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Chapter: 936

Chapter 936: News from the Nature Work Sect

"It seems that the junior fellow apprentice has forgotten that Jin Lieyang is Jin Lieyang; Jin Tianci is Jin Tianci! They are not the same person. If he hadn’t prepared a backup ‘body’ in advance, and let his remnant soul escape back to the sect before falling so that his soul can be reformed, how could there be the current me? If it weren’t for this adventure and repairing the damaged Sword Maru, I would have advanced to Celestial State long ago. However, when fighting the Celestial State demon, if I really unlock the seal and cast the few techniques, I can defeat that Celestial State demon. However, I would advance to the Celestial State on the spot and could no longer stay in these ruins. If it weren’t for the fact that I have to stay in the ruins longer, I won’t do it unless I have no other choice." Jin Tianci said lightly.

"That’s true, but this way, Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin can’t even exert 1/10 of your true strength." Qiu Longzi nodded first, then he said with some worry.

"Even if I can’t do my best, aren’t there still you and Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu! Needless to say, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, who has cultivated Sword Maru, is enough to deal with any powerhouse below the Celestial State. As for junior fellow apprentice you, hehe, you really thought I didn’t know that the sword techniques you are showing aren’t your true strength at all? Although you have never been able to cultivate Sword Maru, you should have focused your mastery in that archaic sword technique and achieved some attainment in it right?" Jin Tianci said suddenly with a squint.

"I didn’t expect that Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin even knew about this. Yes, I’ve been trapped in Real Pellet State for so many years. If I want to go further, in addition to cultivating Sword Maru, I have to find another way. However, although I found this archaic sword technique with difficulty, the technique itself has some flaws. It is more toward a physique technique. I have to seal my physical strength all the time. Only when I encounter a formidable enemy, I will only remove the seal. Due to the reason that I only have slight attainment, I can’t use this technique for a long time. Besides, if I am forced to use this technique, there will be consequences. Therefore, I don’t dare to use this technique unless the situation is dire." Qiu Longzi was startled at first, then replied with a wry smile.

Jin Tianci was stunned at first, then he became a little speechless.

After half a day, Liu Ming followed the guidance of the disk array and finally found the area where the mineral vein that Jin Tianci mentioned, but collecting and exploring such a rare mineral vein was not something that could be accomplished in a day or two.

He simply opened a simple temporary cave house nearby, then he inserted 8 blue formation flags around the cave.

After a layer of green light curtain shone, it spread out, covered the entire cave house and disappeared after a few flashes.

After doing all of this, he walked into the cave house, sat down and checked the void sword pouch.

The opening of the sword pouch was opened slightly, and a faint golden light drifted out.

He swept the sword pouch with Divine Thought and found a pale golden bead lying quietly in it. It was the Void Sword Maru. There was no trace of damage on the Sword Maru. However, sword qi was extremely weak as compared to before.

Liu Ming shook his head slightly, took out some pre-prepared spiritual medicine from the Sumeru Ring, filled it into the sword pouch, took out a silver talisman and stuck it lightly on the sword pouch.


The silver talisman turned into a faint silver light and penetrated into the sword pouch.

This time, he was forced to use the power of Sword Maru, but its power was considered great. However, the mental consumption of controlling Sword Maru was totally out of his expectation.

The most regrettable thing for Liu Ming was that this Sword Maru was used before it was completely nourished, so his previous efforts were considered wasted. Now, he had to start all over again.

He stroked it with one hand and hid it again, then he sat down to recover his spiritual power while contemplating a plan for the meteorite ore.

Early the next morning, Liu Ming left the temporary cave house in high spirits.

Not long after, the black cloud hovered in a certain area for a while, then it soon landed on one of the bare mountain peaks.

As soon as Liu Ming revealed himself from the black gas, he glanced at the disk array and patted the soul recovering bag without hesitation.

Xie’er, who was wrapped in black gauze, appeared in front of him.

"Xie’er, it’s your turn now." Liu Ming commanded lightly.

He had already explored that the surrounding mountain range was extremely hard due to the existence of meteorite ore, so it was hard to use earth burrowing talisman, let alone mining the ores.

After thinking about it, he could only search by relying on Xie’er’s earth attribute talent. In the past, Xie’er had done similar things in the Tianmen Secret Realm.

