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Chapter: 938

Chapter 938: Spirit Nurture Cauldron and Savage Huge Beast

"It’s a long story. This time, our Nature Work Sect had bad luck. In just a few months after entering the ruins, we lost half of our disciples. The worst part was that we encountered several powerhouses of the Silver Tiger Clan from the Savage Wild Continent. In desperation, me and another Real Pellet State junior used mystic art. As a result, both the enemies and we suffered heavy injuries. Although we survived, we need 10 days to half a month time to recover. Now the important treasure for our sect is known by another force, so we can only request help from your sect." The brawny young man sighed lightly.

Wen Zeng’s eyes flashed with murderous intent when he heard the words "Savage Wild Continent".

"Oh, so that’s the case. A few days ago, we were also attacked by a group of Beastkin Clan cultivators, and a few of our fellows were dead too. The others are also recuperating, so I brought 3 juniors over here." Jin Tianci nodded.

"Brother Jin is able to come to help in person, that is really what I wish for. What’s more, the 3 friends brought by Brother Jin aren’t ordinary as well. It’s really a shame to say that, but our seriously injured disciples are also recuperating in a hidden place, so we can only send 7 Crystallization Period disciples. The success of this operation has to rely on Brother Jin now." The brawny young man Zhao Yiwei glanced at Liu Ming and the other 2 and said lightly.

"Brother Zhao doesn’t have to be polite. Our sects have always been friends, so we will naturally try our best in this matter. Since the news of this treasure has already spread, let’s move now. We can discuss while moving," Jin Tianci suggested.

"Okay! Little Master’s Junior, the Taiqing Sect’s friends are supposed to help us, but now it seems that we have to assist Brother Jin and the others. For the relevant details, please tell Brother Jin." Zhao Yiwei naturally did not disagree. He turned around and said solemnly to the young man with a silver car.

"Nephew Zhao, please rest assured. I understand." The young man with a silver car heard the words and smiled.

Seeing this, Zhao Yiwei said a few more words and nodded in satisfaction.

Afterward, they all left the cave and flew far away.

The brawny young man and another pale-faced man stood at the entrance of the cave. They only turned back to the cave with a frown after seeing them leave.

"Senior Fellow Apprentice Zhao, isn’t it too rash to let Little Master’s Junior lead the other disciples? Little Master’s Junior is the only grandson of the grand elder. He has always had a special position in our sect. If anything happens to him, we won’t be able to explain to the sect master and grand elder." As they returned, the pale-faced man said with a worried look.

"How could I not know about this matter. But the Spirit Nurture Cauldron is even more important. It involves the rise and fall of our sect for tens of thousands of years. How could we let anything wrong happen to it? You and I just barely manage to suppress our injury. If we don’t let Little Master’s Junior go, no one is qualified to lead the Crystallization Period disciples at all. We shouldn’t be too worried. Since sect master let Little Master’s Junior enter the ruin, he must have his own reason. Let’s not mention the others, with the various protective treasures given to him by the grand elder, even you and I can’t do anything to him. What’s more, even if the Taiqing Sect and our sect have a cooperative relationship, without Little Master’s Junior keeping an eye on it, how can we feel at ease to let the other disciples go?" Zhao Yiwei explained with a wry smile upon hearing this.

"We can only hope so now! Damn, if it weren’t for those Silver Tiger Clan beastkin cultivators, how could you and I be in such an embarrassing situation. I hope that Little Master’s Junior will return soon. Please don’t let anything happen to him." The pale-faced man could only say a few words bitterly.

At the same time, in the sky hundreds of miles away, on a blue flying boat. The young man with a silver car was standing at the front of the flying boat while telling the Taiqing Sect’s people about the goal of this operation in detail.

The treasure that the original Nature Work Sect was looking for was actually Spirit Nurture Cauldron.

Liu Ming was shocked when he heard this!

All cauldrons were much more precious than spiritual weapon or magic weapon.

"This cauldron must be used for forging right?" Luo Tiancheng, who was beside him, suddenly asked.

"You thought the same as I when I heard about it, but this Spirit Nurture Cauldron is not used for forging but to increase the spirituality of spiritual weapon. If our Nature Work Sect can get this treasure, we will let our puppet rise to another level. Therefore, this Spirit Nurture Cauldron is very important to us. So we hope that you can pay more attention it. Our sect will definitely give you a satisfying reward after that." Ye Jiong naturally wouldn’t think Taiqing Sect would break the alliance for a mere magic weapon, but he didn’t tell in detail about the secrets of his sect. After speaking, he looked at Jin Tianci who said nothing.

