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Chapter: 977

Chapter 977: Seeing Gold Essence Soil Again

After a while, the6 finally came to the depths of 4,500 meters underground.

"We’re here, master!"

As soon as Xie’er finished speaking, Liu Ming regained his vision. The surrounding rock walls disappeared, and he was in a huge spherical underground space.

There was a faint yellow light everywhere in front of him, and the entire spherical space was shrouded in a layer of yellow enchantment.

The space here was very large, which was more than double the size of the swamp cave just now. In front of him, a green palace the size of an acre was suspended in the air.

"The is somewhat similar to when I was in the Small Flame World." Liu Ming glanced around a few times, and he suddenly recalled what happened a long time ago.

"Master, I sensed that the palace is filled with a very strong earth attribute." Xie’er pointed to the palace and said so.

"In that case, let’s go and have a look." After Liu Ming scanned with Divine Thought, he released black gas to wrap them and flew toward the palace.

The palace here was exquisitely built with green stones. With Liu Ming’s knowledge, he couldn’t even recognize what material it was.

The gate of the palace, which was 9 meters high, was half-closed. A yellow crystal stone several meters in size was inlaid on the beam at the top of the gate. It exuded a faint yellow glow.

The 4 corners around the hall had a green stone pillar carved with many spell patterns, which was similar to the stone pillars at the entrance of the ruins, but they did not generate a light curtain to seal the palace.

"It seems that this is the real place of the ruin here. It is hidden so deeply that most people can’t feel it. They will just stop in that swamp. Xie’er, thanks to you that we are able to discover this place." After Liu Ming saw it, he said with a smile.

"The master has won the prize! Xie’er is more sensitive to the earth attribute breath." Xie’er heard the words, and a happy expression appeared on her pretty face.

Liu Ming nodded, took a few steps forward and flicked his sleeves. An invisible force rushed out, slowly pushing open the half-closed door.

It was a huge hall. The ground was paved with square green boulders. There were a few simple-style green stone tables and chairs on it, and there were no other special decorations.

At the end of the entire hall, there were 2 tunnels.

"Master, it looks like a cave house here." Xie’er looked around and said so.

"En, but I’m afraid it has been abandoned for a long time." Liu Ming looked at the thick layer of dust on the stone table and said slowly.

"There doesn’t seem to be anything here. Let’s check out those 2 tunnels." Xie’er suggested after thinking about it.

Liu Ming nodded, made a gesture and wrapped them in black gas, then they walked toward the left tunnel.

There was a secret room at the end of the tunnel. After he pondered for a while, he opened the door and found that it was a bedroom with only an empty stone bed and a few clothes hanging on the wall. It looked nothing special.

"There seems to be nothing here." Xie’er said with a hint of disappointment.

Liu Ming scanned with Divine Thought, then walked out with a wry smile. He took Xie’er to the tunnel on the right side.

There was a secret room at the end of the tunnel.

After pushing the door open, a huge earthy smell came out suddenly, which made his body freeze.

Inside the door was a huge stone chamber. From the outside, it seemed to be the same as the bedroom just now. When he walked in, he realized that the space here wasn’t smaller than the swamp space outside.

What surprised Liu Ming even more was that on the ground of this huge stone chamber, there were a dozen small golden hills over a hundred meters in size stacked side by side!

These hills were made of a kind of glittering clay. Liu Ming was no stranger to these clays. It was the gold essence soil he had seen in the Yunchuan Continent.

"These… these… are all gold essence soil…" Although he had seen countless treasures, he was deeply shocked by the scene in front.

Standing beside him, Xie’er was also shocked at the moment. She walked to a hill, stood on tiptoe, leaned forward and sniffed it. It looked like she wanted to take a bite.

Liu Ming let out a long breath, suppressed the surprise in his mind and touched a golden hill. The touch was surprisingly soft and slightly elastic.

"It is indeed gold essence soil." He nodded and calmed down.

He moved to the top of a hill. There were many other materials piling up here.

"Rock crystal earth soul, purple gold soil, sea crystal…" Liu Ming identified them carefully, but he became more and more surprised. These materials were more precious than gold essence soil. Of course, the quantity couldn’t be compared with gold essence soil.

