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Chapter: 934

If Liu Ming could activate the sword controlling technique, coupled with the silver wings of Beast Armor Tactic, he might still be able to catch up. However, after the tragic battle, the silver wings had been covered with scars, and the power of Sword Maru was also exhausted. It couldn’t be used until it was nurtured enough in the sword pouch.

With the current astonishing speed of the opponent, it was obvious that he could no longer catch up.

After Liu Ming sighed, he immediately turned around and flew toward Jin Tianci. When he got close, he said helplessly,

"Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, I let him run away. How are you doing?"

"Then let him be! Thanks to your Sword Maru. Otherwise, we would really be dead here. Now that this demon has been severely injured and his magic weapon has exploded, it can’t pose any threat to us. I just lost a little vitality, not a big deal. But the commotion was too huge just now, let’s leave this place first." Jin Tianci took a deep look at Liu Ming, shook his head and said. He stuck a few talismans on himself and swallowed a few elixirs, then he looked slightly better.

"Okay." Liu Ming naturally has no objection!

The Demon Flying Skull on the side was hit by the self-destruction of the long whip, but he was rescued in time by Jin Tianci. Except that his green hair was burnt off a lot, he didn’t have any major injury.

Liu Ming retrieved this spiritual pet into the soul-recovering bag.

After they looted all the items around the place, Liu Ming cast a black cloud and carried them away.

Not long after the two flew out, a golden escape light suddenly came from the opposite direction.

Liu Ming was moved. He stopped the black cloud and looked back.

"It seems that Junior Fellow Apprentice Qiu is here." Jin Tianci, who was beside him, glanced at it and said slowly.

The golden escape light was extremely fast. After a few flashes, Qiu Longzi and Long Yanfei appeared.

"Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, you’re also here. What about the demon? Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, you… you are injured?" Qiu Longzi was relieved to see Jin Tianci and Liu Ming, but he was shocked to see that Jin Tianci was injured.

"The demon was seriously injured and has already escaped. There is no need to chase. I have suffered some injuries, but I have taken some spiritual medicine. It will be fine after resting a few days. What about the rest of the disciples?" Jin Tianci waved his hand lightly, then he asked again.

"Senior fellow apprentice actually repelled those demons. You really deserve… Haha, after we separated a few days ago. Me and other fellow apprentices met a group of beastkin cultivators at the door of the ruin. Their strength is formidable. After a few rounds of attacks, one junior was dead and a few were injured. So I brought the remaining juniors out of the. Halfway through, we saw 2 Demon Mystic Sect’s disciples were chasing Junio Sister Apprentice Long, so I killed them. I heard from her that you are trapped by a few Real Pellet State demons, so I asked Junior Fellow Apprentice Luo to take the rest of the disciples to find a place to heal first and Junior Sister Apprentice Long and I rushed here." When Qiu Longzi heard the words, he was overjoyed at first, then he explained with a gloomy expression.

"You may be wrong this time. I’m safe and sound because of Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu. Those demons are from the Thousands Demons Continent. Their demonic techniques that are blessed by the demonic qi are really powerful. After merging as 1, their strength even reached the Celestial State. If it weren’t for Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu’s godly Sword Maru, I would have been in danger this time." Jin Tianci replied with a wry smile.

"Celestial State! Sword Maru!"

Qiu Longzi took a deep breath when he heard the words, then he looked at Liu Ming like he was some kind of rare beast.

Long Yanfei, who was on the side, was also full of surprise. Her beautiful eyes were also fixed on Liu Ming.

For the Real Pellet State sword cultivator, being able to cultivate into Sword Maru was naturally the dream of many people, and Liu Ming did it as Pseudo Pellet State, how could they not be shocked and jealous.

Besides, Long Yanfei had faced these devils personally and knew the horror of their strength!

"Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin has overpraised! The Sword Maru has just been condensed, and it has not even completed the final step of shaping. I used it rashly just now and wasted all my effort on nurturing it. What’s more, if Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin didn’t contain the demon, I would definitely not have the chance to use this. By the way, are those beastkin cultivators from the Sky Beastkin Valley?" Liu Ming laughed and changed the topic.

"It shouldn’t be. Those beastkin cultivators have unfamiliar faces and strange skills. They are completely different from the Sky Beastkin Valley disciples. Seeing us fleeing, they didn’t chase after us. I’m afraid they are Beastkin Clans from other continents." Qiu Longzi shook his head and said.

Hearing this, Liu Ming’s eyes flickered, but he didn’t say anything.

