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Chapter: 937

Chapter 937: Meeting

"Great, I’m fine with the abilities of you 2." Jin Tianci glanced at them, pondered for a while, then nodded.

Liu Ming was originally the person he wanted, so his strength was unquestionable, and Luo Tiancheng had the dutian spiritual body that was almost immortal. If it was about life-saving, there were probably few people present who could compare to him. He was indeed suitable to participate in this dangerous operation.

"Cough cough, senior fellow apprentice, I’m also willing to go with you." At this moment, a hoarse voice behind the crowd coughed a few times.

Everyone turned their heads, and they were surprised that the person who spoke was Wen Zeng.

Liu Ming glanced at Wen Zeng. Although the boy had regained consciousness, his face was still a little gloomy and his aura was sluggish. Obviously, his injuries were far from healed.

"Junior Fellow Apprentice Wen, there are certain risks in this trip. Several tough battles are inevitable. Now that your injury has not healed, you still need to rest and recover. You don’t have to force yourself. After all, we will still for a while in this ruin." Jin Tianci glanced at him, shook his head and said.

"Does senior fellow apprentice means that as long as my injury is healed, I can participate in this operation?" Wen Zeng said with a blank face, feeling the gazes of the people around him.

"If junior fellow apprentice’s injury is healed, you of course can participate in this operation, but your current situation…" Jin Tianci frowned, trying to dissuade Wen Zeng in another way.

"Okay, this is easy!"

Wen Zeng replied loudly, interrupting Jin Tianci’s following words. He took out a green talisman, and it turned into a green mist that wrapped his body. Green runes were flashing wildly inside.

Seeing this, Jin Tianci, Qiu Longzi and the others naturally looked surprise. Other Taiqing Sect disciples discussed for a while.

In the mist cocoon, Wen Zeng changed his gestures and chanted with a solemn look. A burst of ghost howl came from the mist.

The next moment, everyone felt a sudden cold wind in the cave. Rays of green lights appeared out of thin air in all directions and floated toward Wen Zeng.

After a moment, the green light intertwined with the mist, turning into a green mist cocoon that completely wrapped Wen Zeng. It was still pulsing rhythmically as if it was alive.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed.

He could clearly feel that every time the mist cocoon pulsed, Wen Zeng’s weakened aura would increase slightly.

Other people also noticed this naturally, which caused another commotion.

"Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, could it be…" Qiu Longzi asked Jin Tianci directly after showing some surprise.

"Yes. It should be the Vitality Rejuvenation Spell." Jin Tianci replied with a slight frown.

Liu Ming was immediately shocked when he heard it. When he saw Venerable Kui Mu performed Withered Tree Revive in the Tianmen Secret Realm, he checked the relevant books after returning. The Taiqing Sect also had similar spell to recover in an instant, which was the Vitality Rejuvenation Spell.

This spell stimulated the potential of the body. It could repair internal and external injuries in a short period of time. One would look completely recovered, but his body and vitality would be damaged slightly. Therefore, under normal circumstances, no one would take such a risk to use this spell.

After another quarter of an hour passed, the mist cocoon finally calmed down and collapsed, revealing Wen Zeng’s figure again.

Now his face looked completely ruddy, which was totally different from his previous ill look.

The changes before and after Wen Zeng caused the audience to be amazed.

"Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, I wonder if I can participate in this operation now?" Wen Zeng seemed to enjoy the surprised glances from everyone. After glancing at Liu Ming and Luo Tiancheng, he asked in a loud voice.

"Since Junior Fellow Apprentice Wen has made up your mind, let’s go together." Jin Tianci had no choice but to agree when he saw this scene.

In the following time, 2 more disciples who had recovered but were relatively weak proposed to participate in the operation, but Jin Tianci and Qiu Longzi did not agree to let them join after some discussions.

In the end, only Liu Ming, Luo Tiancheng, Wen Zeng and Jin Tianci participated in this operation with the Nature Work Sect.

Jin Tianci didn’t care about the number of people. He just told them to do more preparations, then he went to rest on his own. Half a day later, they would set off immediately.

Liu Ming had nothing to prepare. He just walked up to Ouyang Sisters and advised them to act together with other Taiqing Sect’s disciples and be careful.

After experiencing the previous events, Ouyang Sisters already had a certain understanding of the chaos in the ruins. They nodded in agreement.

After talking with them for a while, Liu Ming went to another corner of the cave and was about to sit down and rest. Then, there was a sound of footsteps behind him along with a fragrant.

He was stunned before turning around and saw Long Yanfei walking over with gentle steps.

"It seems that Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu and the 2 Ouyang Misses have a very close relationship. Since you came to the upper realm ruins, you have taken great care of the two of them. Could it be that they are all confidantes of Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu?" Long Yanfei glanced at Ouyang Sisters with a spurious smile.

