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Chapter: 851

"Good job." Auglas didn’t leave with the flat-chested loli. Instead, he sat leisurely on the reclining chair in the yard and praised Chen Rui, "Except the Wind Dragon Island, you can’t touch Lalaria’s other wealth. Next year in that martial battle championship, you must defeat Lalaria!"

"Sir Auglas, aren’t you taking it for granted!" Although Chen Rui won a big victory, his facial expression was a little unsightly. This time, he was obviously used by Auglas, and he even got involved with the flat-chested loli, the weirdo of Dragon Island. The strength and forms of the flat-chested loli that are sealed are obviously prepared to break through Demi-God. With such an unstable factor participating, I’m afraid that there will be more changes in next year’s martial battle championship.

As a result, my plans are likely to be greatly affected or even be ruined.

"About that… Chen Rui, although Lalaria is a bit eccentric, she is a kind and sensible good child." Sir Dragon Emperor snorted, "The problem is that she is the future empress of the Dragon Island. She can’t… You understand, right? In any case, I will count on you."

"Aren’t you adding a competitor for your daughter?" Chen Rui threw out the biggest killing move, Olypheus. After seeing the gesture of counting black crystal coins behind the boss, Ms. Black Dragon nodded without thinking and glared at his father.

However, Chen Rui still underestimated the old father-in-law. Sir Auglas spread his hands and looked like a rogue, "Anyway, I have given you 2 daughters and so much wealth. You are the one who is taking advantage. What else do you want?"

The old father-in-law’s nonchalant attitude really annoyed Chen Rui, "Are you really Olypheus’ biological father?"

"Of course!" As it was a question of principle, Auglas immediately jumped up from the reclining chair, "Speaking of Olypheus… you did great on dispelling Satan’s spiritual imprint on her, but do you really think of her as your own woman? "

"This…" Chen Rui was obviously lack of confidence. After Ukleus’ incident, Ms. Black Dragon’s attachment to him was obviously stronger, but it was more of a family feeling just like how he had always regarded the chick as his sister.

"Olypheus, has Chen Rui treated you papapa yet?" Auglas asked deliberately.

"Never!" This well-known ‘delicious’ dish made Ms. Black Dragon’s eyes light up and looked at Chen Rui, "Boss, are you going to let me eat it now?"

"…" Chen Rui was speechless. Is there such a father who asks his daughter like this?

After coaxing Olypheus away, Auglas looked at Chen Rui in dissatisfaction, "If that’s the case, how dare you even use Olypheus as an excuse?"

Someone with a guilty conscience was speechless. The old father-in-law sighed with a face of vicissitudes and shook his head, "Forget it, my daughter is also grown up. I don’t want to interfere too much with your affairs. About Lalaria… At the very least, you have to defeat her in the martial battle championship. As for the future, let it be. If you can get her to change that quirk, I won’t force the rest."

Auglas’ words made Chen Rui secretly complain. Of course I must win the martial battle championship, but this means that there is an unclear relationship with that strange loli. As for correcting the ‘lesbian attribute, it’s easier said than done. It has probably been hundreds or thousands of years, but even Auglas can’t do anything about it. Otherwise, he won’t push the scourge to me.

"Okay, that’s it." The Old Dragon Emperor father-in-law saw the depression on the prospective son-in-law’s face, so he tactfully changed the subject, "Is the yuan crystal you mentioned previously the special crystal that can instill and transmit vitality?"

No doubt, it attracted the attention of the prospective son-in-law. He recalled the characteristics of life crystal, nodded and said, "That’s right."

"This kind of crystal is very rare. Even in the collection of dragons, it is almost extinct. However, this kind of crystal is not a rare thing somewhere… Although I don’t know why you need a yuan crystal, I advise you might as well give up because in that place, except for those who meet the special conditions… even I don’t dare to set foot in it. If you are slightly careless, you will be completely annihilated by the terrifying destructive power."

A place that even a Pseudo-God powerhouse dares not set foot in? Chen Rui was taken aback, "What is that place? What kind of special conditions do people need in order to go to?"

"That place is not within the reach of your current realm…" Auglas’ gaze revealed solemnity, "I know you have a rare pure light-element physique. Even if you are shielded by some kind of foreign force, a rarer physique is needed if you want to enter that place. That is the light and dark body."

Chen Rui was shocked when he heard the last 4 words. He finally knew the ‘place’ Auglas was talking about. The ‘light and dark body’ he knew was only 1 person. The ‘key’ woman who entered the Bloody Empire’s 4th floor of Book Collection Hall, Tiffany! Then, that ‘place’ is the ‘mysterious place’ that Sariel asked me to follow Tiffany into.

Auglas noticed the changes of Chen Rui and frowned, "You know that place?"

Chen Rui nodded slowly, "As far as I know, there is something in that place that involves a huge secret. This thing is 1/7 and half of an item."

"You really knew it." A surprise expression flashed across Auglas’ eyes.

