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Chapter: 845

Chapter 845: Royal Highness Roman

The trial of dragon knights had ended successfully. The trial this time included 3 major tests.

Magic traps, actual combat with the titans and the wind elementals and the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ little dungeon version.

These 3 items were richer and more comprehensive than ordinary trials. They took into account all levels of strength in a targeted manner, especially the illusion trial of Infinite Warrior OL. The method was novel and mysterious, and it was extremely difficult. It not only tested on individual powers but more importantly teamwork.

The version Chen Rui provided for the trial this time was actually a simplified version left in the previous test game, which could only enter a simple dungeon. Even so, it still aroused strong interest from dragons and dragon knights. The ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ test was repeated 3 times at the urging of the participants.

Chen Rui didn’t give Samuel a chance to practice in advance, but the golden knight’s experience in the Demon Realm and the human world had played a considerable role. Although he was not the strongest, he could organize his teammates to cooperate effectively and grasp the best fighting opportunity, so he got the high evaluation of the dragons. His final total score ranked 10th, which was still above several real Saint powerhouses. It was already quite an excellent result.

The trial effect and response of the Storm Land were unexpectedly good. Even Elder Red Dragon, who had some opinions on Chen Rui, had to be amazed.

This time, Chen Rui repaired part of the facilities of the ‘Sky Wheel’ in the Storm Land, and he built a core device that integrated the devotee’s heart, which was equivalent to constructing a simplified version of the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ LAN in the Storm Land. However, both the core equipment and the mystic crystals on the magic helmet had limited energy and must be replenished manually once the energy ran out. This meant that dragons and dragon knights had to come to the Storm Land again if they wanted to train or try this magic game again.

Of course, this was only an expedient measure during the transition period. Chen Rui’s idea was to create a human world version of Infinite Warrior with the Sky Wheel as the core of the ruined civilization city, then he gradually spread the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ to the human world. However, there were big technical problems here. The biggest problem was that the central core of the magic game was the life crystal of the ancient civilization. The City of Stars would definitely not be able to reach the human world from the Demon Realm now, and the life crystal of the Sky Wheel had long been destroyed by Chen Rui because it was not controllable. So, now it was necessary to make a replacement core crystal. This crystal did not need other functions than controlling the game and faith output.

As long as this problem could be solved, it was not a dream to spread the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ to dragons, the elf tribe and even the entire human world.

It was a big breakthrough in terms of faith income and the long-term strategy of the human world.

After the trials of the dragons, the griffon riders returned to the Dragon Bright Empire. Meria and Span returned to the Dragon Valley with the dragons and dragon riders.

Before leaving, Span gave Chen Rui a booklet which recorded his personal experience on magic circle. Span’s magic circle had reached the state of grand master, so this booklet was naturally invaluable. Judging from the lines, it should be written out these days. When Chen Rui held the booklet, he felt warm in his heart.

Chen Rui did not go directly to the Dragon Bright Empire, but he gave the Holy Marrow Fruit to Samuel. After directing the giants to further ‘sweep’ the ruins of the ‘Sky Wheel’, he opened the [Star Gate] and returned to the Demon Realm’s Dark Moon’s residence.

As soon as he came back, he saw a circle of people in the yard: Paglio, Krobelus, Athena, Kia, Isabella, Alice, Roman, Delia, Olypheus, Adeline, Helen plus a Dodo. Except for Zola who had closed door training and Shea, who was busy and couldn’t get out, everyone was basically present.

The atmosphere seemed a little strange.

Chen Rui was taken aback: This is obviously… the vibe of the public trial meeting? I remember the last time, the last last time, including the last last last time, I was the target of the public trial, but this time it seems to be a different unlucky person.

The little loli had the sharpest eyes. She immediately saw Chen Rui, jumped over happily, and hugged his arm affectionately, "Brother, come quickly!"

Chen Rui felt that this little loli deliberately put her body toward his arm in front of Isabella and others. Although the little loli was only a teen who had begun to take shape, it did feel a little new. Before Chen Rui could break free, the other arm was also held. This time, it was Ms. Black Dragon.

"Boss, you are back!"

After witnessing Chen Rui kill the enemy Dracolich Ukleus in the alchemist master contest, Ms. Black Dragon’s heart knot was finally completely untied, plus the power of the Evil Pupil continued to weaken and dispel the spiritual imprint, Olypheus’ ‘trigger’ phenomenon was getting shorter and shorter. She also inexplicably had a feeling of attachment or dependence to Chen Rui which was similar to Isabella.

Although Athena’s smile was generous and Isabella’s smile seemed indifferent, only the little maid curled her lips in dissatisfaction, Chen Rui was still a little nervous. He gently broke free from the clutches of the 2 little girls, walked over, and asked, "What are you all doing?"

"Boss, we are interrogating Roman!" Ms. Black Dragon replied first.

"Roman?" Chen Rui was taken aback, and he looked at a nephew who was restless in the center of the circle.

Chen Rui saw Delia with a cold face, and he immediately guessed a few points in his heart – This guy has been the first to jump out and worsen the situation a few times before. Unexpectedly, it would happen to him too!

Roman originally looked like a frosted eggplant. When he saw Chen Rui, he seemed to see his savior. He came over to hug Sir Uncle’s leg with a big cry.

