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Chapter: 839

Chapter 839: The Great Elder! The Fairy Dragon of the Human World

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…"

The ground shook violently, Russola had turned into a dragon, and a string of highly concentrated flame meteors rushed toward the armored figure with glowing starlights ahead. A continuous explosion sounded, accompanied by the hysterical roar of the red dragon, " I do not believe it!"

The distance of the bombing was getting closer and the rhythm was getting shorter and shorter, which meant that the target was approaching step by step while getting hit by the flame meteors.

"Boom!" A flame meteor that was close at hand was smashed into countless sparks and disappeared. A fist with starlight appeared in front of Russola’s eyes.

This fist instantly magnified. A large ‘meteor’ with flames flew out in the opposite direction, it turned out to be Russola’s body.

The momentum of this punch was huge. Although Russola activated the shield in time, he was still knocked out. Chen Rui’s figure instantly appeared in mid-air. Before Russola could stabilize his figure, he kicked the huge figure into the sky. Countless white light balls appeared in his hands which blasted into the air like homing missiles.

The muffled explosion sounded continuously as the bursts of flames turned into particles and dissipated. After a long time, the white light that shocked the sight was extinguished. Russola’s body slanted and floated down, landing on the ground.

Although he used [Feather Fall] to land safely, the red dragon’s appearance was very haggard. The protective magic had faded without a trace. His scarred body was full of pits while the hard scales were broken or peeled off. Drop after drop of blood with high temperature dripped on the ground, and bursts of blue smoke came out.

This was still considering the strong body of dragons. Otherwise, if it was a magic opponent, the person would be smashed to pieces.

"You have already lost." Chen Rui’s voice sounded, "Admit defeat."

The contract rule established by the 2 determined the winner by a side admitting defeat or death. Considering the power of the Dragon Valley and the familiar face he just saw among the dragon knights, Chen Rui didn’t want to cause too deep a feud, so he planned to give the red dragon a chance.

Russola’s left eye was very swollen. He could only open his right eye and shouted, "Immune to fire! It must be so! Despicable guy! You actually have this physique! You tricked me into signing the contract!"

If he still didn’t understand, then the red dragon didn’t deserve to be called the dragon elder, but this discovery shocked him even more. Those with fire immunity are either fire elementals or bloodlines of some ancient super-level demonic beasts. Is this enemy…

"Nonsense!" Chen Rui said disdainfully, "You are the one who proposed the contract! As for physique, will you tell the enemy your trump card in the battle?"

The red dragon was speechless. This fiasco was not only his own life but the dragons, dragon knights and the griffon riders. As the elder of the Dragon Valley, this was not only a great shame but also an intolerable failure.

"I won’t admit defeat!" Russola looked at Chen Rui with gritted teeth, "I’m the elder of the Dragon Valley. If you dare to kill me, the Dragon Emperor, Royal Majesty Pagris, and the Great Elder Meria will not let you go! Not only you, everyone related to you will be buried with you!"

"Don’t even dare to face failure, this is the elder of the Dragon Valley?" Chen Rui’s voice became cold, "Congratulations, your threat successfully aroused my murderous intentions. It was you who ruined your last chance to live"

Chen Rui was based in the Demon Realm, so he was not afraid of any forces in the human world at all. He was only concerned about the titans and the wind elementals. Having said that, with the attitude shown by Russola and dragons, even if Chen Rui let the other party cancel the contract, instead of being grateful, the dragons would hold grudges, and the Storm Island would definitely suffer terrifying revenge in the future.

Therefore, he must win this battle. If Russola refused to admit defeat, then even if killing the red dragon would lead to a feud with the Dragon Valley, he still had to get the lives of the dragons and dragon knights through the contract. This was the biggest bargaining chip against the Dragon Valley.

This was a world where whoever had the bigger fist was right, at least at a certain level. One must have a fist and a bargaining chip in order to ‘reason’.

Russola was about to speak when a shuddering warning omen suddenly surged. The air was instantly filled with berserk and a ferocious breath which was very similar to the kind of breath of the meandering huge beast that had broken his ‘giant flame dragon’ before this. It gave Russola a very strange feeling as if it was a natural nemesis. He was forced to use the Red Burning Wand when he withstood the move just now.

Now this kind of berserk breath had reappeared again, and the intensity was actually dozens of times or more than before. Even in the peak stage state, Russola had no certainty about what to do next, let alone the current state of severe loss of strength. Moreover, the red dragon clearly sensed that the murderous aura exuded by the opponent was by no means bluffing.

——This person will really kill!

The starlight of [Blue Star Kingdom] was brilliant, and the starlight revealed a hot and restless breath. It was the [Summer Territory] which was the most suitable for [Scorching Dragon Roar]. At the same time, a pair of red light wings appeared behind Chen Rui’s armor and combined with the star wing. It was [Fire Phoenix’s Yearning] which could further buff the power of the Scorching Dragon. It could also focus the attack of the [Scorching Dragon Roar] on 1 point.

