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Chapter: 980

Chapter 980: Underground Herb Garden

"Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is the person who was personally appointed by the sect master. Since he hasn’t come back yet, we will wait here for a few more days. We can also make a good plan for the remaining time." Jin Tianci said.

"En, a few other disciples still have not recovered from their injuries, so they can also take the opportunity to rest for a while. To be honest, the current ruins are far more dangerous than expected. I don’t know how many people will be able to return alive in the end. "Qiu Longzi said with a wry smile.

"Since they chose to enter the ruins, they should have mentally prepared for it. Besides, our sect let these Crystallization Period disciples enter here with the intention of having more people to hunt for treasures. As for the fight with other forces, it depends on you and I." Jin Tianci replied coldly.

"That’s true. Among the other disciples, only Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu can really help." Qiu Longzi nodded helplessly after hearing this.

Next, the Taiqing Sect and others rested quietly in the stone forest for a few days, but Liu Ming never showed up.

In the stone forest’s secret room, Qiu Longzi paced back and forth a few times with a dignified expression, then he suddenly stopped and spoke to Jin Tianci not far away,

"Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, it’s been a long time since you encountered the beastkin cultivator, but there is still no news from Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, what do you think?"

"Although I don’t want to admit it, it’s very likely that something happened to Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu or he was involved in other things. It’s not impossible that he has even fallen." Jin Tianci frowned. After thinking about it, he said slowly.

"No matter what the situation is, we have been delayed here for too long and can’t wait any longer." Qiu Longzi said calmly.

"En, let’s do it separately according to the plan. Remember to leave a mark along the way, I hope Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu can follow up." Jin Tianci sighed.

After 10 minutes, they each led a group of disciples and flew out of the valley.

"Junior Fellow Apprentice Qiu, be careful." Jin Tianci said to Qiu Longzi.

"You too, Brother Jin. In a month, we will meet at the blue lake on the map!" Qiu Longzi took out the map and pointed to a large lake above.

"Okay!" Jin Tianci nodded.

Qiu Longzi put away the map, cupped his fist at Jin Tianci, and left with Long Yanfei, Ouyang Sisters and 3 people.

"We should move too." Jin Tianci looked at the escape light of Qiu Longzi and others, then he turned and said.

Jin Tianci brought fewer people, which were only 5 people, but they were all powerful disciples such as Luo Tiancheng and Wen Zeng.

Although the Taiqing Sect people encountered many obstacles along the way, compared with Demon Mystic Sect, Nature Work Sect, etc., the number of fallen disciples was considered little. Their route was still going according to the plan.

"Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, wait a moment." Luo Tiancheng said suddenly.

Jin Tianci turned to look and asked in slight shock,

"What’s the matter?"

"It’s like this, when I was chased by beastkin before, I killed an alien race cultivator and got a ruin map by chance. This is not far from the area we are going to explore next, I don’t know if I can go to explore it along the way?" As Luo Tiancheng said, he took out a jade slip and handed it Jin Tianci.

Jin Tianci raised his eyebrows, took the jade slip and put it on his forehead.

Inside the jade slip was a map with a location marked on it.

"En, it’s about 30,000 to 40,000 miles in the southeast ahead. It’s not far. If that’s the case, let’s drop by and take a look." Jin Tianci handed the jade slip back to Luo Tiancheng, nodded and said.

The others were happy when they heard that there were ruins to explore. Only Wen Zeng looked gloomy for some reason.

"Let’s go then." Jin Tianci waved his hand and turned into a white starlight. When the others saw this, they hurriedly activated escape lights and followed.

After Jin Tianci and others left, no one noticed that outside the valley, in a winding stream, a blurry blue shadow suddenly appeared. It looked almost exactly the same as the stream. If one didn’t look carefully, it was difficult to distinguish at all.

The shadow slowly condensed into a solid figure. It was a strange-looking alien race.

This person had few clothes. He was about 6 meters tall. There were some aqua blue crystal scales growing on most parts of his body, including his face. The pair of eyes were also blue. He looked in the direction where Jin Tianci and others went with a thoughtful look.

"Ruin…" The blue alien race muttered to himself, then he flashed and disappeared.

Jin Tianci and the others followed the directions on the map and hurried all the way. After 8 days, they came to the area marked on the map. It was an incomparably huge sea of ​​swamp.

