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Chapter: 842

Chapter 842: Mighty Father-in-law

"Little guy, don’t be nervous yet or threaten the lives of dragons." Span showed a handsome yet masculine smile, "I heard from Meria that you are proficient in magic circle, Dragon Inscription and ancient runes. In addition, I’m very intrigued by the interesting idea of ​​the trial field, so I would like to see it."

"It’s nothing worth praising," Chen Rui took a few deep breaths and took out a magic blueprint. "This is the preliminary design of the trial field. Due to time constraints, many aspects are not mature enough. Sir is an expert, please correct me."

"It’s a multi-element design blueprint? In such a short period of time, you design this kind of…" Elf casually took it and took a glance, then his face suddenly became solemn, "16 yuan ancient runes? No, 23 yuan!"

The elf’s eyes were deeply attracted, and his eyes could no longer look away from the design blueprint. He began to discuss with Chen Rui with great interest.

"That… Richard, can a teleportation phrase add to this section?"

"Sir’s idea is very good, but there are too many runes for long-distance teleportation which will make the entire inscription look overly long. Let’s just change it to random teleportation."

"Yes! This freezing trap is very clever, but I think the trigger mode needs to be improved."


Seeing that the elf was completely immersed in the blueprint, he even forgot what he agreed in advance to ‘give the other party a memorable lesson’. Any hints didn’t work. The great elder fairy dragon’s face couldn’t help but turn a little gloomy.

"Span!" The unbearable Meria finally called out.

The elf glanced at the great elder fairy dragon, "What?"

Meria gestured him with her eyes. Chen Rui understood this time, and he was secretly vigilant, but the elf didn’t seem to see it, "Huh?"

Then he continued to discuss with Chen Rui.

Meria, "…"

Chen Rui, "…"

Somehow, this handsome elf guy gave Chen Rui a very special feeling that was a little familiar.

Span’s knowledge was extremely profound, especially in the magic circle. It was far above Chen Rui. He should have approached or even reached the grand master level, which had benefited Chen Rui a lot. The elf was not inferior to Chen Rui in the Dragon Inscriptions, but he was weak in ancient runes. This was due to Chen Rui and Zola’s joint research on the basic grammar stone slab of ancient runes, plus the teaching of Sariel.

Span was very interested in ancient runes, so he sat on the ground and discussed it regardless of his manners.

The more the elf chatted with Chen Rui, the closer they became as if he wished they had met earlier. He completely ignored all kinds of hints from Meria.

The fairy dragon great elder had an electric spark faintly appearing on her body because of her rage, but for some reason, she held it in.

"Wait a minute." The elf frowned suddenly, and drew a string of ancient runes on the ground, "How did you come up with this phrase of 4 yuan compound phrase?"

Chen Rui saw that this phrase of 4 yuan compound phrase was 1 of Zola’s most idiomatic grammars, and it was also her original grammar. It was a very ingenious basic improvement which could greatly improve the effectiveness of the ancient runes.

"A friend of mine who learned this phrase has better ancient runes knowledge than mine."

"She?" Elf’s ears moved, and he stood up slowly, "What’s her name?"

Chen Rui wanted to say Zola’s name, but he suddenly thought of something and shook his head, "I don’t know."

A biting chill vibe surged, and Chen Rui couldn’t help shivering. The elf who seemed friendly and harmless just now exuded a terrifying and pressing breath. This kind of power was extremely terrifying, which was far beyond the red dragon elder. Chen Rui had not activated [Pole Star Transformation] now, so he only had the strength of S++. He was suddenly suppressed by the powerful momentum of the kingdom level peak stage.

"You’re one of the most talented young people I have ever seen in my 100,000-year life. I have made no secret of my admiration for you, even ignoring Meria’s suggestion to teach you a lesson."

The sharp qi in the elf’s silver pupils was about to materialize, and the surrounding ground began to show a trace of cracks. His voice became colder than ever before, "However, today you must say where ‘she’ is. Otherwise, even if you control the lives of all the dragons in the contract, I will kill you without hesitation!"

Chen Rui raised his head and looked at the elf’s silver eyes with his eyes containing the power of the Evil Pupil, showing no signs of weakness, "I want to know the reason you are so eager to find ‘her’?"

"Because she’s my daughter, the daughter of the Elf King Span. Sawadija!" Span’s breath skyrocketed to the top, "Whether you’ve heard of my great name or not, you only have 10 seconds! Otherwise, I will directly interrogate by torturing your soul!"

Daughter? Chen Rui was stunned, "Wait a minute, Sir Span, I think it’s me or you got it wrong. The friend I’m talking about isn’t an elf."

"Who said his daughter is an elf?" The great elder fairy dragon sneered coldly on the side, "He is my husband. Our daughter is of course a fairy dragon! Counting the time, that capricious little girl has been away from home for 20,000 years now."

Fairy dragons were the only female race in dragons. They had a special attribute, that was, the girls they give birth to were all fairy dragons, and the boys were of paternal races.

