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Chapter: 843

Chapter 843: The Past and Old Acquaintance

About 3 hours later, the Elf King, the great elder fairy dragon and Chen Rui appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. All the dragons and the knight felt a fluctuation in their mind, and the contract power that controlled their lives had been canceled.

Then, the Great Elder Meria announced that the Dragon Valley and the Storm Island officially formed a strategic partnership. Storm Island would become the fixed trial field for dragons and dragon knights in the future. This dragon knights’ trial would use the latest format to proceed.

The conclusion of this strategic partnership was beyond the expectations of many dragons. The purpose of this arrival was to eliminate all the titans and the wind elementals of Storm Island. They even brought in the griffon legion of the Dragon Bright Empire, but the result was a dramatic change of an association with Storm Island. Although they didn’t know how the negotiation between the great elder, the Elf King and that ‘Richard’ went through, the dragons and the knights could finally breathe a sigh of relief now that they could get rid of the contract’s control.

The authority of the Great Elder Meria was second only to the Dragon Emperor Pagris among the dragons. Therefore, no one questioned this decision, including the 2 elders, the red dragon and the golden dragon. In fact, there must be an inside story.

During the conversation, Chen Rui figured out the reason why Zola ran away from her family 20,000 years ago. To be honest, this marriage ’escape’ was really staggering. The old father-in-law later went to the man’s family to fight, smash, and rob, which was even more embarrassing.

The title of ‘Elf King’ of the old father-in-law did not refer to the supreme ruler of the elf tribe. Since the Moonlight Goddess worshiped by the elf tribe was a woman, the empress of all dynasties were all female elves. No matter how outstanding the males were, they could not become an elf emperor. Only those elves who were the most powerful and have made great contributions to the elf tribe could obtain the special title of ‘king’ which not only showed the authority and status second only to the empress, but it also represented the supreme honor. In the long history of the elf tribe, there were only a handful of elves who had been crowned kings.

Span. Sawadija was the first Demi-God powerhouse of the Jade Forest Sea tens of thousands of years ago. His strength was monumental. As a famous handsome man, artist and magic circle master of the elf tribe, Span was the dream lover of countless elf girls. He was once considered the best match for the elf empress at that time.

However, the elf powerhouse chose Fairy Dragon Meria in the end, who was once an opponent. This incident caused a commotion in the elf tribe, then Span was excluded by the elders and left the Jade Forest Sea sadly. Later, a significant event happened in the Jade Forest Sea. A group of fallen elves whose faith was polluted threatened and controlled the elf empress. They even tried to get their hands on the sacred relic, the Tree of Nature. The mastermind of this was the Great Elder Ifrit who forced Span to leave.

At the critical juncture of the life and death of the elf tribe, Span abandoned his previous grudges, broke into the forest sea together with the fairy dragon and killed the fallen elves including Ifrit. He even sealed the destructive power of the curse on the Tree of Nature at the cost of his own strength reduction to save the entire elf tribe. For that reason, Span was given the title of Elf King. His heroic deeds were passed down to the elf tribe from generation to generation.

The glorious deeds of the old elf father-in-law made Chen Rui speechless. It turned out that the strength of the old elf father-in-law was Demi-God, but he was reduced to the kingdom level because of saving the Tree of Nature. Due to that curse, he could no longer break through again in his life.

In fact, after the Tree of Nature was sealed, Span’s condition was very bad. His vitality suddenly dropped to the lowest point. Meria activated a kind of secret technique of sharing half of her life to her lover, which saved the elf’s life.

This incident gave Chen Rui a better understanding of the love of the old father-in-law and his wife, and he also vaguely understood why the Jade Forest Sea’s Tree of Nature would wither day by day. It should be that Span’s seal back then could no longer contain that kind of destruction curse.

There were some things that were inconvenient for Chen Rui to say clearly. He just said his real name and some things related to Zola. After learning that his daughter was in the Demon Realm, the Elf King and the fairy dragon did not have any special emotional turbulence toward this son-in-law who was probably a demon. – It was already a pleasant surprise to get the news that their daughter was safe.

Chen Rui was lucky enough to be admired by the Elf King in the ‘technical discussion’ of the ancient runes just now. By comparison, the great elder fairy dragon was not so easy to deal with.

In Chen Rui’s previous world, he had heard countless stories of mothers-in-law linked to keywords such as ‘materialistic’, ‘dowry’, ‘terms’, etc. Some of them were even dramatic and strange.

Although the places were different, there was no doubt that some commonalities exist – As a woman who was with a fine man, a creature like a mother-in-law was naturally not something that her daughter could match.

Madam Fairy Dragon Mother-in-law’s first question hit Chen Rui’s soft spot: How many wives do you have?

As expected of the great elder of the Dragon Valley, she really has a strong sense of politics. Chen Rui really wanted to mimic the elf father-in-law and ask ‘What?’, but the reality is cruel. It was impossible to gloss over like this, so he had to answer vaguely ‘more than one’ and emphasize that Zola was the ‘most precious’ one.

Madam Fairy Dragon Mother-in-law was obviously not satisfied with this answer, but unexpectedly, she did not ask ‘how many close sisters do you have?’. Instead, she asked ‘Is Zola the strongest?’. This seemingly innocuous question made Chen Rui see Madam Meria’s blackheart for the first time. He inexplicably thought of terms such as ‘internal confrontation’ and ‘harem bloody case’. When he linked it to Madam Mother-in-law’s selection standard, he could not help shivering.