Within the range of vision were patches of low reed bushes, as well as the dotted water surface, the large ones were dozens of miles wide, and the small ones were only a dozen meters in size. There was a faint mist above the swamp, preventing them from seeing clearly.

"It should be this area." Luo Tiancheng said so after looking around.

It was just that the surrounding environment was similar, so it was difficult to judge where the map was marked. Even if they used Divine Thought to search, it would not play much role in the face of such a large swamp.

"Junior Fellow Apprentice Luo, 800km away in that direction, there is an area where the spirit fluctuates a little abnormally." Jin Tianci closed his eyes for a moment, then he said while facing 1 direction.

"Thanks for pointing the direction, Senior Fellow Apprentice." Luo Tiancheng intently looked at the direction pointed by Jin Tianci. After a while, he looked joy and hurried away.

Jin Tianci and the others followed. After flying for about an hour, they came to a small basin with a radius of dozens of miles.

Strangely, the terrain here was obviously low and the surrounding was swamp, but there was not a drop of water here.

There were many strange stones in the basin, and there was a towering stone hall in the center, which seemed to be built with ordinary stones, but everyone could clearly see a faint green light flowing on the walls.

"It’s here!" Seeing this, Luo Tiancheng was overjoyed.

"There are no beastkins lurking around here, so it’s fairly safe. Let’s go in together. But the ruin here was found only after Junior Fellow Apprentice Luo provided a map. No matter what treasures you find, you have to give half to him. "Jin Tianci said.


"Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin rest assured."

No one else had any objection. Such a distribution was reasonable.

Everyone flew before the stone hall and looked inside through the door of the hall. The space was dark inside.

"Everyone be careful. There is an enchantment on the wall that isolates Divine Thought." Jin Tianci said.

When other people heard the words, they were stunned. If they couldn’t use Divine Thought to detect, the ability to sense the enemy would be greatly reduced.

"Let’s go!" Everyone looked at each other for a while. Luo Tiancheng walked into the stone hall first, and the others slowly followed.

There was only one tunnel inside the stone hall, which seemed to lead to the underground. After a while, the surrounding scene became pitch-black, and a thick soil and moist aura came.

Luo Tiancheng who was walking at the forefront held an egg-sized moonstone in his hand. The soft white light immediately made the surrounding area clearly visible.

Jin Tianci frowned. Although the moonstone illuminated the front, if there was beastkin lurking in the tunnel here, everyone would be an obvious target.

However, Divine Thought couldn’t be used and they could only rely on eyesight, so illumination was a must. He didn’t say much. He just kept his alert high.

Everyone stepped on a muddy ground. The tunnel was very narrow and long. After 15 minutes, they made several turns, but they still didn’t see the end.

However, Luo Tiancheng and others were happy. The more secret this place was, the more precious the treasure hidden here was.

After advancing for dozens of meters, white light came from a corner in front. There was a strong medicinal fragrance in the air.

"There should be an exit ahead, so be careful." Jin Tianci moved and blocked Luo Tiancheng.

Luo Tiancheng understood and put away the moonstone in his hand. Everyone slowly walked over.

When everyone quietly poked their heads from the corner, the scene in front immediately surprised everyone.

The front was indeed the end of the tunnel. It was a large underground cave. There were many white stalactites around. The spirit was very strong, and almost all of them were gathered into a mist.

In the middle of the cave, there was a herb bush, which was vaguely recognizable. There were many spiritual herbs of different colors. The maturity of the herbs wasn’t low.

"It’s a natural herb garden. No wonder this place is so rich in spirit." A Taiqing Sect disciple said in surprise.

Although everyone was excited, no one walked over rashly.

All the treasures were guarded by beastkins. Everyone still had such common senses. What’s more, they couldn’t use Divine Thought here, so they weren’t naturally more cautious.

But after a careful inspection, it seemed that there was nothing unusual in front, and there was no beastkin guarding here, so everyone was relieved.

Luo Tiancheng walked to a corner of the cave. There were more than a dozen green plants here. They seemed like they were carved out of emerald jade.

"This is Emerald Jade Herb. Judging from its appearance, it is at least 10,000 years." Jin Tianci’s voice sounded.

Luo Tiancheng was excited to hear that. No matter what kind of spiritual herb, as long as its maturity exceeded 10,000 years, even for the cultivator of Celestial State and Mystic Comprehending State, it would have a certain value.

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