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Chapter: 978

Chapter 978: Mountain River Pearl

"Master, what is recorded here?" Xie’er couldn’t help asking curiously when she saw Liu Ming’s shocked expression.

"It’s a method to forge a real magic weapon." Liu Ming said casually, then he came to a hill and checked it.

Seeing Liu Ming’s impatient expression, Xie’er didn’t ask any further questions. She just crossed her arms behind his back and looked around on tiptoe.

After Liu Ming checked all the hills, he came to the corpse below with a thoughtful look.

In the jade slip, the forging method of a magic weapon called "Mountain River Pearl" was recorded.

According to the above description, this magic weapon consisted of a set of 12 Mountain River Pearls in total. As for the power, there was no detailed description on the jade slip. It only said that if it was only 1 pearl, it could still be used. However, adding more pearls could produce many combinations and changes. It was mysterious.

The core material of forging the Mountain River Pearls were the 12 hills stacked by the gold essence soil and the precious materials above.

Gold essence soil was a scarce thing, whether it was in the original Yunchuan Continent or in the Middle Sky Continent. Let alone the amount of a mountain, even if it was the size of a fist, it was often priceless and out of stock.

Now, there were 12 golden essence soil hills. How could Liu Ming not be stunned and overjoyed?

According to what he knew so far, the ancient cultivator had prepared most of the forging material, but he still couldn’t finish it in the end. He even died in this place somehow, which inexplicably benefited Liu Ming.

"Master." Seeing Liu Ming’s thoughtful look, Xie’er called Liu Ming softly, and her eyes were shining looking at the jade slip in Liu Ming’s hand.

Liu Ming came back to his senses, smiled slightly and threw the jade slip over.

The girl caught it, closed her eyes and read it with Divine Thought.

"Master, we are really lucky this time. This is the embryo of a whole set of magic weapons! The final magic weapon is only one step away!" After a while, Xie’er opened her eyes and said with excitement.

"Yes, these magic weapon embryos are indeed rare, but the only thing missing is a large amount of First Yuan Heavy Water." Liu Ming nodded and said lightly.

When Xie’er heard this, there was a little regret on her pretty face.

Mountain River Pearl, as the name suggests, was a magic weapon that had both earth and water attributes. It must use the ‘mountain’ as embryos and ‘water’ as veins. With the current materials, only the semi-finished products could be forged. If he really wanted to finish it, he needed a lot of First Yuan Heavy Water.

However, First Yuan Heavy Water was also an extremely precious material. After Liu Ming came to Middle Sky Continent, he tried to find some to enhance the power of the 2 Heavy Water Droplets in his hand, but he still couldn’t find any unfortunately.

After all, this kind of material needed to be refined from a large amount of water bit by bit. Only the cultivator who was proficient in the water attribute technique could do it.

But in general, who would do this kind of thing at the cost of their own cultivation time.

"It’s not a pity. Let’s try to keep these materials first." Liu Ming said with a slight smile.

Without the First Yuan Heavy Water, it was impossible to forge the Mountain River Pearls, but the jade slip recorded a method to condense the 12 hills of materials into a bead.

In this way, it saved him the effort of carrying 12 hills.

As Liu Ming thought so, he walked slowly to a small hill. After concentrating for a moment, he stretched his arms and released black gas. He made gestures and wrapped the hill with black gas.

After the billowing black gas enveloped the entire hill, Liu Ming began to chant. The black gas gradually turned into a cluster of black flames.

He waved both hands, and a white symbol flew into the black gas.

The hill began to emit yellow light. Seeing this, Liu Ming sped up his chant and launched white symbols one after another.

Under the black gas, the light emitted by the entire hill became brighter and brighter and its volume became smaller and smaller.

After about an hour in this way, the tall hill became a yellow bead the size of a few inches. It suspended before Liu Ming.

The surface of the bead emitted a circle of yellow light, and a lifelike hill pattern could clearly be seen on it. It seemed quite spiritual.

"Okay, finish one." Liu Ming stretched out his hand to wipe the sweat dripping from his face and carefully kept the yellow bead.

Speaking of which, after the Mountain River Pearl was forged, its size could be changed at will. Now that it was only a semi-finished product, it could only be shrunk with the methods recorded on the jade slip. It was just that the gestures were quite strange, and it consumed a lot of spiritual power, so he seemed strenuous just to shrink one.