Russola was the powerhouse of the peak stage kingdom after all. Although Chen Rui had the [Fire Phoenix Stigmata], he had never underestimated his opponent.

Russola’s scales stood up because of the terrifying sense of crisis, and his intuition told him that he couldn’t take this blow.

Even when they were separated by such a long distance, both the golden dragon and other dragons felt the terrifying breath. They were almost unable to move due to the deterrence. If the fight against Russola used to rely on physique’s tricks, the breath of this attack had really overwhelming power now.

Chen Rui was about to launch [Scorching Dragon Roar] when the terrified voice of the red dragon sounded ‘just in time’, "Wait a minute! I… admit defeat!"

The longevity of dragons was quite long. The more this was the case, the less easily they would give up their lives. What’s more, in this situation, if they were killed without admitting defeat, the contract was still valid, so after struggling mentally, Russola finally lowered his arrogant head.

After Russola conceded defeat, Chen Rui sensed that the power of the contract’s judgment took effect, completely controlling the lives of all the dragons and the knights present.

At this moment, the white clouds in the far sky suddenly turned colorful. In the blink of an eye, the colors spread over, and the whole world was rendered in color, making it look splendid and dazzling.

Golden Dragon Mayroskea’s eyes lit up, and the rest of the dragons’ spirits were also lifted as they realized something.

There was a strong warning sign in Chen Rui’s heart, and the Star Power that had just dissipated quickly condensed. At this time, the colorful light between the heaven and the earth seemed to materialize. It began to crisscross and weave into a huge net at high speed.

When the giant net passed Russola, it passed through him like a phantasm, and Russola’s injuries began to recover quickly. In the eyes of the red dragon, there was a gleam of surprise. The previously dejected look was swept away.

After the colorful giant net passed the red dragon safely, it wrapped toward Chen Rui unhurriedly.

This ‘harmless’ giant net that healed the red dragon, was a mighty net of death in Chen Rui sense. He could not dodge it. As long as he was swept by this colorful light, his body would definitely be torn apart.

In the light, the redness suddenly flourished, and the blood-colored manic power instantly surged, followed by dozens of sinuous red huge beasts roaring out. The terrifying power made the eyelids of the red dragon, who was not far away, tremble —— No doubt, this move is 100 times more terrifying than the previous single huge beast! Fortunately, I didn’t endure it just now. Otherwise, I would have turned into a dead dragon. However, there is no need to be afraid of this enemy no matter how strong he is because the great elder has already arrived.

Where the roaring Scorching Dragon passed, the colored nets were torn apart one after another. However, the scattered colorful light rolled back and turned into green lights that surrounded the Scorching Dragons. The Scorching Dragons movement slowed down immediately. There was no special coldness, but it was completely solidified into an ice sculpture in less than 10 seconds.

Chen Rui’s pupils shrank suddenly. With the buffs of [Blue Star Kingdom], [Summer Territory] and [Fire Phoenix’s Yearning], I launched the ultimate move [Scorching Dragon Roar] in the strongest state of [Pole Star Transformation], but it is actually completely frozen!

The green light emitted a strange breath that spread rapidly toward Chen Rui along the Scorching Dragons. In an instant, all the light seemed to pause. Seeing that the green light that was about to hit the target actually missed it, Chen Rui’s figure had disappeared.

The Scorching Dragon ice sculptures, which had lost their power, were crushed into countless pieces under the colorful light.

Chen Rui’s figure appeared in the distance, panting slightly. Forcibly stopping the [Scorching Dragon Roar] was definitely not an easy thing. The force of the recoil alone almost injured him severely, but the more terrifying was the colorful light. If he hadn’t activated the time law at the critical moment to slightly shift from the colorful light, his body would have turned into powder like the ice sculptures of Scorching Dragon now.

However, just as he stood firm, he suddenly felt a terrifying spirit power targeting him. Chen Rui keenly sensed that as long as he moved a little, he would suffer a destructive blow.

Chen Rui secretly sighed. The power of the colorful light has far exceeded the range of [Pole Star Transformation]’s strength. In other words, it has surpassed the kingdomized level!

The colorful lights rolled and interlaced, gradually condensing into a figure which appeared in front of Chen Rui.

This was a beautiful woman with purple hair. She was about 30 years old, wearing a long sky blue dress and a pair of glasses and exuding a mature and moving charm.

Red Dragon Russola transformed into a human figure and bowed to the purple-haired woman, "Madam Meria!"

Golden Dragon Mayroskea also flew over with the dragons and bowed respectfully.

Chen Rui looked at this purple-haired woman in horror. Judging from the title of dragons toward her, this woman should be the Great Elder Meria of the Dragon Valley. The [Analytical Eyes] showed that Meria’s strength was SSS-, which meant that she had stepped into the Demi-God level powerhouse.

However, what surprised Chen Rui the most was not the great elder identity or the Demi-God level strength, but Meria’s somewhat familiar appearance, and… the race shown by the [Analytical Eyes] – Fairy dragon!

TL: No way this fairy dragon is a close relative to Zola right?

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