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Chapter: 857

Chapter 857: Sensational

The assemble puppets was one of the important professions in the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’. It was not inferior to the [War Puppet] of the Asmodeus Royal Family, and even better in some aspects. More importantly, even non-combat individuals such as imp and goblin could also easily control the assemble puppet to exert a powerful combat power as long as they mastered the corresponding skills.

Putting aside the previous magic rifle, no one could have imagined that this powerful war machine that only appeared in the virtual game actually appeared in reality in this military parade of the Fallen Angel Empire!

In the palace of the Dark Shadow Empire, everyone stared intently at the huge assemble puppets on the screen with a mixture of expressions of surprise, solemnity, fear and so on.

"Magic game! Good trick! Good plan!" Catherine closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she whispered to herself in a voice that only she could hear, "Is this your second blow?"

In the Royal Palace of the Bloody Empire, the voices that said Shea was ‘self-defeating’ and ‘bluffing’ were all gone. Only Raizen was still sitting calmly on the throne with dark flames flickering in his indifferent pupils.

The appearance of magic rifle soldiers and assemble puppets instantly excited the audience, especially the ‘puppet pilot’ in the game.

What’s even more exciting was the commentator’s next introduction. The functions and operations of assemble puppets were exactly the same as the combat puppet in the game. A skilled operator could control the assemble puppets to compete with the Demon Emperor and even the Demon Overlord! Pilots who were confident in their own control skills could sign up at the newly established pilot recruitment office of the capital regardless of empire and race. As long as one passed the certification and assessment, they could join the assemble puppet legion directly under Prince Consort Aguile and become a remarkable puppet pilot!

The news caused a commotion. Even many of the ‘puppet pilots’ who were not from the Fallen Angel Empire couldn’t help but feel their hearts pounding. Not to mention the generous treatment, being able to control their favorite ‘combat puppet’ in reality was a dream come true.

It could be expected that there would definitely be other empires’ spies mixed in, but the assemble puppet was not as simple as imagined. Even if the pilot’s piloting ability was strong, he couldn’t disobey the command of the supreme controller of the alchemy civilization. Chen Rui’s spiritual imprint sensing ability could easily remove the spies.

Before the frenzy caused by the assemble puppets calmed down, there was a dense stomping of the ground behind. It seemed that a large group of things were running.

Catherine’s pupils in front of magic television suddenly shrank. After the emergence of the magic rifle army and assemble puppets that cause a sensation in the Demon Realm, this military parade is not over yet!

A group of strangely shaped figures appeared in front of the crowd. They were a strange kind of demonic beasts slightly smaller than a horse and similar to an ordinary hellhound. The strange thing was that the whole body was crystal clear like a crystal. Judging by the sharp claws, it should be a fierce predator type. The number of demonic beasts was about 500, and the rhythm of running seemed to be chaotic, but it contained a strange rhythm. The speed of advancement was very fast. All of a sudden, the demonic beasts stopped in neat order and stood up.

At the same time, the assemble puppets in front suddenly rose to the sky, and the magic rifle army turned back at the same time to shoot these demonic beasts. Sparks were everywhere. Facing the attack of the magic bullet, the demonic beasts were actually safe and sound. They did not fight back and just waited there quietly.

"Crystal beasts, ancient guardians. They have powerful offensive and defensive capabilities as well as speed. Their special physique can greatly reduce magic damage. Their average strength is leader level, and they are fully under the Royal Highness Empress and Prince Consort."

The elites of the 2 empires in front of the magic television took a deep breath. Powerful offensive and defensive capabilities! Fast speed! Greatly reduces magic damage!

There’s simply no weakness for this unprecedented special kind of demonic beast! The young general noticed the shooting just now. If it were ordinary demonic beasts, they would have gone wild. These crystal beasts actually followed the order and did not move at all like a well-trained army. This is the most terrifying thing.

The strength of a leader level is equivalent to the strength of the middle-level powerhouse. If the number of these crystal beasts is more, it will be a nightmare for all ground troops on the battlefield!

This time it’s just a military parade, so only 500 crystal beasts appeared in front of people to make up the formation. Then… how many crystal beasts are there in the Fallen Angel Empire? 5,000? Or more? Many generals looked at each other and they saw the horror in each other’s eyes.

"This should be the secret weapon of the Fallen Angel Empire, but they actually didn’t hide the attributes of this crystal beast!" Crawford, the first general of the Dark Shadow Empire, said in shock, "Shea will never have overlooked this. Unless… "

"Unless they don’t care about letting others know!" Frentz’s expression became more serious than ever. "The Fallen Angel Empire is demonstrating against the 2 empires and the entire Demon Realm!"

Catherine’s calm gaze trembled slightly as she seemed to think of something, "A strength that really shocks the entire Demon Realm?"

"What is that? It’s not over yet!"

The people’s attention was once again attracted by the human-shaped figures floating in the air.