"Senior Sister Apprentice Long must be joking!" Liu Ming was startled, then he shook his head and smiled.

"Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu’s personal affairs, I have no right to ask, but don’t forget that Sister Jia Lan is still waiting for you at Piaomiao Peak." Long Yanfei interrupted Liu Ming with a straight face before he could finish speaking.

"Senior Sister has misunderstood. I was just entrusted by someone to take care of their safety in this upper realm ruins." Liu Ming frowned and explained a few words.

"Oh, it turns out that I misunderstood. I hope junior fellow apprentice’s remarks are true." Long Yanfei’s expression changed slightly after hearing this, then she turned around and left.

Liu Ming sighed and rubbed his forehead, then he sat down and meditated.

After half a day. 4 escape lights of different colors flew silently from the temporary camp to the distant horizon.

A few days later, at the foot of a dark giant mountain, 4 escape lights came from the distant horizon. It was Jin Tianci and the other 3.

The 4 of them landed on an open space at random. Looking around, they were surrounded by desolate places with few trees.

"It should be here." Jin Tianci said lightly after glancing at the map in his hand.

Liu Ming closed his eyes and released Divine Thought. He found that the area within 10 miles of this place had nothing. There were no spiritual power fluctuations here.

"Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, the person from the Nature Work Sect hasn’t arrived yet?" Luo Tiancheng said impatiently after taking a look around.

"The date proposed by Nature Work Sect was originally 2 days ago. Because everyone on our side needs some time to recover, I set the date today. Maybe the people of the Nature Work Sect have already arrived."

Jin Tianci quickly looked around, then he suddenly came to a boulder at the mountain foot and checked it.

This was a gray-white boulder that was 3 meters tall and 6 meters wide. Although it was much bigger than the surrounding boulder, it looked ordinary.

Seeing this, Liu Ming and the others also walked to the sides of Jin Tianci. They also released Divine Thought to scan the boulder, and they found that there seemed to be something wrong under closer inspection.

But the next moment, Jin Tianci reached out and tapped on the boulder. A faint green light flashed on the surface of the boulder, then Jin Tianci flashed directly into the boulder, leaving only a sound transmission.

"You guys come in too."

Luo Tiancheng was startled for a moment, then he followed in.

The remaining Liu Ming and Wen Zeng, after looking at each other, naturally followed suit.

When passing through the boulder, Liu Ming only felt that the scenery in front of him changed. He found himself in a spacious cave.

At this moment, Jin Tianci was talking face to face with the brawny young man with a plain appearance and a straw hat.

Although the brawny young man’s face was completely bloodless and his aura showed signs of instability, Liu Ming still noticed that he was a Real Pellet State later stage cultivator, but he seemed to be seriously injured.

On the side of the brawny young man, there was a row of nearly 10 Nature Work Sect disciples. A young man who was wearing a green shirt turned out to be the young man with a silver car, Ye Jiong whom he fought together in the Tianmen Convention.

"Mr. Ye, we meet again." Liu Ming bowed his hands to Ye Jiong and nodded.

"I knew the people who come from the Taiqing Sect will definitely have Mr. Liu." The young man with a silver car also bowed with a smile.

Luo Tiancheng just glanced at the two of them without greeting.

On the other side, the brawny young man was smiling at Jin Tianci and said,

"I knew Brother Jin should be coming soon, so I plan to open the enchantment to welcome you, but I didn’t expect Brother Jin to see through this I originally planned to open the big enchantment and go out to welcome guests, but I didn’t expect that Brother Jin could easily see through the camouflage array."

"It’s just a fluke, Brother Zhao. Let me introduce you to my 3 juniors." Jin Tianci replied calmly, then he pointed at the 3 of them.

Upon seeing this, they reported their names in turn.

"Oh? You are Liu Ming who shone at the Tianmen Convention and is known as the first inner disciple of the Taiqing Sect?" The brawny young man looked a Liu Ming with interest.

The other Nature Work Sect disciples were also shocked. They clearly heard Liu Ming’s name before.

"Senior has overrated. He is just an inner disciple in the Taiqing Sect." Liu Ming replied humbly while cupping his fist.

"Hehe, whether it’s overrated, I will know it soon." The brawny young man said with laughter.

In the following time, the young man also briefly introduced the disciples of the Nature Work Sect. The young man’s name was Zhao Yiwei. Liu Ming had vaguely heard this person’s name before. He seemed to be the famous esoteric disciple of the Nature Work Sect.

After the 2 sides exchanged names, the atmosphere between them became a little more harmonious. Jin Tianci then asked about the specific matter of the joint operation.

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