"It seems that this trip to the ruins is more dangerous than we estimated. This is not the place to talk. We should go back to our camp first." Jin Tianci’s face turned gloomy when he heard the words.

Qiu Longzi and Long Yanfei naturally had no objections, but Liu Ming suddenly clasped his fists and said,

"In this case, Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, you should go ahead. The Ouyang Family’s disciples are still nearby. I’ll find them first before meeting you guys."

"Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is referring to the 2 disciples of the Ouyang Family right? When Junior Sister Apprentice Long and I came over just now, we happened to find their hiding place and have already told them to go back first." Qiu Longzi said with a laugh.

"Oh, that’s great." Liu Ming nodded when he heard the words.

2 hours later, they came to the sky above a valley filled with thick mist.

Qiu Longzi launched several symbols in mid-air.

Immediately, the originally still mist tumbled, and a gap of a dozen meters in size appeared quickly.

They immediately flew in, then the gap was closed again.

After landing, Liu Ming just glanced around before nodding slightly.

The valley was surrounded by mountains on 3 sides, and the entrance of the valley faced the river, so it could be regarded as an excellent temporary camp.

The valley was unusually quiet. There were a lot of rugged rocks piled up everywhere. The largest was as big as a building and the smallest was as tall as a person.

Qiu Longzi strode to the front of a boulder that was 12 meters in size, raised one hand and moved the boulder aside. A pitch-black entrance was revealed.

After they flashed in, the boulder slowly closed again.

"Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, Senior Fellow Apprentice Qiu, welcome back." As soon as they stepped into the entrance, a handsome young man greeted them. It was Luo Tiancheng.

His eyes swept across the 4 of them quickly, but he glanced at Liu Ming a little longer. A hint of surprise flashed on his face.

Seeing this, Liu Ming smiled lightly.

After a while, they walked through a short temporary tunnel and entered an underground cave.

This cave was very wide. Its area was about slightly less than an acre. Some crystal white moonstones are inlaid around it, which illuminated the cave.

The disciples of Taiqing Sect were scattered all over the cave in twos and threes. Most of them were sitting cross-legged, but when they saw them coming in, they all stood up immediately.

The number of people here was obviously a few less than when he left, and the condition of everyone was not very good. Most of them had injuries of varying severity. Their morale seems to be a little sluggish. There was even a person lying there in a coma.

Ouyang Sisters were also standing in the crowd at the moment. When they saw Liu Ming’s figure, there was a hint of joy in their eyes.

Seeing this, Liu Ming nodded at them slightly.

They had also gone through some battles and escapes. Now after a rest, they looked much better than before, but they still looked pale. Especially Quyang Qin, who had a thin layer of black air on her forehead.

Ouyang Qian looked at Liu Ming with hesitation, but after looking at the people around, she still didn’t say anything.

The other Taiqing Sect’s disciples also showed joyful expressions on their faces after seeing Jin Tianci and Qiu Longzi, the Real Pellet State leaders coming back.

These people were usually the best among the disciples of the same generation in the inner sect. They were highly valued by their elders or leaders. They thought even if they encountered danger in these ruins, they would be able to save themselves. Thus, everyone strived for the slot to join this trip.

Originally, they all came for the great opportunity that only appeared once every 30,000 years. As a result, they had just entered the upper realm ruins for such a short period of time, and they were people dead and injured. Compared to physical injuries, their mentality had undergone tremendous changes. Many people no longer had the slightest self-confidence.

Jin Tianci and Qiu Longzi, the 2 leaders of the Real Pellet State, had naturally become the backbone in their minds. Now that they had returned together with Liu Ming, whom they thought was dead, they were all surprised and joyful.

After seeing the situation of the disciples in the cave, Jin Tianci showed a faint smile and comforted him, then he walked to the corner of the cave with Qiu Longzi and squatted beside the unconscious Taiqing Sect’s disciple.

Liu Ming also went over with other disciples.

Qiu Longzi helped the unconscious Taiqing Sect’s disciple to get up. Now that Liu Ming had seen the person’s face, he was surprised.

The person turned out to be Wen Zeng.

His eyes were closed, his robe was stained with blood, and his aura was a little weak, but his breathing was still normal. It was obvious that he took the healing medicine in time after being seriously injured.

After Jin Tianci checked Wen Zeng’s situation, he stuffed a white elixir into his mouth.

From the whispered conversation between Qiu Longzi and Jin Tianci, Liu Ming gradually understood the whole story.

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