They were all graceful women covered with veils and wearing uniform leather armor with a strange light lingering all over their bodies. They looked ethereal and mysterious.

"Lamp spirits imperial guards, the ancient guardians possessing outstanding magical talent and fighting skills. Their duty is to protect Her Majesty Empress. When needed, these heroic figures will also appear on the battlefield, becoming a presence that will make all enemies tremble."

Flying was the hallmark of a high-rise powerhouse. These 300 plus lamp spirits imperial guards actually float in the air! In other words, more than 300 imperial guards are at least Demon Emperor-level powerhouses!

It is said that intel shows that there are at least 5,000 lamp spirits imperial guards around Shea! Even if the strength is only the Great Demon King, it is shocking enough.

The lamp spirits landed lightly on the ground and walked forward with the crystal beast.

"Is this the final phalanx?" Even Frentz was a little unsure now.

Soon, the ground began to tremble. It seemed that something heavy was approaching.

Crystal beast? No, it’s a huge beast with a material similar to that of a crystal beast! It was more than 10 meters long, about 6 meters high with strong limbs and a long tail. About 100 of them walked over at a rhythmic pace in a neat formation.

When this kind of huge beast appeared, the audience on both sides suddenly felt a terrifying sense of oppression. Demonic beasts such as the wyvern and manticore in front all showed fear. This fear was captured by the camera in time. It was evident that this was an unprecedentedly powerful creature!

The excited commentary sounded, "Giant crystal beast, the guardian of the ancient civilization, the faithful subordinate of Empress Shea and Prince Consort Aguile. Each giant crystal beast has the strength of Demon Overlord!"

This broadcast made the scene hyped up again. More than 100 Demon Overlord-level huge beasts! Many people had also noticed that word. Subordinate!

Catherine took a few deep breaths and shook her head, "Listen! The rhythm of the footsteps! There should be something behind!"

This exclamation almost broke everyone’s tense nerves, and the answer was soon revealed. These were huge human-shaped figures that were taller than the giant crystal beast. They were about 10 meters, which were similar to assemble puppets. The giants wore tight armor, their exposed skin glowed a metallic color, their eyes were pale gold, and their bodies were either flashing with lightning or lingered with the breath of the storm.

The scene quickly cut to a clip. This was a battle between a giant and a black dragon. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that this was a real battle and not a show. The giant and the black dragon were actually… evenly matched!

("Sister, look, I’m on the television!" A little girl in a yard pointed at the television with pride, "I’ve even earned an appearance fee!")

"The titans, the strongest warriors of the ancient civilization, the faithful subordinates of Empress Shea and Prince Consort Aguile. They have a mighty strength that can match the giant dragons!"

Match the strength of dragons! Everyone was shocked again.

Soon, all the phalanxes had gathered in the royal plaza. Shea’s loud and powerful voice sounded, "The strength we have is not for war and plunder, but for guarding the hard-won peace! Guarding our home that we built from scratch! We do not want war to happen, but we are not afraid of any war!"

The atmosphere at the scene reached a climax. Someone took the lead, and everyone began to shout the slogan "Long live empire, long live empress".

In the Bloody Empire palace, Raizen slowly stood up from the throne. The burning light in his eyes almost materialized.

This military parade shattered the original pride of the Bloody Empire which claimed to be the strongest empire of the Demon Realm. It also shattered the victory theory of war that he had preached before. Even if the Fallen Angel Empire didn’t launch a war, the negative effect that followed would hit the Bloody Empire hard. Not to mention anything else, the currency crisis, which had just been calmed down, would break out again with unprecedented momentum.

100 giant crystal beasts! 100 titans! This does not even include the Fallen Angel Empire’s original Demon Overlord and the hidden powers that didn’t appear on the military parade!

Judging from the high-level combat power alone, the Fallen Angel Empire can sweep the 2 empires!

Regular troops, undead legion, ancient legion… Even if the Bloody Empire unite with the Dark Shadow Empire, we may not be the opponents of the Fallen Angel Empire now. If it is 1-on-1, then there is no doubt that we will lose!

2 years ago, the Fallen Angel Empire had to unite with the Dark Shadow Empire to avoid being destroyed by the Bloody Empire. In just 2 years, the strength actually skyrocketed to such a terrifying level!

"Your Majesty! The situation is urgent. We should immediately send envoys to the Dark Shadow Empire and unite with Catherine the Great to fight against the Fallen Angel Empire!"

Raizen nodded slowly. At this time, someone from outside the hall came to report. The envoy, who had been sent to the Fallen Angel Empire to send Aguile an invitation to the martial battle championship, came back with a reply letter written by Aguile.

After a while, Raizen opened the letter that the envoy had brought back. There was only 1 strong word on it, "Fight!"

Raizen raised his brows with his eyes shining brightly. The letter seemed to be affected by the flaring fighting spirit, and it instantly burned, turned into smoke and disappeared. Only the word with special power, ‘fight’ was left floating in the air. After a while, it slowly faded.

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