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Chapter: 853

Chapter 853: 1 Year

Blood-like moon.

The light seemed fiery and restless, giving off a disturbing breath.

In front of the tall city wall, there were endless monsters jumping, running, flying and surging forward.

The oppressive momentum alone was suffocating, but the warriors and even the imps or dark goblins with the least combat power on the city wall did not show any fear. Instead, they looked surprisingly calm and brave.

As everyone had experienced countless similar tests, even the most cowardly people would exercise their iron will in this environment.

With the commander’s order, the high-power magic crystal cannon radiated the light of death, and various weapons such as ballista and catapult were launched in unison, harvesting the lives of monsters in large numbers.

However, the number of enemies was unimaginable. Even the improved magic crystal cannon needed some cooling time. The catapult had a close range limit and could prevent enemies that rushed past the effective attack range. The ballista’s angle also needed to be loaded and adjusted. After one round of firing, the enemy army had already reached the city wall.

As the commander gave an order again, the warriors on the wall raised a long tubular weapon in unison while the archers on the city wall mounted their arrows and pointed to the sky.

The enemy was getting closer and closer, but the commander didn’t give any orders. The warriors all seemed calm. After countless deadly lessons, no matter which race it was, no matter whether it was a professionally trained soldier or warrior, they all understood the importance of unity and cooperation as well as obeying the command in this kind of battle. Even though the strength of the commander was not the strongest, his command ability had passed the test of wars several times, so he was deeply revered by everyone.

"Shoot!" The commander finally gave the order, and the tubular weapon launched flames. At the same time, arrows rained down, and the ballistas were launched one after another. Rows of monsters fell in response.

Hundreds of huge metallic puppets came out, constantly throwing bombs with poisonous smoke downward to create gaps in the monster group.

The monsters seemed to have no fear as they were still roaring forward one after another. The gap was filled in an instant, and they were about to rush into the city wall for melee combat.

Although one could be resurrected after ‘death’, dying once meant getting out of the battlefield in a monster siege battle like the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’. Everyone clenched their weapons tightly, surging with a strong will to fight. Tonight was destined to be a tragic fight.


In a secret palace, there were countless people wearing black cloaks and metal masks. On the front wall of the palace was the 3-layered relief sculpture which was filled with a mysterious and gloomy atmosphere. Even the bright sunlight projected from the outside seemed to be getting colder.

The leader was a person wearing a blood-red mask and a red-edged cloak. The person said, "East district bishop Soranly."

"Yes." The person in the cloak, wearing a pale golden mask stepped forward. This was a female voice that sounded a little coquettish.

"Your talent and performance are obvious to all. Under your leadership, the faith of the Holy Church has been tainted and questioned like never before. It is amazing to have such a remarkable achievement in just 1 year. After consultation with several archbishops, I hereby promote you as the east chief bishop."

"Thank you Sir Gurmit! Soranly will do her best to live up to Sir’s high expectations." Soranly bowed deeply and took over the golden-edged cloak and the pale red mask.

Gurmit then spoke up, "Guardian Richard of the east district."

"Yes sir!"

"You have great strength and an unimaginable talent physique. Likewise, your contribution is also quite outstanding. Now you are promoted to Chief Guardian and continue to assist Chief Bishop Soranly. I specially allow you to participate in the next oracle. By the way, I’m very optimistic about you."

Hearing the word ‘oracle’, there was a murmur from the black-clothed followers with jealousy, surprise, and envy flashing behind the masks. The Black Death Followers who could participate in the oracle were all noble and important people. Even the chief bishop did not have this qualification. It was said that one could get countless benefits bestowed by god. If one was favored by god and became a descendant, he would have the highest power equivalent to the pope.

"Thank you, sir. I won’t let sir down." ‘Richard’ still seemed indifferent, which made Gurmit’s eyes reveal a little more appreciative gesture.

‘Richard’ put on the mask of the guardian and sensed a special strength merged into his consciousness. When he looked at the relief sculpture, the 2nd and 3rd layer were clearly visible; only the 1st layer floor was still blurred. Compared with the numerous sculptures below, there were only 3 statues on the first layer.

Looking at the relief sculpture representing ‘god’, ‘Richard’ revealed a strange smile behind the mask as a touch of red flashed past his eyes.


As the night fell, the purple moonlight shone on the earth, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

In a certain bedroom of the palace of the Fallen Angel Empire, colorful lights overflowing with mysterious breath flickered constantly.

"100g of papaya. Adeline, cut it and put it here."