He shook his head helplessly, took out a golden yuan pill and swallowed it. After resting for a while, he walked toward another hill and started to shrink it.

It took him a full day to shrink the 12 small hills in the stone chamber into yellow beads the size of a few inches.

"Finally done!" Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief and sat down with his knees crossed.

In the process of Liu Ming refining the hills, Xie’er had been standing by his side. She was looking at the yellow robe in his hand at this moment.

"Why, you like this robe?" Liu Ming said when he saw this.

Xie’er was startled, then her face turned slightly red.

"This is a robe of earth attribute. It also seems to have some functions to hide aura, which is suitable for you. If you like it, take it." Liu Ming said lightly.

"Thank you, master!" Xie’er’s face was overjoyed, and she bowed politely.

"By the way, after we came in, we just hurriedly looked at the 2 rooms in the main hall. Go and search the palace carefully again. Don’t miss anything." Liu Ming suddenly thought of something as he said.

Xie’er nodded. She put the yellow robe over her, then she flashed out of the stone chamber. She didn’t forget to close the door after going out.

In the following time, Liu Ming consumed a few elixirs and held an upper grade spirit in each of his hands. He slowly recovered the exhausted spiritual power.

After a while, he took out a yellow bead and looked at it carefully.

The surface of the bead flickered with yellow light, and a thick heavy spiritual pressure emanated from it.

There was a hint of joy in his eyes. The embryo in front of him had not yet started sacrificial refinement; it wasn’t even a semi-finished product, but it already had such power. How powerful the finished Mountain River Pearl would be?

By the way, his Heavy Water Droplets were also made by First Yuan Heavy Water.

Although it was impossible to sacrificial refine this set of magic weapon embryos with these Heavy Water Droplets, if he only fuse 1, he could barely forge a semi-finished Mountain River Pearl.

As he thought so, 2 black beads appeared in his hand with a flash. He was eager to try.

If the Mountain River Pearl really had the terrifying power described in the jade slip, even if he only got a semi-finished product now, his strength would immediately increase a lot. He would be more confident in the future treasure hunt in the ruins.

After Liu Ming’s face turned uncertain a few times, he threw up the yellow bead and spat a stream of pure spiritual power at it. Poof, it turned into a yellow bead wrapped in black gas.

He launched more and more symbols, and the black gas turned into black flames.

Under the burning of the black flames, the yellow light emitted from the yellow bead gradually became brighter.

Then, Liu Ming threw the 2 black beads in the same way and made a gesture.


A tidal sound came from the 2 Heavy Water Droplets, and black water light appeared.

According to the records on jade slip, it required a lot of First Yuan Heavy Water to forge the new Mountain River Pearls, but to forge the semi-finished product, it required very little quantity.

Liu Ming looked dignified. He spouted spiritual power to wrap the Heavy Water Droplet. Under the calcination of the black flames, the 2 Heavy Water Droplets gradually turned into a black water cloud and slowly spun in the air.

The yellow bead exuded more and more intense yellow lights, but the yellow lights were not uniform, making the bead look bright in some places and dark in some places.

Liu Ming looked serious, knowing that this was because the various materials in the yellow bead were not evenly merged together. Fortunately, for this situation, the jade slip had recorded the solution.

He calmly launched symbols according to the methods on the jade slip.

As the symbols merged in, the yellow bead slowly began to rotate. After about a quarter of an hour, the light on the yellow bead finally stabilized.

Seeing this, Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief. He waved, and the black cloud moved toward the yellow bead. A wisp of water vapor was merged into the yellow bead.

The light of the yellow bead dimmed abruptly, but it soon became brighter again. It was a little more delicate and soft than before.

Seeing this, Liu Ming felt a little happy in his mind. It seemed that the decision to merge the Heavy Water Droplet into it was correct. According to this trend, as long as he calcined it for a few days, the Mountain River Pearl would be finished by more than half.

At this moment, "pop", the yellow bead suddenly brightened several times, and the dazzling yellow light engulfed the black cloud formed by the Heavy Water Droplet and swallowed it all in an instant.

"What is going on?"

Liu Ming was stunned by this scene!

TL: Did he get the complete Mountain River Pearl by accident?

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