"Leader! Help!"

"Don’t drag me to hell with you!" Chen Rui was startled and said to the crowd without blushing, "I don’t know this person!"

"Sir Uncle!" Roman wailed, "What do you mean by that? Even if you are not doing it for me, for Madam Aunt’s sake, you must prove my innocence!"

"Are you sure the word ‘innocence’ has something to do with you?" Chen Rui shook his leg vigorously, but this guy seemed relentless. He just wouldn’t let go, so he asked helplessly, "Who can tell me? What did this guy do?"

"It’s none other than hooking up with other women." The little loli shook her head with experience and sighed.

Madam Aunt also sighed, "I won’t help you this time, Roman. I’m firmly on Delia’s side."

Athena didn’t speak; she just patted Delia on the back comfortingly.

Delia’s eyes were red, but she was silent.

"Spill the beans." Chen Rui slapped the guy who was holding his leg hard on the head, "Which widow did you mess with this time?"

"Wow, boss, you’re amazing. You can even guess that?" Ms. Black Dragon asked in surprise.

"This is what you call birds of a feather flock together. Men who are with him is not a good thing either." The vicious mouth was undoubtedly the little mermaid princess.

Ms. Betty glanced at Master Poison Dragon vigilantly. The self-defeating Master Poison Dragon did not dare to say more, for fear of becoming the target of misfortune.

"Actually it’s… Medilu." Roman said with a sad face, "I really have nothing to do with her! It’s just that I saved her at the Jergal Fortress… Leader, you arranged for me to save her!"

Athena finally spoke in dissatisfaction, "If it’s nothing, will Medilu come to the Dark Moon to find you?"

"And that Regent Frentz from the Dark Shadow Empire used diplomatic channels to pressure sister to take this guy as son-in-low!" The little loli threw another bombshell.

"Mistress is nothing, but he’s trying to replace the main wife!" This time, it was the little maid who added oil to the fire.

Under the continuous bombardment, Master Roman’s HP value plummeted, and his loot was about to drop.

Only then did Chen Rui understand what happened. Roman is going to join the Dark Shadow Empire?

Wait, Medilu? The Jergal Fortress?

Chen Rui finally remembered that this ‘mistress’ Medilu was Catherine’s uncle, the daughter of Regent Frentz of the Dark Shadow Empire, and Broc’s wife!

Back then, Broc schemed to save Frentz and became the son-in-law of the empress’ uncle, then relying on Frentz’s relationship to become the number one figure in the Dark Shadow Empire’s military. Afterward, he showed his hideous appearance. Frentz and his daughter were taken to the Jergal Fortress and imprisoned to threaten Catherine. Not only that, he also used [Soul Shackles] to control Medilu. He often tortured and abused her. Especially after Broc lost half of his body and became incapacitated, she was tortured like a living hell. It wasn’t until Chen Rui took Roman to the Jergal Fortress to deal with Broc that he was rescued by Roman.

Perhaps it is for this reason that the traumatized Medilu has a good impression of Roman…

Chen Rui finally understood the reason for this public trial meeting. It was true that a certain nephew liked to mess around with women normally, but every time he ran back to serve Delia, Delia would turn a blind eye to it. However, this time was completely different in nature.

But Chen Rui was very aware of the virtues of a certain guy. It was impossible to say that he was really greedy for beauty and power to give up Delia.

"I arranged for you to rescue her, but I didn’t arrange for you to hook up or anything… You will soon be the Regent son-in-law of the Dark Shadow Empire. The road ahead is smooth. Congratulations, Your Highness Roman." Chen Rui’s one sentence kicked Classmate Nephew down the abyss, "I’ve seen that Medilu too, the Asmodeus Royal Family is a beauty, plus the power of the Dark Shadow Empire, if it’s me, I don’t even have to think about it. Why you’re still pretending to be hesitant here?"

Roman was in a cold sweat. Sir Uncle, no one revenges like this! Delia is really pissed.

"Remember when you were in the Silent Night Wetland, you seemed to have entrusted Delia to me right? Well, you go ahead and be your prince’s son-in-law, and I will take care of Delia."

Everyone was stunned. What kind of turning point is this? Friends’ wives are welcome?

Only Delia and Roman understood, Chen Rui deliberately mentioned the Silent Night Wetland – The 3 of them were not very strong at the beginning. Facing the sneak attack of Broc, it was already a matter of life and death, Roman wanted to use his life to delay Broc, so he said the words to let Chen Rui take care of Delia. Similarly, Delia also wanted to protect Roman with her life.

All of a sudden, Delia and Roman understood the leader’s intention. They had experienced such hardships and pains together, and they could give up their lives for each other without hesitation. Were there any difficulties that could not be overcome? What obstacles could they not face together?

Finally, Delia’s eyes gradually softened; and Athena, Isabella and the others, who saw this, nodded secretly.

"Extremely shameless, despicable and obscene!" The little mermaid princess looked at Chen Rui’s gaze even more contemptuously.

"Master is really impressive…" The slime, who was not aware of it, looked at Chen Rui’s gaze and admired him even more.

TL: Will it be easy to spread magic game in the human world? He didn’t have any connection with the empires, except ‘his’ identity, and there seems to be more Demi-God in human world, won’t they discover his plan of earning faith?

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