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Chapter: 860

Chapter 860: Screening Match

The much-anticipated Demon Realm martial battle competition finally started as scheduled at the Iron Fist Estate in the Bloody Empire.

Due to the large number of participants this time which far exceeded expectations, before the official preliminaries, a large screening match was required to eliminate more than half of the contestants. At the same time, the results of the screening match would determine the grouping of the next round of preliminaries.

The way of the screening competition was very special. It was the Land of Courage near the ancient battlefield. This was a special trial field handed down in the Bloody Empire. It had various tests. The strongest was the illusion inside where the physically weak or weak-willed trainers would be trapped in it and unable to extricate themselves until they fell into a coma. Even worse, their souls would be damaged.

Participants would get a number plate when they register. In addition to drawing lots, this number plate had 2 functions. The first was to record the time. Those who got out of the Land of Courage with the shortest time would be separated and teamed up with those who were slowest in the next round of preliminaries so as to avoid early encounters and elimination of elite powerhouses. When the deadline is approaching, the number plate would also emit an early warning sound.

The second function was ‘leaving the battlefield’. In other words, when one could not hold on anymore in the Land of Courage, one could crush the plate and be automatically sent out. Of course, that meant giving up the competition.

Chen Rui’s number plate was number 3, Raizen was number 1, Catherine was number 2, and Octopus King was number 4. These 4 numbers were reserved. They enjoyed the privilege of exemption from screening.

As for the rest, they didn’t have this kind of treatment. They had to participate in the screening round. Zola’s number was 9777, Olypheus was 9778, Roman was 9779, Dodo was 9780, Paglio was 9781; 5 consecutive numbers.

Due to the number of personnel, the screening match was divided into several large groups and held successively. The specified time was 4 hours. Those who leave early or fail to reach within the specified time would be eliminated.

A strange scene appeared in the arena. The 6 newly built giant pillars in the 6 corners projected a huge hexagram, and an image appeared in the center of the hexagram. It was the exit of the Forest of Courage.

This was no longer an ordinary flat surface, but a 3D image, similar to a holographic projection. With the large magic television screens set up in all directions, the competition could be clearly viewed from all angles.

This was definitely a pleasant surprise. Only the audience who arrived at the scene could ‘enjoy’ the treatment. There was no such effect for those watching in front of a magic television. As the might of the battle was too strong, they could not go to the scene of the ancient battlefield to watch this martial battle competition, but the realistic 3D projection could be seen in the center of the arena as if they were in the scene. Furthermore, the projection would definitely not affect the audience. The only flaw was that the sound could not be projected.

According to the advertisement in the magic television, it was the latest research project, ‘3D Projection’ of the Fallen Angel Empire which was still in the debugging stage.

At the exit of the Forest of Courage, several light beams shot out from the mountains, showing one after another figure. A staff member immediately stepped forward to record the number plates.

The big screen of magic television was also broadcasting the results and rankings of the first group at the fastest speed:

1. No. 197 Westerly took 16 minutes;

2. No. 976 Sarandi took 20 minutes;

3. No. 1075 Stiller took 21 minutes;

4. No. 1305 Darast took 26 minutes;

5. No. 28 Gustav took 28 minutes;

There were many well-known demons on the list, and there were also powerhouses who were usually not well-known or secluded who were determined to make a remarkable debut in this martial fighting competition of the Demon Realm.

4 hours later, the number plates of the contestants who were still stuck in the Land of Courage were automatically shattered and sent the contestants back to the starting point. In the first group of this round, half of the players were eliminated.

Zola, Roman and others were in the third group. When the judge announced the start, Roman rushed into the Land of Courage at full speed. He fully unleashed the strength of the Eye of Evil integrated with the evil eye tyrant, ignoring the intrusion of illusion along the way. The [Flash] speed was maximized as he dashed forward like lightning, bypassing the layers of traps. In a short while, he had reached the exit.

"Ha! I’m the first!"

Roman laughed loudly when he saw no one around. He took out a bottle of superb aromatic millet wine and was about to drink it, but he suddenly felt his hand lighterned, The bottle flew out to the big tree in the distance. A figure appeared out of thin air under the big tree; it was Paglio.

"You are the first? Your left eye must have been blinded by women eh?" Master Poison Dragon shook his hand and the cork flew out. He gracefully took a sip of wine, "A free wine tastes the best after all…"

Before he could swallow the wine, he spat it out abruptly. The spat wine actually turned into a flame, burning a big pit in the ground.

"Zola!" Master Poison Dragon shouted angrily, "I just deliberately used some poison in the forest just now. I didn’t stop you though!"

Before his words were finished, the bottle in his hand suddenly froze into ice. A certain lady didn’t even bother to say ‘what’.

(How dare you take the initiative to provoke me. Hmph!)

On the big screen, the results of the third group caused a sensation in the audience.