Hus… husband? Chen Rui looked at the Elf King, then at the great elder fairy dragon. He was instantly confused.

Well, no one stipulated that the spouses of dragons must be dragons. Take Chen Rui as an example, he had lovers of demons and dragons.

"What’s your daughter’s name?"

"Zola!" said the Elf King and the great elder fairy dragon at the same time.

The answer was revealed.

After such a long time, it turns out that they are sir father-in-law and madam mother-in-law! No wonder I have such a familiar feeling to the elf. Chen Rui finally understood Zola’s fake daze was ‘inherited’ from who.

"I think… there’s a big misunderstanding between us." Chen Rui scratched his head and looked around at the dragons and the knights, "Let’s find a quiet place to talk about this in private, I will tell both of you about it in detail."

A few minutes later, in a separate space enchantment.

"What did you say?" Span’s eyes widened, "Zola and you…"

"She’s my wife. You heard right, Sir Span." Chen Rui nodded with a bitter smile, "So, we are all family. I’m very sorry for offending both of you. Don’t worry, I’ll cancel that contract that controls the dragons later."

Meria showed a suspicious expression, "Why should I trust you?"

Chen Rui thought for a moment and took out an amulet, "This is the flying dragon amulet that Zola made for me. She infused her 7-color scale power in it, but unfortunately, the 7-color scale has been used up to save me. Only this empty amulet is left."

The 7-color scale was the life-saving scale of the fairy dragon. Once it was consumed, it would take 100 years to regenerate a piece. It was very precious. If it was not voluntary, external force could remove this scale.

The flying dragon amulet saved Chen Rui’s life twice. Although it was no longer effective, but because it was made by Zola himself. It was of great significance, so he had always brought it by his side.

Span took the amulet, looked at it for a while, and nodded, "It’s really Zola’s handwriting… She didn’t inherit her father’s exquisite craftsmanship at all, and she just carved a flying dragon into a duck."

Although the elf said this, his gaze was very excited as he carefully held the amulet made by his daughter with both hands as if it would break if he was not careful.

"Dear Dragon God! Zola… how is she now?" Meria’s glasses were covered with a layer of water mist, and her voice trembled slightly, completely losing the majesty of the great elder, "This wayward little girl. There is no news after she left back then. We don’t know where she went."

"She is doing well. I have found the element source power of the 6 elements for her. Just last month, she successfully condensed the [6 Elements Kingdom]." Chen Rui’s words of course had the intent of showing merit. After all, there was a terrifying creature called mother-in-law in front of him.

"[6 Elements Kingdom]!" Meria and Span were both startled.

Meria said excitedly, "Even in the bloodline memory of the fairy dragon, there are only a handful of geniuses who could successfully build the [6 Elements Kingdom]. I didn’t expect Zola to actually succeed!"

"Of course, whose daughter is that?" The Elf King looked proud. His gaze looking at Chen Rui had a little more satisfaction as he asked, "Where is Zola? Take us to see her right away!"

"Regarding this…" Chen Rui hesitated for a moment, "Before answering this question, I would like to ask, why did Zola run away from home in the first place?"

The Elf King and the great elder fairy dragon fell silent at the same time. The couple stared at each other for a while, and Span spoke first, "It’s all Meria’s fault. She agreed to the proposal of the second elder Pelin, saying that we should marry our daughter to his son, Karru…"

Escape from marriage? Chen Rui suddenly had a realization. No wonder Zola has been reluctant to say more about the past of the original human world.

This is a good marriage escape!

Without her escape from marriage, he would not have his beloved Ms. Fairy Dragon now.

Meria sneered coldly, "I just watched Karru grew up with Zola and was bullied by Zola. If Zola marries him, she will have the final say in the family. What’s wrong with that?"

The mother-in-law’s standard for choosing a son-in-law seems to be a bit strange. Chen Rui wiped the cold sweat on his face.

"The problem is that our daughter didn’t think so. As a result, Darling Zola, in a fit of rage, beat up Karru, robbed him of all his wealth, and finally ran away from home. This leave has been 20,000 years."

Escape from marriage, beating and robbery? Chen Rui suddenly felt sympathy for that Student Karru.

Not to be outdone, Meria said, "How dare you say that? After Zola disappeared, you went to his house, beat up the father and son, and robbed the Pelin Family’s wealth. If it wasn’t for my reputation, how would Royal Majesty Pagris tolerate you like that?"

"Hmph! Dare to make Darling Zola disappear, I’ve given them face for not killing his entire family." The elf said arrogantly.

Domineering! Mighty father-in-law! Chen Rui almost worshiped him. No doubt, like father, like daughter!

Meria suddenly remembered something, "By the way, what about the wealth? You seem to have never gave it to me, right? Did it all go to your research on ancient runes?"

"What?" the Elf King asked Chen Rui incomprehensibly.

Chen Rui, "…"

TL: Like father, like daughter indeed…

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