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Chapter: 854

Chapter 854: Red Pole Star Emperor

Blue Lake Mountain Range.

A dazzling starlight shone from a high tower in the far distance of the ancient alchemy civilization which was a veritable city of ‘stars’.

This kind of starlight had lasted for nearly a year. The initial color was blue, then it gradually turned to light red. Recently, it had become dark red.

This was even in real time.

The center of starlight was Chen Rui who sat cross-legged.

During the 1 year, many things happened in his plan, but there were also many things outside the plan. For example, he did not know the flat-chested loli of the Dragon Island had broke through a bottleneck and became the largest scourge; nor did he know that 1 (or more than 1) loli was exercising the bust with the ‘secret technique’ every day to surprise him; he didn’t know that one day in the manor in the outer suburbs of the Dark Shadow Empire, there was a baby cry that almost shook the capital, and the flame power it carried dyed half of the sky red. Now, this little little loli was keen on playing a dangerous game every day taught by an unscrupulous father…

The closed eyes gradually opened. If someone was in front of Chen Rui, he could clearly see countless bright stars circulating in his black pupils.

In the next second, the starlight, which had always remained silent, suddenly expanded. This was not an ordinary flame, but the power of destruction law that contained infinite mystery.

The burning starlight seemed like it would destroy everything. Under the starlight, everything near the tower turned into particles and annihilated, leaving only endless destruction between heaven and earth.

As the endless flame starlight instantly converged into the deep black pupils, the fiery red starlight disappeared, and everything around remained intact like it was just an illusion just now.

The long-lasting starlight of the tower finally went out, and Chen Rui’s figure disappeared instantly. The ‘illusion’ just now became reality again as everything in the vicinity was blurred and annihilated.

This was not an illusion nor mistake. It was not only the power of ‘destruction’, but also ‘time’. The reason why it briefly returned to its original state was because the rate of timeflow had been changed.

In an instant, Chen Rui had appeared in the central control palace of the ‘City of Stars’.

Long distance ‘shifting’ and ordinary ‘teleportation’ were indeed different. Moreover, he was the supreme controller of the City of Stars. As long as he entered the scope of this civilization city, he could reach anywhere at will.

‘Shifting’ represented a realm, that was law. When Chen Rui activated [Blue Pole Star Transformation] previously, he could shift due to the [Pole Star Transformation] buff, but that was not the skill he comprehended. Now Chen Rui could shift so freely without activating the transformation. This showed that he had completely mastered the law power and had truly stepped into the Kingdom level.

"Crystal Phoenix, show the current time." Chen Rui glanced at the time and was surprised, "This time my closed-door training took nearly a year? No wonder my stomach feels empty, but I’m not as weak as I imagined. Could it be that after kingdomization, my physique has also undergone some changes accordingly? No, not only physique, my vitality also…"

This kind of feeling was like a silkworm shedding its skin. There was a whole new look. Not just the evolution-like mutation of the organ itself. More importantly, the blood circulation and breath flow in the body were integrated with the natural universe. The body seemed to be a small universe, and the strength it produced was vast and powerful like the power of nature.

This was not the feeling that the armor of [Pole Star Transformation] could bring, but the qualitative change that he himself produced. This strength that integrated the natural universe was the real Star Power.

Under the cycle of this kind of qualitative change, the body could absorb natural power to replenish energy without relying entirely on food to maintain life. Not only that, the strength of life was also greatly enhanced by the force of nature and law, and the lifespan had increased by nearly 10 times.

With Chen Rui’s current basic lifespan, this ‘10 times’ was quite terrifying. Even ordinary dragons were far inferior. With the further understanding of law and universe nature, this vitality could be further enhanced. No wonder those Demi-God and Pseudo-Gods had extremely long lifespans.

Longevity was of course a good thing, but Chen Rui didn’t want to have a long life alone. If he had to witness the death of his beloved women one by one because of his longevity, then it was more unbearable than his own death. If Chen Rui had to choose between an immortal life alone and a limited life with lovers, he would choose the latter without hesitation.

After comprehending the law, the biggest change was naturally the strength.

Title: Pole Star Emperor

Evolution Level: 6-Star

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: SS+

Physique: SS+, Strength: SS+, Spirit: SS+, Speed: SS+.

Aura Value: 11.275 billion

Faith Crystal: 2.137 billion.

Pole Star Level: Red Star

The dark blue Star Pulse with the word ‘Merak’ inside the 3D human-shaped snout had turned into crimson color. Red Pole Star Emperor.

Compared with the difficulty and thrill of the previous advancement, the advancement of the Pole Star Emperor this time could be described in 2 words- Natural flow.

The actual time of 1 year of closed-door training in the training ground was at least 50 years. The values of comprehensive strength and individual qualities had directly risen to the level of SS+ which was the strongest in this realm. This was not only a superficial value, but from the moment of ‘sleeping’ to being awake, Chen Rui had completely mastered the power of the Red Star Pole Star Level.