The above was just a clip of Chen Rui and the old father-in-law mother-in-law ‘interview’. After coming out of that space, someone broke into a cold sweat.

Generally speaking, Span and Meria were quite satisfied with a certain son-in-law. Both of them were very knowledgeable, so they naturally knew how difficult it was to get all 6 element source powers. This also explained why Chen Rui fought desperately to protect the wind elementals. This incident alone showed the son-in-law’s disposition and affection for Zola. The difference in races was not an obstacle because the Elf King and the great elder fairy dragon themselves came this way back then.

It was his first time meeting sir father-in-law and madam mother-in-law, so he as the son-in-law needed to demonstrate filial piety. For super powerhouses with a kingdom power, unless it was an artifact or a special quasi-artifact, ordinary equipment was of little significance. Considering that the Elf King lost a lot of vitality when sealing the Tree of Nature, and Meria shared half of her life, Chen Rui offered 2 bottles of longevity potion. This gift naturally made the Elf King and the great elder fairy dragon very happy. The special gift ‘Magic Feather Tulle’ which could be freely changed in style, made the madam mother-in-law smile even more. Unfortunately, the materials were not enough. Otherwise, he could also make another quasi-artifact light armor for father-in-law.

Of course, compared to these gifts, the most delightful was that Chen Rui promised to convince Zola to return to the human world to see Span and Meria. Since the [Star Gate] could not be used by people other than Chen Rui, and ordinary space travel was too dangerous, the safest way to enter the human world was to wait for the enchantment to open in 100 years.

For dragons, 100 years was nothing. Anyway, Span and Meria had waited for 20,000 years.

All in all, the original killing had become a cooperation, the original enemy had become a friend, and more dragon knights were focusing on the upcoming new trial, which would officially start in a few days. Before that, the dragon knights and the griffon riders would assist Meria, Span and Chen Rui in setting up the trial field enchantment.

"Sir Richard!" A dragon knight’s voice sounded, "The third team has completed the magic circle arrangement over the valley as requested by sir, please go check it out."

The attitude of the dragon knight was very respectful. A dragon knight was a carefully selected talent, so many were arrogant. However, in the face of this mysterious powerhouse who could defeat the 2 super level red dragon and golden dragon, as well as sign the contract with the great elder, the dragon knights remained in awe.

Chen Rui nodded and followed the dragon knight to the valley. After careful inspection, Chen Rui nodded and pointed to a dragon knight in the third team, "Everyone has worked hard. You stay and help me finish the final setup and testing. The others can go for a rest."

After the dragon knights bowed and retreated, the dragon knight looked at Chen Rui and was hesitant to say something. Chen Rui smiled at him and activated the magic circle, "Okay, people outside can’t hear us now… I was going to say, long time no see, sir golden knight. Perhaps you will be called the real dragon knight soon?"

The dragon rider showed an excited look and got down on one knee, "It’s really you! Your Highness Arthur!"

This dragon knight was Samuel who had sworn allegiance to Chen Rui. After successfully passing the first round of the Dragon Valley test, Samuel had qualified for this retest. As long as he could pass the test, he could become an official dragon knight.

Due to the cancellation of all spiritual links in the Chen Rui at the Warlock Fortress, Samuel once thought that this ‘Royal Highness’ had fallen, so he had inexplicable grief and depression. When he later received a communication from Ina that his master was still alive, he regained his confidence and fighting spirit.

After Chen Rui rescued Ina in the Nightmare Wilderness last time, in order to avoid Samuel’s worries, Shura specially entrusted her to tell him. Now that he was able to reunite with Samuel in the Storm Land, he was naturally very happy. Because of the special situation previously, he couldn’t simply contact him, but now he finally found the opportunity.

"Since the Blood Oath of Light is gone, we are friends. We don’t need this kind of etiquette."

Samuel did not obey, but he bowed his head and said, "I know that my strength is limited and may become a burden to His Highness, but please give me a chance. I will strive to become stronger and make myself qualified to truly follow Your Highness. As for the Blood Oath of Light… Since I swore my allegiance to Your Highness, it has been buried deep in my soul unless I am completely obliterated. The oath will never be ineffective, unless Your Highness is willing to grant me oblivion."

Chen Rui sighed and stepped forward to hold Samuel, "I can’t live up to your loyalty. In fact, I don’t have much ambition…"

"Allow me to venture a guess, Your Highness is not without ambition, but rather too ambitious. Especially after seeing the strength of Your Highness today, I have confirmed some assumptions in my mind." Samuel shook his head, "However, I won’t explore the secrets of Your Highness. I just want to ask Your Highness to give me this honor and opportunity."

"Well, if you’re not afraid of being implicated or disappointed," Chen Rui patted Samuel on the shoulder, "But the Blood Oath of Light isn’t necessary. You just have to remember that even without Arthur, without ‘Royal Highness’, Samuel is still my friend whom I can entrust my back to."

Samuel’s eyes lit up and nodded vigorously, "By the way, Your Highness, I have another request. Since you are in charge of this trial, can you let me get third place?"

Chen Rui was stunned. He knew that Samuel had never been the kind of person who cheats, so there must be a special reason for making this request.

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