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Chapter: 972

Chapter 972: Unexpected Events

As everyone kept casting attacks, the rumbling sounds were endless in the valley.

However, the attacks couldn’t seem to do any damage to the light curtain as if they were absorbed by it.

After an hour, this huge green light curtain only slightly swelled from the inside to the outside compared to the beginning. Other than that, there was no change.

Seeing this, the cultivators on both sides took a deep breath.

"Why haven’t you 2 started yet, are you planning to spend a few days and nights here?" The cultivator surnamed Sun suddenly said lightly to them.

"The surnamed Sun, why are you standing there as well?" Xiong Yue snorted in disapproval.

The hooked nose man gave the cultivator surnamed Sun a cold look, then he looked at the situation of breaking the enchantment not far away. There was a hint of contemplation in his eyes.

"It seems that we still have a lot of vigilance against each other, but the attacks have caused such a huge commotion. People from the other forces will probably be attracted here. I think we should put down our guard and break the enchantment together first." The cultivator surnamed Sun proposed, then he appeared in mid-air. He opened his palm and the Light Condense Mirror appeared. He launched white crystal lights from his fingers.

All the white crystal lights condensed into a thick white crystal pillar in mid-air.

"Poof", it went into the green light curtain somewhere.

Ripples spread across the surface of the green light curtain, and it swelled slightly, but it didn’t seem to break at all.

Xiong Yue and the hooked nose man looked at each other and whispered a few words, then they flew toward the light curtain.


Behind Xiong Yue, the surging beastkin aura transformed into a giant bear phantasm. It roared and spouted 3 crimson fireballs!

Each of the fireballs was only the size of a head at first, but they grew to the size of a house while flying.

As soon as the 3 crimson fireballs touched the green light curtain, the light curtain started to shake. An ancient giant tree phantasm gradually emerged behind the green light curtain.

The rustling sounds were endless.

Green leaves rolled out and slashed the crimson fireballs into pieces. Almost half of the attacks were canceled by the overwhelming green light.

While channeling the Bitter Wheel Sword in his hand to attack, Liu Ming saw the ancient tree phantasm, and a trace of doubt emerged in his mind.

Looking at the vision displayed by this enchantment, could it be related to the big seal in Lan Ying’s hand?

Just as Liu Ming was thinking, the hooked nose man also made his move.

He spread out his arms and waved, launching gray feathers. The feathers turned into gray hurricanes in the air.

The dense hurricanes clashed with the green leaves and exploded one after another. The momentum was astonishing.

With the 3 Real Pellet State cultivators, everyone was also invigorated and continued to attack hard.

After another half an hour, the leaves flying out of the ancient trees above the green light curtain began to reduce, and the phantasm became a little yellow.

Everyone was excited to see that their attacks worked out.

Such indiscriminate attacks continued for another half an hour, and the tree phantasm on the green light curtain became more and more withered. The light curtain almost bulged out into a spherical shape. It was on the verge of collapsing.

Suddenly, with a "poof", the green light curtain trembled, and the entire ancient tree phantasm collapsed and disappeared above the light curtain.

The green light curtain also scattered into bits of green lights. Waves of colorful lights burst out from behind the light curtain.

The lights were not aggressive, but they were dazzling. Everyone moved back vigilantly as they couldn’t see the situation behind the light curtain.

Just when everyone was panicking, the cultivator surnamed Sun laughed loudly. He took out a jade plate and launched 7 golden lights into the giant green stone pillars.

Immediately, the 2 stone pillars trembled, and a white light array suddenly appeared and covered both the humans and the beastkins.

After a few muffled sounds, Xiong Yue and the other 6 beastkins were turned into 7 golden light beams that flew far away before they could react.

"Bang", the white light array instantly collapsed and disappeared.

"What’s going on? The leader and the others are teleported away!"

"The surnamed Sun, what did you do!"

These human bastards tricked us! Kill them all! "

When the other beastkin cultivators saw this, they were naturally shocked and angry. They immediately rushed toward the human cultivators one after another.


The cultivator surnamed Sun did not answer their questions, but he launched the white jade pen forward.