"Don’t worry, master. Leave this to me." Xie’er giggled, then she turned into a yellow light and flashed into the ground.

7 days later, on the top of a bumpy hill, Liu Ming stood by the wind with a depressed look. In the center of his palm was a fist-sized steel-blue color ore that shimmered faintly.

The disk array given by Jin Tianci could only roughly sense the location of nearly ten miles in radius, and it was impossible to accurately find the location of the meteorite ore. Fortunately, Xie’er had earth attribute talents. After many twists and turns, he finally found 8 meteorite ores of different sizes. The biggest one was the size a head, and the smallest was about the same size as the one in his hand.

He thought that there were large meteorite ore veins here, but it turned out that there were scattered in different places. The matured meteorite ores were only so little, which was a little disappointing.

Just then, a low humming sound came suddenly.

Liu Ming quickly took out a palm-sized communication disk array, and Jin Tianci’s faint voice came from inside.

"Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, after receiving the sound transmission, please return to the temporary camp as soon as possible. We have important matters to discuss."

Hearing this, Liu Ming frowned. After putting the meteorite ore in his hand into the Sumeru Ring, he made a gesture and flew away.

A few hours later, in the valley where Taiqing’s disciples were temporarily stationed, a black light landed. Liu Ming had rushed all the way here.

"Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, we are all waiting for you." As Liu Ming walked into the cave, Qiu Longzi came over with a laugh.

"Sorry for letting you wait." Liu Ming nodded slightly and said.

At this moment, there were 16 people, including the disciples of the Taiqing Sect, Ouyang Sisters and him.

"Today, I have an important matter to explain to all of you." Seeing that everyone had arrived, Jin Tianci stood up and said aloud.

"In view of the fact that the forces of various continents entering this upper realm ruins are mixed, it is difficult to distinguish between the enemy and the enemy, and the situation of the ruins itself is complicated and unpredictable. Therefore, before we entered this place, the senior of our sect and the Nature Work Sect reached an agreement. In the ruins, we aren’t allowed to fight with them. In addition, on the premise of not harming the interests of each other, we can join forces with them to defend against a strong enemy. Even if there is any benefit that is difficult to obtain alone, we can also join hands to obtain it, then we can negotiate and distribute the benefits after that." Jin Tianci said straight to the point.

As soon as this statement came out, most of the people present also understood the following matters must be related to the Nature Work Sect.

Hearing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help but think of the Nature Work Sect disciple’s storage bracelet he had picked up in the miasma swamp, which also contained a Real Pellet State puppet.

If other disciples of the Nature Work Sect knew about it, it might cause him some trouble.

"When I was resting a few days ago, I received a message from the Nature Work Sect, saying that there was a treasure that was very important to the Nature Work Sect in a ruin. One of their missions to enter the ruins this time is to find this treasure. But for some reason, the news leaked out, and they suffered some casualties in the previous treasure hunt, so they can’t obtain the treasure on their own. Therefore, they hoped that we can send someone capable to help them. After the matter is done, they are willing to reward with treasure that is half the value of the treasure they wanted. According to their statement, this ruin is slightly far away from our location. So, after I have discussed with Junior Fellow Apprentice Qiu, we decided to let him and the injured disciples stay in this area to search for treasures and rest. I will bring the rest who have recovered to help them. On the way, we can search for other opportunities. However, I want to remind you that there will definitely be risks, so it is not compulsory. Please consider it carefully. Half a day later, we will set off." Jin Tianci said slowly.

The people present heard the words and looked at each other for a while, but no one spoke for a while.

Liu Ming quickly thought about the pros and cons from the information revealed by Jin Tianci.

"Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, I’m not injured, count me in." After a brief consideration, Liu Ming said.

As soon as this statement came out, it naturally attracted the attention of everyone present.

Long Yanfei glanced at Liu Ming. Although she was a little moved, she had not recovered from her previous injury. Besides, her 2 spiritual swords were both damaged, so she could only give up with some regret.

Sister Ouyang Qian did not show any idea of ​​participation.

After all, this was the alliance between the seniors of Taiqing Sect and Nature Work Sect. Even if they wanted to participate, Jin Tianci probably wouldn’t agree.

"Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, Luo is also willing to go together."

The other person stepped forward abruptly.

It was Luo Tiancheng!

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