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Chapter: 840

Chapter 840: Conditions

Chen Rui was surprised by Meria’s appearance and identity as a fairy dragon. I remember Zola once said that she originally came from the human world and entered the Demon Realm because of research and exploration. Then, is the great elder fairy dragon related to Zola?

However, even if they are somewhat similar in appearance, belong to the same family of fairy dragons, or even have kinship, it doesn’t mean anything. The battle between dragons is not inferior to that of humans or demons. Auglas and Ukleus are the best examples. Saying Zola’s name is not wise. Anyway, the identity of the other party as the Dragon Valley’s great elder has been determined, so let’s try to get through the current difficulties first.

Seeing that the great elder took control of the enemy with an overwhelming advantage as soon as he came out, Red Dragon Russola was overjoyed and quickly stepped forward, "Madam Meria, thankfully you arrived in time…"

Meria raised her hand and stopped Russola’s report as she just looked at Chen Rui with interest.

"[Armor of Faith]? No… if it’s [Armor of Faith], either you’re Demi-God, or you’re a believer in a powerhouse, but with this form and strength of [Armor of Faith], even a believer of Pseudo-God is not necessarily able to have it." Meria gently held her chin, "Your law power is also a bit strange. The power is far above the general kingdom-level powerhouse, especially that kind of time law, but I feel that your real comprehension in law doesn’t seem to reach the kingdom level… Anyway, you should be a good research subject."

The word ‘research subject’, including the eyes behind the glasses, made Chen Rui feel familiar. He seemed to have returned to the scene when he first met Zola. It seemed that the fairy dragon series all have the commonality of mad scientists.

"Madam Meria has entered the realm of Demi-God. Although I have some special abilities, I’m far from being your opponent." Chen Rui shook his head, "It’s just that Russola has already admitted defeat. According to the contract rule, except for Madam Meria, the life and death of all dragons and the knights are already in my hands. Madam may be able to kill me easily, but before that, I have full confidence to use the power of contract to let them die together."

Meria frowned and looked at Russola, "Is that so?"

Russola’s eyelids twitched in guilt, secretly calling out bad luck. Meria arrived shortly after I conceded defeat. If only she was one step earlier…

The red dragon didn’t dare to say such things in front of Meria, so he just shifted the blame, "This guy is very cunning. He is immune to fire element power. I was tricked by him to sign a contract. As a result…"

"Defeat is defeat!" Meria snorted, "Your stupidity and arrogance not only cost you your own life, but you also implicated so many of your kin and knights!"

Russola lowered his head and didn’t dare to make a sound. Meria ignored the red dragon, turned her eyes back to Chen Rui, and nodded slowly, "Your time law is very wonderful. I am not confident to launch a killing move before you trigger the power of contract in your mind."

"Thank you Madam Meria for your frankness." Chen Rui bowed slightly. "Actually, I also know that it is not a wonderful thing to lead so many dragons and the knight’s lives. So, if conditions permit, I can consider canceling the contract."

"You cancel the contract?" Meria’s eyes had a glimpse of shock. After entering kingdomized, she already had the ability to cancel the contract. However, this cancellation had a strict strength limit. She would also pay a considerable price. Powers of the same realm could not cancel the contract. In other words, they couldn’t cancel their contract with each other since they were both at the kingdom level. Otherwise, Russola would have done so long ago. But even Meria would never have imagined that for Chen Rui, as long as he spent a certain amount of aura, he could easily cancel any ‘spiritual link’.

"It’s just a trivial talent." Chen Rui shrugged and added, "I just need to pay a certain price."

Russola’s facial expression was even more unsightly: The opponent can actually cancel the contract, so even if he loses the battle, he can still default on his debt. It turns out that from the moment we signed the contract, I have become an out-and-out victim.

A surprised expression flashed behind Meria’s glasses, "What a surprising ‘trivial talent’. So, what’s your condition?"

Chen Rui glanced at the wind elementals and the titans behind, "What I want is very simple…"

Just when he turned around, the locked spirit power immediately fluctuated. A wave of powerful soul fluctuations invaded him, obviously trying to take advantage of his distraction to activate a secret technique, but this soul fluctuation actually did not have any effect on him.

Chen Rui turned his head as if nothing happened just now. He just looked at Meria lightly, "1 word – peace. What does Madam think?"

"Your power is very peculiar. You can actually isolate the power of Demi-God-level soul erosion, making my sneak attack completely ineffective. I now believe that you have the ability to cancel the contract." Meria did not try to conceal the secret move that she made just now. "With your ability plus the bargaining chip you control, it really qualifies you for negotiation."

Facing such a Demi-God powerhouse, Chen Rui was well prepared. He was wearing the God-Eating Mask all along just in case. As 1 of the 7 artifacts, the God-Eating Mask was completely immune to soul control, causing Meria’s sneak attack to be in vain. Even without the God-Eating Mask, it could also be resolved with the Super System.

