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Chapter: 844

Chapter 844: Veronica

No doubt, Samuel immediately said the reason for ‘cheating’.

"Cheating is a shameless act that shames honor and fairness. " Samuel said with a bitter smile, "However, my strength is not strong enough to get the third place. In order to get the third place prize, the Holy Marrow Fruit, I can only do this."

"The Holy Marrow Fruit? Is it a treasure that can improve strength?"

Samuel hesitated for a moment, "It has nothing to do with improving strength, but it is the only thing that can save… that madam."

"That Royal Highness?" Chen Rui was startled. Samuel’s loyalty to him was beyond doubt, but now he would rather cheat against the rules and get the Holy Marrow Fruit to save the ‘madam’ instead of the ‘Royal Majesty’. This made Chen Rui a little puzzled.

Samuel seemed even more surprised, and he asked tentatively, "Don’t Your Highness remember?"

Chen Rui felt more and more strange, "I once told you that after I fell into the Demon Realm and lost a lot of memory. Who is the ‘madam’ you mentioned?"

"Your Highness really can’t remember…" Samuel looked a little strange. He hesitated for a moment and finally said a name, "Madam Veronica?"

As soon as Chen Rui heard the name, a certain memory fragment in the depths of his soul suddenly trembled and fluctuated uncontrollably.

In the tremble, a pair of beautiful eyes as deep as sea gradually became clear.

In the gentle gaze, there was a touch of sadness.

This was the memory fragment of the original body’s owner, the Dragon Bright Empire’s third prince ‘Arthur’. Although Chen Rui had integrated the memory of ‘Arthur’, as the main controller, he still could not erase or forget this pair profound eyes from his memories even with his current strength

Chen Rui’s heart beat violently, and the veiled woman who watched Paul and Samuel duel at the royal arena in the Dragon Bright Capital Yerodisha last time appeared in his mind. The same pair of blue eyes.

The owner of these eyes was the biggest obsession of ‘Arthur’. Even if his consciousness had disappeared, the obsession still persisted.

Chen Rui’s breathing became a little heavier, and he took a deep breath before he suppressed the emotion. Samuel saw this scene and sighed softly, "No doubt, Your Highness has forgotten a lot of things, but you still can’t forget her. Rest assured, Your Highness, the Kemplot Family and I will do our best to protect that madam until… Your Highness returns to the Empire and takes back everything that belongs to you, including that madam."

Veronica… Chen Rui thought of the name that shook Arthur’s soul. While suppressing and adapting to the throbbing, he suddenly understood, "That’s why you don’t hesitate to cheat to get the Holy Marrow Fruit?"

To put it bluntly, Samuel was willing to do anything for him, the third prince. Therefore, he wanted to get the Holy Marrow Fruit to save the ‘madam’ who had an unusual relationship with ‘Arthur’.

"That madam’s body has always been ill. This time it happened that the Holy Marrow Fruit was ripe and was taken by the Dragon Valley as a prize. So…" Samuel lowered his head and said, "I have already made a military order in front of Your Majesty about this matter."

"I’m very fortunate to have a friend like you." Chen Rui shook his head, "But this is the last time, you won’t need to do this in the future unless there is a special request from me. Some things in the past, with my current situation… I won’t touch it deliberately if it’s not necessary."

"I’m sorry. Your Highness, I have been presumptuous this time." Samuel got down on one knee again, "I dare to say an arrogant word, the identity of the madam… is a bit awkward after all. It was great that Your Highness could let go of this. Yout Highness’ official fiancee is the blue Glory Empire’s pearl, Princess Landbis. Whether it is status or intelligence, Princess Royal Highness is more suitable for Your Highness. Furthermore, the Blue Glory Empire had the Holy Sanctuary and the elf tribe. If His Highness wants to plan some major events, these forces must not be ignored."

Awkward identity? Landbis? Planning major events? Chen Rui understood that the golden knight might have misunderstood something, but it was inconvenient to explain now, so he just held Samuel, "I know you are in dilemma for cheating, you can participate in the trial with confidence regardless of success or failure. As for the Holy Marrow Fruit, I will ask for it from the Great Elder Meria. If there is no accident, it should not be a problem. No matter what happened between me and Veronica previously, now Arthur has ‘disappeared’. After you complete the mission of the Holy Marrow Fruit, the related events also come to an end. No matter what my future plans are or whether the ‘Third Prince’ will reappear in the Dragon Bright Empire, you and the Kemplot Family’s powerful influence is the most fundamental condition, understand?"

"Yes! Your Highness." Samuel looked quite excited. Being able to put everything aside and actually participate in the trial was exactly what the golden knight wanted most. Of course, the master’s methods and skills made him even more admired. In addition to defeating the 2 dragon super powerhouses, he also established an equal partnership with the incomparably powerful great elder dragon.

Of course, the golden knight didn’t know that the so-called ‘equal’ was actually built on the basis of having sex with their daughter.