"Listening to Mr. Ye’s words, your sect should have long wanted this cauldron right? You even know its efficacy so clearly?" Jin Tianci asked noncommittally after hearing the words.

"Brother Jin is right, this cauldron is recorded in the book of our sect. It is a magic weapon that was passed down from an archaic forging sect, but since that sect had fallen, this magic weapon had disappeared. Until 3000 years ago, during the last treasure hunt in the ruins, a senior of our sect found this treasure by chance in a ruin. When he was about to collect it, he never thought that a savage giant beast suddenly broke in and swallowed this treasure together with some other precious before him." Ye Jiong smiled wryly, explaining the ins and outs of this matter to them.

"Savage giant beast?" Not only Liu Ming, but Jin Tianci was also taken aback when he heard this.

"Yes, according to the senior, this savage giant monster is incomparably huge. It seems to be extremely sensitive to various spirit fluctuations. It likes to devour spiritual objects the most, and it has thick skin. According to previous experience, even a Celestial State powerhouse can’t pierce through its skin easily in a short time. Our senior was only at the Pseudo Pellet State, so he couldn’t take back the treasure from the beast at all. He could only hit the giant beast with tracking spiritual power before leaving regretfully. When we entered this ruin, we immediately sent a few disciples to track this huge beast. It was not until a few days ago we found that this huge beast is still alive and hiding somewhere. The Spirit Nurture Cauldron is still in its stomach of course. But later, we encountered formidable enemies, which caused heavy casualties to us. We have no choice but to ask for your help." Ye Jiong pondered for a while before explaining it to them in detail.

When Liu Ming and others heard this, they couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay.

The treasure that Nature Work Sect was looking for was actually in the body of a savage huge beast, which was completely beyond their expectations.

"Did your sect find out what kind of huge beast it is? If its strength is comparable to the powerhouse of the Celestial State, I’m afraid that it will be a little difficult for us to get that cauldron." Jin Tianci said solemnly.

"I’m ashamed to say that although we have checked countless documents, we still haven’t found the specific origin of the giant monster. It must be some kind of wild beast left over from the archean era, but you don’t have to worry, according to our senior’s observation, that savage huge monster has low intelligence. It acts based on instinct. Even if it has some strength, it should not be too dangerous. It’s just that this beast’s body is extremely hard, which is quite troublesome for us to get that cauldron." Ye Jiong shook his head and said.

"It seems that it is almost impossible to break through this beast’s skin. If we attack rashly, we may scare it away. By then, it won’t be an easy task. "After listening to Ye Jiong’s detailed description, Jin Tianci frowned.

"Don’t worry about this, everyone. Before I set off, I brought a set of five-element puppets especially given by our sect. Using these 5 puppets, I can temporarily form a special five-element trapping formation, which should be able to restrain this beast for a long time. " Ye Jiong replied without thinking.

"If this beast is low in intelligence and you can trap it with a formation, I indeed have an idea to get the cauldron." Jin Tianci pondered for a while, then suddenly said with bright eyes.

"Is this true? May I know what it is?" Ye Jiong asked delightedly when he heard the words.

"Actually, it’s not a clever way. Since this beast likes to devour spiritual things, we only need to use spiritual weapons and other objects to forcefully attack the giant monster to lure it into swallowing. After that, we will rush into his body to get the treasure cauldron." Jin Tianci said with a slight smile.

"Oh! Before coming here, our sect had discussed this method. However, according to the senior’s message, the huge beast’s mouth has a very strong corrosive breath. I’m afraid it is even richer in its body. This gas has no effect on spiritual weapons, but to us, even if we have a tyrannical body, we can’t last a second in there. If we have to get in there, we have to deal with this corrosive breath first." Ye Jiong hesitated and said.

"This is indeed troublesome." Jin Tianci frowned upon hearing this.

"However, there is a way to deal with this temporarily. I have 2 full-body mechanical battle armors, which are specially made to enter the body of this beast. The forging material is mixed with rare black spiritual soil, which can not only resist corrosive gas, but it also has a transformation effect. It shouldn’t be a problem to last for a while. The point is how do we get out of its mouth. Besides, the beast has a huge closed enchantment inside its body that can block off Divine Thought. After getting in, it is impossible to communicate with people outside. If we stay in its body for a long time, the armor breaks…" Ye Jiong said slowly again.

As soon as these remarks were made, Liu Ming and the others became silent.

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