He checked the other hills again. Every one of them was piled with the exact same kinds of precious materials and even the same quantity.

"These should be the materials used for forging, plus the gold essence soil… It seems that someone specially stacked them here to refine something." Liu Ming slowly landed back to the ground and muttered to himself.

"Master, hurry up and loot these things. These are precious treasures that are rarely seen in the outside world!" Xie’er said excitedly after walking around a golden hill a few times.

Liu Ming glanced at Xie’er and smiled slightly.

Although Xie’er was a ghost creature, from the past to present, her spiritual power was mostly earth attribute, so she like these earth attribute treasures very much.

"Xie’er, don’t worry. This place is so secretive, no one should be here. Besides, the Sumeru Ring can’t contain so much." Liu Ming said with a laugh.

Although Sumeru Ring had a huge space, it could only fit 1 hill; there were 12 hills here.

"That’s true!"

Xie’er was stunned.


Suddenly, Liu Ming was surprised slightly. He moved to the corner of the room.

There was a cultivator corpse. It was wrapped in a yellow robe and was sitting cross-legged.

This robe was simple in style, which didn’t look like the clothes from the Middle Sky Continent. What was even more amazing was that after so many years, this robe was still brand new, exuding a faint yellow light. It must be something extraordinary

The corpse wrapped in the robe was generally well preserved. The bones were white and crystal clear like white jade crystals.

"This person should be the master here." Liu Ming stood beside the skeleton and grabbed casually. A palm-sized dark green token flew from the skeleton’s waist and fell into his hand.

One side of the token was engraved with some strange patterns, which were very similar to the rune patterns on the green stone pillars outside the main hall.

On the other side were carved a few ancient words. Liu Ming had some impressions about these words. They seemed to be the beastkin text of the Savage Wild Continent, which he had also seen in True Spirit Scripture.

"Could this person be the beastkin cultivator of the Savage Wild Continent?" Liu Ming guessed in his mind.

From the determination of the Fissure Eagle Clan, the Savage Bear Clan, the Shadow Wolf Clan and the Silver Tiger Clan, it must be related to this cultivator.

"Master, is this the control token of the enchantment around the palace?" Xie’er froze, then asked.

"It should be…" Liu Ming tried to probe with Divine Thought. The token flashed and reflected the Divine Thought.

Liu Ming’s face changed slightly, and he tried several methods, but it didn’t work. The green jade token could only be controlled through some special techniques.

He shook his head and gave up activating the token. He waved and took the yellow light in his hand.

This robe also seemed to be a rare treasure. There was a metallic coldness when touching it.

Without the cover of the robe, the corpse was completely exposed. A simple black ring was worn on the right hand.

"Storage ring!"

Liu Ming was overjoyed, then he threw the yellow robe to Xie’er, leaned over and picked up the ring. He looked uncertain when checking it with Divine Thought…

"Master, what’s inside?" Xie’er couldn’t help asking.

Hearing this, Liu Ming waved his hand, and some items appeared on the ground.

These things were some colorful ores and some gold essence soil. The quantity was not too much. In addition to these, there was also a white jade box, which was a little more eye-catching.

Among these materials were a few rock crystal earth souls and purple gold soils, which should be the remaining materials from the 12 hills.

Liu Ming guessed so in his mind. He waved and got the white jade box. When his Divine Thought touched the box, it was reflected unexpectedly.

He murmured to himself. He tried to open the lid with brute force, but after thinking for a moment, he stopped and wrapped himself with black gas.

Seeing this scene, Xie’er also stepped back and covered herself with yellow protective light.

Liu Ming squinted and exerted force. The box opened on itself, but nothing strange happened.

"Looks like I think too much."

He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that it was a yellowish and primitive jade slip.

Liu Ming immediately removed the black gas, gently picked up the jade slip with 2 fingers and put it on his forehead.

As time passed, Liu Ming looked more and more delighted.

After 10 minutes, he removed the jade slip, and there was uncontrollable excitement on his face.

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