Chen Rui sighed, "That’s all I know."

"That thing is a silver box. I sealed Paglio back then because of this. However, for many reasons, there have been many fake silver boxes. The place Paglio took me to is not an environment that can store the real silver box. It should be a fake, so I didn’t make things difficult for him."

Chen Rui shook his head secretly: It seems that Sir Dragon Emperor still overlooked the cunning poison dragon, influenced by his experiences and subjectivity. He was so close yet so far from the real silver box.

"Sir Auglas, what’s up with 1/7 and 1/2?"

"To be precise, this box 1/3 of the half. In other words, there are 3 silver boxes like this that merged to form half of that thing."

Chen Rui asked curiously, "Then the other half are 4 silver boxes?"

"No, the other half is also 3, and it should be merged together now." Auglas gave Chen Rui a deep look, "The other half is in the human world."

Human world! Chen Rui suddenly thought of a possibility. He asked with a horrified expression in his eyes, "Does it require Pseudo-God to really touch the mystery of that merged thing?"

"Those in ordinary Demi-God levels may be able to sense some mysteries, but they are far less than what Pseudo-God can get. Moreover, the merged one has a different effect." Auglas sighed with emotion.

Chen Rui pondered and asked again, "If so, there are only 6 silver boxes in total, so how did 1/7 come from?"

"The 7th one is somewhat different from the previous silver boxes." Auglas said, "This thing is perhaps very close to you, but it’s far from the time to touch it. Let’s talk about the silver box first. It has an almost fatal attraction for Pseudo-God… It is said that it is a shortcut to the road of god, but there are also legends that it had god’s curse, burying countless Pseudo-Gods. In short, if you have a silver box, never disclose it to anyone. Otherwise, it will bring unimaginable disaster to yourself and your relatives and friends."

Chen Rui thought swiftly and asked, "This ‘anyone’… includes you?"

"Of course." Auglas nodded solemnly. Obviously, he didn’t think Chen Rui could have a silver box, "Even none of the ancient Pseudo-Gods could resist the temptation of the silver box. In a terrifying war that was not recorded in the history books, countless powerhouses have fallen, including many peak stage Pseudo-Gods. This was the most brutal and terrifying battle since ‘Twilight of the Gods’. Since then…"

‘Twilight of the Gods’ made Chen Rui’s ears twitch. It wasn’t the first time he had heard this term. At first, he made this up to fool Aldas. He didn’t expect that it really existed, and it was an ancient secret

"Okay, we are going farther and farther." Auglas didn’t talk about the topic anymore, "Actually, what I know is only a fragment. It’s too early for you to explore these things. Improve your own strength first."

"Understood… I better not think about getting the yuan crystal now."

"En." Auglas nodded, "The yuan crystal is actually a kind of derived creature of the origin power in that mysterious place. It is said that in addition to the light and dark body, the yuan power physique can enter too, but this kind of physique is even rarer… So, no matter why you need the yuan crystal, better give it up. You will get more when you are willing to give it up."

Yuan power physique… Chen Rui suddenly thought of the origin destructive power that Sariel said, and the scene where he used Shura’s power to assimilate the destructive power in Sariel’s kingdom. He finally understood why Sariel would let him go and give him the Evil Moon Sigil which contained the Evil Pupil. It turns out Sariel thinks I have the yuan power physique, and that I can enter and exit that ‘mystery place’. So, he is thinking of a way to take the silver box from Tiffany’s hands!

Many mysteries that had been covered up for a long time were being revealed one by one.

"Last question," Chen Rui asked after a moment’s hesitation, "Has Sir Auglas heard of… Sariel’s name?"

"Sariel!" Auglas was slightly shocked, "It is said that it is an ancient powerhouse on par with Satan. He has a terrifying pupil talent that sees through the world. When I was a new Demi-God and became the Dragon Emperor inheritor, I ran into Satan and challenged him beyond my capacity. The result was a disastrous defeat. Probably for my father’s sake, otherwise I would have been annihilated. In fact, now I realize that even my current strength is not the opponent of Satan at that time. Satan should be the top Pseudo-God. Sariel… I’m afraid the same is true."

When Chen Rui heard Auglas’ comments on Satan and Sariel, he was secretly shocked as he nodded.

"I won’t ask how you hear about the silver box or Sariel, and I don’t want to know what you need yuan crystal for. Everyone has their own secrets. As long as you promise me," Auglas looked at Ms. Black Dragon who was chatting with Isabella at the distance. A loving expression flashed in his eyes, "Take care of Olypheus and, if possible, Lalaria."

"Olypheus is already part of this little family. As for Lalaria, if I can… I will at least fulfill my duty as a friend."

Chen Rui had a few thoughts in his mind, but he still didn’t say anything about the silver box. However, if he could uncover the secret in the future, the Old Dragon Emperor father-in-law would definitely be one of the beneficiaries.

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