was in such pain, Bai Lihan slept with the little guy all night and looked at whether the little guy was abnormal from time to time.

With Bai Lihan sleeping with her, Helian Xue was secretly happy, from the original false sleep to a safe and sound sleep.

Through Helian Snow's illness today, bailihan is relying on Helian snow in everything.

"At the age of three, I want to eat the venison you roasted."


"When I was three years old, I had another nightmare. Will you sleep with me at night?"


"Three years old, I want to take a bath with you!"


"At the age of three, the hall of departed souls is so stuffy. I want to go out for a walk. Will you take me out?"


"Three years old, I miss the stars in the sky!"

"OK." Bai Lihan wanted to pick up the stars in the sky. However, he couldn't pick up the stars, so he took Helian snow to fly up and up as much as he could from the stars.

Only to win the little guy's constant Laughter: "cluck... Cluck..."

She wants to see hundreds of flowers. He takes her to enjoy all kinds of exotic flowers and plants. She wants to enjoy the autumn moon. He takes her to the top of the mountain to enjoy the largest moon.

She wanted to blow the cool wind. In the evening, she took her to sit on the roof, holding her favorite snack in one hand, and accompanied her to blow the cool wind on the roof.

She wants to enjoy the winter snow and have snowball fights.

He called the disciples of the hall of departed souls to take her to see the snow mountains, accompany her in snowball fights and make snowmen.

Bai Lihan spoiled Helian Xue to his bone, but Helian Xue wanted to take off his mask, so he couldn't.

"Three years old, take off your mask and let me see..." Helian Xue begged again.

Bai Lihan said softly that day: "it's not that he didn't take off the mask for you at the age of three, but that once every Lord of the hall of departed souls wears a mask, his wife can only take off the mask of the Lord of the hall of departed souls when she meets a beloved woman on the day of marriage."

"The beloved woman I met at the age of three has married and had children, so no one can take off the mask for the age of three."

"No, Xueer will grow up and marry three years old, so someone will take off the mask for three years old." Helian's snow black, warm jade like eyes stared at Bai Lihan, and the childish voice fell into his ears, which only attracted his spoiled smile.

"My Xueer is so beautiful, you can't find an old man like three years old. My Xueer, you should let the most beautiful and best man in the world marry him..." Bai Lihan thought that he Lianxue would marry him after he grew up. He couldn't bear to see such a picture.

He has already regarded Xueer as his own love. Although Xueer doesn't want to call him a master, he is Xueer's master in this life.

He is willing to pet him into the happiest little princess in the world. He only wishes her healthy and happy growth in this life. I can always be happy after I get married.

"Three years old, what's the matter with you? Why are you crying..." Helian Xue came forward and wiped the tears in Bai Lihan's eyes with his young hands.

"It was a bug that got into the three-year-old's eyes." The picture of Xueer growing up and getting married is still in the cold sea.

He could not imagine how lonely he would be when he married the baby he had raised by himself.

"That Xueer blows for three years..." Helian Xue motioned Bai Lihan to squat down.

Bailihan was even lower. The little guy gently blew bailihan's eyes.

Bai Lihan sighed in his heart that since Xueer was born, he has kissed him, adhered to him, and made his life meaningful.

Before he grew up, Bai Lihan was worried. He didn't know what kind of man would be worthy of Xueer. If that man dared to bully Xueer, he would blow the guy up.

"Three years old, can't you really take off your mask and let Xueer see three years old?" Helian Xue kept asking.

Bai Lihan nodded: "I really can't take it off. If I take it off now, I will die at the age of three. Do you want to die at the age of three?"

"No, Xueer doesn't want to die when she is three years old. She must wait for Xueer to grow up. Xueer wants to be your wife and take off your mask. You can't marry other women. Your mask can only be taken off when Xueer grows up..." he Lianxue said firmly.

Bai Lihan just smiled, and tongyanwuji.

In this life, his beloved woman has married and given birth to such a lovely daughter. No one can take off his mask in this life, and he doesn't intend to marry. He just wants to raise the child to grow up. When she grows up and marries, he and the lihun temple are his dependence. Whoever dares to bully her, he will take the lihun temple to destroy anyone.

One's only wish in this life is to protect her until he dies. One's ambition is to marry three years old when he grows up

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