Immediately, the jade pen flashed and grew to the size of 3 meters. The tip of the pen was sharp as a blade. It shook and swept the 2 Fissure Eagle beastkins with a 30 meters pen phantasm.

The 2 Fissure Eagle beastkins waved their arms and released gray mist that condensed into claw shadows, blocking the jade pen phantasms.

Loud impacts sounded!

The claw shadows all over the sky had no resistance at all. They instantly turned into ashes in the sky.

At this moment, the 2 beastkin cultivators looked horrified. The jade pen phantasm was already before them.

They could cast their spiritual weapons in time, so they could only defend with bodily protective aura.

But all this was in vain.

"Poof poof", the jade pen phantasm swiped back and forth, and the 2 Fissure Eagle cultivators were turned into ashes!

The cultivator surnamed Sun killed 2 beastkin cultivators easily, which terrified the beastkin cultivators who were charging forward. They stopped and looked at each other in dismay. They had the intention to retreat.

"Everyone, our plan is successful. Don’t let these beastkins go!" After the cultivator surnamed Sun sneered, he asked the human cultivators to make a move now. Simultaneously, he greeted Liu Ming and others, and the giant pen in the air swept to the beastkin once again.

After a bear beastkin screamed, he was hit by a huge pen phantasm. Blood bled nonstop from his mouth.

Seeing this, the other human cultivators were naturally overjoyed and attacked.

They could take the opportunity to vent the grievances accumulated in the previous battles!

"Despicable human, it’s either you or I die!"

The beastkin cultivators would naturally not wait to die. Some turned into half-beastkin form and some turned into full-beastkin form.

Liu Ming waved his hand, and a small purple sword flashed out. "Whoosh", it blasted toward the half-beastkin beastkin cultivator.

It was the Bitter Wheel Sword!

The Savage Bear beastkin cultivator immediately roared as he saw the flying sword slashing toward him. Beastkin aura rolled out, and the brown hair wrapped him in it.


The purple sword light slashed off a large area of brown hair and flesh, making the beastkin stagger.

At this moment, a yellow bead shot from the side. It burst into green smoke and shrouded the bear beastkin in it.

The bear beastkin screamed horribly. The sturdy brown hair curled up and made a buzzing sound.

Liu Ming took the opportunity to point into the air.

The Bitter Wheel Sword swirled and slashed the bear beastkin into half.

Only then did Liu Ming see that it was the young man surnamed Li helping him.

The Li Family, 1 of the 8 great families, was good at all kinds of poisonous insects and mists, and it really lived up to its reputation.

After he nodded to Liu Ming with a smile, he turned his attention to the remaining beastkin cultivators.

The same scene was staged from time to time in other places.

Due to the sudden disappearance of the 7 core beastkin cultivators, the strength of the beastkin cultivators was greatly reduced.

Half of the beastkin cultivators were injured in just less than 10 minutes; 8 even died tragically.

"Mr. Sun, it seems that someone is coming here!" Suddenly, someone shouted.

When the people who were excited in the massacre heard the words, they looked around in shock.

Seeing the horizon in the distance, 7 escape lights were approaching at full speed. The black light and brown light among them were quite eye-catching!

"The surnamed Sun, you dare to trick us! I will kill all you despicable humans!" A roar came from the brown escape light!

This voice was familiar to everyone. It belonged to the muscular man Xiong Yue of the Real Pellet State.

Liu Ming was surprised. With his powerful Divine Thought, he had already confirmed that it was the 7 beastkin powerhouses who were teleported away.

"What’s going on!" Wu Hong asked The cultivator surnamed Sun with a condensed expression.

"I clearly set up a long-distance teleportation circle, but I don’t know what went wrong. Could it be that the influence of other enchantments in the ruins prevented them from being transmitted too far?" The cultivator surnamed Sun was also full of surprise.

With just a few seconds, the 7 escape lights were only a thousand meters from everyone.

The crowd no longer had time to take care of the beastkin cultivators who were running away. They gathered close to the cultivator surnamed Sun with uncertain expressions.

After all, in terms of strength, the opponent had two Real Pellet State later stage cultivators. Even if there were only 7 more people, their strength was still more powerful than the human cultivators.

Those beastkin cultivators who had been fleeing for their lives also returned excitedly after running for a certain distance.

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