"Peace? A very wonderful word." The great elder fairy dragon smiled and looked particularly alluring, "In 10,000 years, dragons will not set foot on the Storm Island. What do you think?"

"What about 10,000 years later?" Chen Rui shook his head "I want real peace, not a short-term armistice. Whether it’s my subordinate, the titans, or my wind elemental friends. In the past trials, they were all subjected to considerable loss and injury, so the Dragon Valley must pay compensation."

"Compensation?" Russola, who had been silent, sneered, "Do you think you have the qualifications?"

"Losers are not qualified to speak."

Chen Rui’s words made Russola’s face red, and Meria glanced at the red dragon, "Shut up."

Russola shuddered and swallowed everything he wanted to say. It seemed that the great elder fairy dragon was quite authoritative.

"What compensation do you want?" Currently, the lives of the 2 dragon elders, giant dragons, dragon knights and griffon riders of the Dragon Bright Empire were in his hands, so Meria was not going to take this risk.

"The specific compensation is determined by my friend, the Wind Elemental King Sethtine. I want to emphasize this point only." Chen Rui raised a finger, "The dragon rider’s trial is the root of hatred, so the Dragon Valley needs to give the Storm Island a promise…"

Meria frowned slightly, "Never hold trials on Storm Island?"

Chen Rui smiled and shook his head, "Unfortunately, you guessed it wrong, Madam Meria. The promise I want is exactly the opposite. The future trials or part of the trials will all be held on Storm Island."

This sentence greatly surprised everyone present. Meria pushed her glasses, "I don’t understand what you mean."

"The titans and the wind elementals have a lot of strength which will be a good training for the dragons or dragon riders to train and improve, but the trial does not need to be carried out in the form of pure massacre, especially with this kind of hostility and hatred that can’t be solved…"

Meria’s eyes lit up, "Go on."

"In addition to simple battles, there are also various difficulties and traps. Only those who truly pass these tests will be the final winners. Of course, the road of training is difficult and dangerous, and there may be accidental casualties, but compared with the previous battles, it is a completely different concept."

Chen Rui’s voice was particularly convincing, "Although I can’t deny the hatred of the past, the past will eventually become the past. As dragons with long life, you should know better than me how to look forward. As long as the Dragon Valley is willing to give sincerity and friendship, the Storm Island will become the best place for dragons to train. There is no doubt that this is a win-win result."

As soon as these words came out, even the red dragon, who had been gnashing his teeth, showed a thoughtful expression.

"What I admire is not only your ability and courage but also your eloquence." Meria gave Chen Rui a deep look, "This proposal sounds quite ideal, but no matter how beautiful the description is, it is not as persuasive as the facts. Dragons’ trial is a very important event, and I’m still skeptical about what you said about the difficulties, traps, and even the best training place for dragons."

Chen Rui smiled. When his fingers quickly swiped in the void, one after another symbols with law power jumped out.

"Magic circle?" Meria’s eyes lit up, "Highly aggregated element magic circle! There are also overlapping attributes… Wait a minute, that is the level 6 space structure! Amazing magic circle accomplishment. Your magic circle level has at least reached the level of the quasi-grand master! And it’s even a very powerful quasi-grand master! But…"

Chen Rui did not explain. With a change of hand gesture, the symbols changed again.

"Dragon Inscription!" Gold Dragon Mayroskea blurted out.

Although Red Dragon Russola was a little surprised, there was more disdain in his eyes – Showing off Dragon Inscription in front of dragons is simply self-inflicted humiliation! However, the red dragon’s disdain soon turned into surprise, and it turned into a shock finally.

An expert would know whether Chen Rui was good in it. Russola had been researching Dragon Inscription for many years. He was a Dragon Inscription expert in the Dragon Valley. His attainments were only below the Great Elder Meria. However, although the Dragon Inscription displayed by this mysterious man in front of him did not have the power of dragon demeanor, his real level was actually far above him and not even inferior to Meria!

Meria’s purple eyes also flashed an unbelievable expression. Just as she was about to speak, the jumping symbols changed again. This was a completely different rune from magic circle or Dragon Inscription. With just a few symbols, one could feel that kind of ancient and desolate vibe.

Meria was instantly moved and lost her voice, "The language of God—ancient runes!"

"The wind elementals, the titans, plus the magic circle, the Dragon Inscription, and the ancient runes." The visor and mask on Chen Rui’s face disappeared, revealing a confident smile, "Does this prove that the Storm Island will be the most ideal place for the dragons’ trial?"

TL: A free training ground for the titans and wind elementals, hmmm, why not? Is Meria really Zola’s relative? When will we find that out?

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