"You have made a great breakthrough in your strength, and you are only one step away from the peak stage Pseudo-Saint. I can imagine what kind of training you have gone through. If you have time in these few days, I will give you some pointers. When you break through to the peak stage of Pseudo-Saint in the future, I will give you a special power so that you can comprehend and step into the real Saint as soon as possible."

What Chen Rui was talking about was star conferring. The current quota of star conferring was full, but as long as he breaks through to the next Pole Star Level, the number of star that he could confer would definitely increase. He could confer an S-level title to Samuel at that time, which naturally allows him to realize the strength of the Demon Overlord (Saint) in advance.

With the previous insights and the refinement of the accumulated basic Star Power, this breakthrough would not take too long.

"Thank you Your Highness!" Samuel had no doubts about this because he witnessed the miracle created by His Highness with his own eyes. Not to mention black potions, legendary grade equipment, etc. In terms of strength alone, he was only on par with him back then, but now he could only look up to him completely.

After Samuel left, Chen Rui fell into deep thought, not because of Veronica, the mysterious woman who aroused Arthur’s excitement, but because Samuel’s ‘major plan’ gave him a bud of inspiration.

Although it was only a bud or even a fantasy, like the ‘fundraising scandal’ that was originally planned in the Dark Moon, the seemingly impossible plan finally became the key to determine the fate of the entire Fallen Angel Empire. At that time, he was just a powerless underdog. Of course, it was just an idea at present. If it was to be realized, it would take step by step efforts.

Chen Rui found Meria and said that he wanted the Holy Marrow Fruit, then the great elder fairy dragon gave him the fruit without saying a word.

"Madam Meria, thank you." Chen Rui didn’t expect his mother-in-law, who had been picky and choosy, to give it so easily without even asking why, "What about the prizes?"

"Although the Holy Marrow Fruit is rare, there are still 2 in the Dragon Valley. I said that I used it during training, and Royal Majesty Pagris wouldn’t say anything. Anyway, remember to be nice to our Zola. If I know about you favor the others over her, hmph! I’ll kill the rest of your women!" Although Meria said ruthlessly, she actually regarded this son-in-law as her own family – When it came to protecting her own people, it was not just the patent of the father-in-law Elf King.

In fact, the Elf King also missed 1 thing. After the Elf King beat up Pelin, the dragon elder’s second elder, Pelin, together with several elders, prepared to go to the Dragon Emperor to appeal and demand that Span be severely punished. As a result, Meria stopped them halfway, and after some ‘persuasion’, these elders with bruised noses and faces finally gave up their plans completely. Not only that, Meria also went to the Dragon Emperor Pagris to complain that Pelin’s son, Karru, intended to misbehave with Zola, causing Zola to disappear.

In fact, Pagris knew very well that Karru was bullied by Zola, but considering the anger of the great elder for losing her daughter, he had no choice but to turn a blind eye used a placating strategy on Meria.

Anyway, after this incident, Pelin and the other elders turned away in fright when they see the madam great elder.

"Richard!" Span rushed over excitedly with an item in his hand. The Elf King knew that Chen Rui’s real name was a secret, so he just called him by a pseudonym, "Your actual combat item of the final trial is so interesting! Not only can one combat alone, but there was also teamwork. Wonderful uses! By the way, what is it called?"

"Sir Span, you can call it… the magic game helmet. The combat in it is actually just part of the magic game the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ or you can call it a mini dungeon that I created."

"It’s an amazing creation, you are a peerless genius!" Span did not hesitate to praise Chen Rui. He thought for a moment before saying, "Unfortunately, the kingdom power stored in mystic crystals is not enough, and it is difficult to use for those higher than this level. Otherwise, even I want to go in to have a massacre in there. If possible, can you further improve it? In addition to humans, the characteristics of dragons and the elf tribe can be reflected in this magic game so that the contestants can combine their own characteristics to exert more power."

Race setting? Chen Rui nodded. This was actually one of his ideas for the next game version upgrade, but Span’s words reminded Chen Rui that in addition to demons and humans, special races such as dragons, elf, goblin, the hobbit, orcs, and so on should be considered.

Looking at the glowing father-in-law, Chen Rui asked tentatively, "This magic game can further enhance the actual combat capability. If sir needs it, I can provide a complete version for free to dragons and dragon knights after improvement for training or entertainment. Of course, it is also a gift for cooperation. Just one thing, I only provide finished products and not technology."

"Let’s take a look at the effect of this trial first. If it is really good, then I believe that Royal Majesty Pagris will also be very happy to accept this gift." Although Meria had not tried this magic game herself, she was very confident in her husband’s vision. Anything that can gain Span’s praise must be a great thing. It seems that my daughter’s eyes are quite good.

Chen Rui’s eyes lit up and nodded. The unexpected harvest of coming to the human world this time was really not small.

3 days later, the trial officially started. Looking at the dragon knights who entered the trial field, especially the high-spirited Samuel, Chen Rui showed a knowing smile because he knew that no matter what the results were this time, this golden knight who had let go of his mental burden would no longer have any regrets.

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