"10g of rock sugar, I’ll weigh it first."

"100g of premium cow’s milk. Olypheus, don’t drink it! It’s for the drink!"

"1g of magic yeast powder…"


Adeline cut up the papaya and asked, "Alice, is this all right?"

Alice looked at it and praised, "En, Adeline, your cutting skill is impeccable. You cut it so evenly. You are the best naga I’ve ever seen!"

The naga girl blushed, and Ms. Black Dragon on the side said, "Alice, is this secret formula useful? Last time, the strange soup you prepared made me fart for a week. Sister didn’t even let me come into the yard."

"Hmph! Ain’t it the same with me last time? In fact, I was fooled by the vixen, Isabella. She said it was detoxification, beauty, and breast enhancement. In the end… This time is different. This is the secret formula that I combine with ancient secrets and Teacher Zola’s secret formula to develop the super magic breast enhancement milk tea which is absolutely effective!"

"Sister is not a vixen," Ms. Black Dragon sniffed, "but this milk tea smells delicious. It is much stronger than the Lala Potato detox soup last time."

"Of course! Good things should be shared with everyone." The little loli said proudly. In fact, she had been hiding Stiller’s secret breast massage – Olypheus is brother’s fiancée. Before I become big breasted, I should not teach this method to the opponent. The problem is that the effect of the massage exercise is not very obvious. It has been almost a year since brother’s closed-door training, and it still seems to be flat…

Under the same cold moonlight, there was a fiery glow in a private manor on the outskirts of the Dark Shadow Empire.

The red light shone like a burning flame. If it wasn’t for the enchantment around the manor, others would think that the villa was on fire.

A red light shot and hit the huge pig head like an arrow released from the string. The poor pig head was instantly torn apart, and the fragments were turned into ashes by the high temperature.

The red light also fell to the ground, and a small cute figure was wrapped in the red light. It was covering its head with both hands as if it was hit hard just now.

A somewhat anxious voice sounded from behind, "Don’t play baby, it’s dangerous!"

The red light moved and rose to the sky again. The speed and strength of the flight were completely out of proportion to the youthful body.

"Ha! Aunt Liliz! You can’t catch up! Can’t catch up!"

Liliz broke out in cold sweat. The growth rate of this baby little princess is astounding. After only 1 year of birth, she is already equivalent to a 3-year-old child, plus her articulation and thinking are quite clear.

The baby’s strength advancement and talent are equally amazing, especially the innate flame strength which is extremely powerful, but she just likes some strange and dangerous games such as… this frightening ‘Angry Bird’. I don’t know which bastard taught her.

"Come down baby, your mother is coming!"

The red light paused for a while, then she descended slowly before she suddenly bounced and flew toward the gate where a woman in a robe and a veil appeared.

The red light did not hit the woman, but she restrained the flames and gently fell into the woman’s arms, "Mommy! Mommy!"

"You’re being naughty again." The woman’s tone was a little stern, "Next time you give Aunt Liliz a headache, Mommy will make your little butt hurt."

"Mommy don’t beat me! Mommy don’t beat me!" The little girl squirmed coquettishly in the woman’s arms.

The woman’s calm black eyes revealed tenderness and love as she gently stroked the little girl’s head and carried her into the yard.

In a boundless sea area, there was a vast archipelago.

No one, including the sea beasts, dared to approach these islands easily because these islands were inhabited by the most powerful creature, the giant dragon.

The central island was the largest surrounded by the surrounding archipelago.

The sea water around the central island had gradually changed as if pulled by some intangible strength. They were rolled up into the sky, becoming a spectacular building.

"Boom!" A loud sound came from the central island. It seemed that something had broken out of the ground. The sea water was blasted into the air all around, The whole island was shaking.

"Hohoho…" A strange laughter sounded. Judging from the voice, it seemed to be a young girl, "Old man, did you see it? I finally broke through!"

"That damn guy, I must take revenge. I must take back everything I lost, and I must trample you under my feet!"

"Your women will be my harem!"

The sound of bombardment and destruction continued from the island accompanied by eerie laughter.

The powerful dragons in the vicinity, especially the dragons with females at home, hid in the cave and closed their doors one after another as though they saw a ghost. Under the blessing of the Dragon God, they had a smooth year. It was a pity that the power of the Sir Dragon God was not lasting, the scourge of the Dragon Island had emerged again.

1 year was enough to change a lot of things… except the size of a certain loli’s chest.

TL: … ‘Duoduo’ has grown up! Does she still remember her dad?

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