In the Super System, the original solar system had been expanded dozens of times. There was not only 1 ‘sun’, but more than a dozen suns! The solar system where each sun was located was a small-scale solar system. The rhythm between the small solar systems and the overall rhythm of the entire medium-sized solar system contained a mysterious and powerful strength.

The signs of intelligent life had also spread from the original small solar system to the entire solar system. Although there were only some habitable planets, the source of faith had been expanded by more than 10 times.

The Red Pole Star Emperor was not a 7-star evolution, but a small advancement in the 6-star evolution. This time the advancement did not introduce new skills. On the contrary, many of the original skills such as ‘teleportation’, ‘[Aura Blade]’, [Aurora Shot], ‘[Galaxy Territory]’ and so on had disappeared from the skill tree. Not that these skills couldn’t be used. Instead, these skills had become one with him. As long as the Star Power was enough, he could activate them arbitrarily without time or frequency limit.

This was the biggest breakthrough. Not just because the restrictions were removed, the ‘sense of figure’ gradually faded away just like Chen Rui’s feeling after entering a certain realm. They truly converted into his own strength. That was to say, the real role of the Super System was to assist and guide the controller to master the strength step by step toward the peak stage, instead of passively upgrading and providing some skills.

After the [Blue Pole Star Transformation] had become [Red Pole Star Transformation], it would bring Chen Rui’s combat power to a new level; the [Star Gate] had 4 extra star points, and the star point setting time had also increased from 3 years to 10 years. Unfortunately, it was still impossible to bring others other than himself. However, Chen Rui did not have too many regrets because the changes in red star advancement were far more than these. There were 3 surprising changes.

The first change was that the previously grayed out ‘[Star-level Enhancement]’ of the [Link Enhancement] could finally be used. There were 2 kinds of [Link Enhancement]. [Battle Enhancement] consumes 100 faith crystals every time and there is a time limit. Meanwhile, [Star-level Enhancement] was permanent where each enhancement required 100,000 faith crystals. It could greatly increase the strength of the linker, but after canceling the link, the enhancement effect would disappear. The price of [Star-level Enhancement] was not cheap. 1-star enhancement required 100,000 faith crystals per person. Before the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’, this was an expensive value. As for now, Chen Rui still had 2 billion faith crystals left after advancement consumption. This number was just a little.

The second change was a new star position in the Star Conferring Platform.

Star Concubine. Spirit: SS. Special attribute: [Break Mind]. Doubles the damage of spirit and soul attacks and halves the damage of spirit and soul attacks.

Star Commander. Strength S++, Speed S++. Special attribute: [Safeguard]. Greatly reduces damage and doubles stamina recovery.

There were 1 Star Concubine, 2 Star Commanders, 4 Star Generals, 6 Star Servants, and 8 Star Apprentices.

Originally, Chen Rui was worried that the number of star conferrings was too low, but the current expansion had perfectly solved this problem. He could confer star positions to all the lovers, relatives and friends whom he valued. The conferment would not only enhance their ability, but Chen Rui would also be buffed in return.

The third surprise came from the training ground where the maximum upper limit of the training ground time rule became 500 times, and it even specially added a [Faith Projection] function.

This was a special function that manifested from the Super System. It could project the training ground into reality. The effect was 1/5. There were 2 prerequisites. First, pay the corresponding faith crystal; second, the person who enters must be the spirit link or the believer who provides the faith. Non-believers could not enter.

In addition, there was an additional [Faith Martial Soul] in the exchange center. This martial soul could be attached to any weapon to enhance its power and bestow the power of the destruction law to the user. Similarly, only the one who had a spirit link or believers could activate it.

Chen Rui suddenly had a kind of strange feeling just like he, the controller, was a god, and ‘star conferring’, [Faith Martial Soul] and [Faith Projection] were the means to show ‘miracles’ to believers.

The Red Star advancement seems to be more cult-like?

But he did not delve into these illusory things. Strength was what he could really grasp.

After refilling some food, Chen Rui started to check out Crystal Phoenix’s profile. During the year of his closed-door training, whether it was the operation of the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ or the construction and production of the City of Stars did not stop. On the contrary, the number of participants in the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ had reached a terrifying level, and the people’s game level had also been significantly improved. Many difficult dungeons had been conquered one by one. This improvement was also reflected in the reality. In terms of strength, this was a special ‘training’ that could really enhance one’s combat power.

What excited him the most was the production achievements of the City of Stars. Looking at the various and latest research results listed by Crystal Phoenix, Chen Rui showed a knowing smile. The armistice agreement time of 2 years has come to an end. Then, it’s time for a plan to really launch.

TL: Hmm, never think there is enough slots for star conferring. Will he rise to Demi-God after transformation or the peak of Kingdom level?

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