1st: No. 9777 Zola took 37 seconds.

2nd: No. 9781 Paglio took 58 seconds.

3rd: No. 9779 Roman took 10 minutes.

4th: No. 6720 Famar took 17 minutes.


The 10 minutes of the No. 9779 Roman is already the fastest among the first 3 groups, but he only ranked 3rd. The first No. 9777 Zola and the second No. 9781 Paglio actually did not exceed 1 minute! Attentive viewers also noticed that numbers of Zola, Paglio, and Roman were quite close, and the screen showed that the 3 seemed to be very familiar with each other. They should be old acquaintances.

Although the trials of the Forest of Courage could not fully reflect the overall strength, those with high spiritual cultivation and fast speed had a relative advantage, but such incredible results had far exceeded the scope of ordinary powerhouses. In addition to the top powerhouse Raizen, the second powerhouse Catherine and the mysterious Aguile, it could be predicted that this contest would be unexpectedly exciting and intense.

Time passed minute by minute. The group of relatives and friends including Zola couldn’t help expressing surprise because the 4-hour deadline was approaching now, yet Olypheus and Dodo had not come out yet.

1 of these 2 guys was the strength of S+, and the other was S++ who might break through to the Kingdom at any time. They actually took so long. The anxious Isabella couldn’t help pulling Chen Rui to the exit of the Land of Courage to wait.

Finally, before the final time limit, Ms. Black Dragon and the slime appeared at the exit. The dragon and the slime had the same expression- disappointment.

"So many treasures! How good it would be if this sweet dream didn’t end." Ms. Black Dragon cried and said, "I almost became the richest person in the Demon Realm!"

The slime nodded vigorously. Just now, Master Slime had also been addicted to the illusion of making a fortune. If it wasn’t for the warning sound from the number plate, Master Slime really wanted to stay inside.

When he woke up from the dream, he changed from a handsome rich man into a loser. How could he not burst into tears? Both of them sighed as they walked. When they talked about the sorrowful moments, they hugged and cried together.

"Boss… my spirit has suffered a huge blow. Can you give me 50 black crystal coins to soothe my wounded heart?"

The slime also took the opportunity to point to his nose with an aggrieved expression.

Chen Rui, "…"

Not only Chen Rui, but all the relatives and friends were speechless in the face of these 2 weirdos.

What made the audience even more shocked was that Zola’s record was broken in the 4th round of screening.

No. 10501 Lalaria took 8 seconds!

"I am a man!"

When the mustached flat-chested loli was interviewed by the Bloody Empire’s television, she just threw this sentence and left in a rush. The screams of the trio fan club sounded behind, "Sir Lalaria is so handsome!"

The screening rounds with many weirdos were over, and the next round was the preliminaries, which was the real battle.

The rules of the preliminaries were very simple. 200 people in 1 group, and the last one left on the battlefield will enter the next round!

Although a contestant could use the number plate to get out of the battlefield and lose, it would take time to use the number plate. For some powerhouses, this short period of time could be fatal. This kind of casualty rule had been publicly announced at the time of registration, and all contestants of the martial battle championship were prepared to take the risk of being killed.

The preliminaries were grouped according to the total results of the screening rounds. For example, Lalaria, Zola, Paglio, and others were listed as seeded players, so they were separated from each other. In this way, the elites could be prevented from meeting prematurely as much as possible, lest the excitement of the competition was reduced.

Raizen, Catherine, Chen Rui and Octopus King Red Pipit, who passed the screening round directly, were also listed as seeded players to participate in the preliminary round.

The preliminaries were held simultaneously in various competition areas of the ancient battlefield. The magic television on the scene would broadcast it on separate screens. As for the central open space, the broadcaster would choose the exciting events for projection-style 3D live broadcasts.

Since the Bloody Empire was the organizer, the first projection was broadcast to Division 1 where Raizen was located.

The match had started, but the audience only saw Raizen standing alone in the competition area. There was actually no opponent around. Obviously, no one in this group dared to challenge the famous top powerhouse Raizen.

Raizen went straight to the next round without much effort.

Catherine, the Great Emperor of the Dark Shadow Empire in Division 2, was similar to Raizen. There were only 3 opponents out of the 200 people. Before they saw what Catherine did, all 3 of them had fainted.

After Raizen, Catherine became the second participant who advanced.

In contrast, Chen Rui’s Division 3 had a lot more people. Although he killed Ukleus in the alchemist master contest and got an invitation from Raizen, compared to Raizen and Catherine, people’s recognition of ‘Aguile’ was more of the identity of alchemy great grand master or Royal Highness Prince Consort.

Therefore, many people planned to challenge the strength of this great grand master with a fluke mentality.

In this kind of group battle, if the difference in strength was not large, then tactics were particularly important. It was definitely not a wise move to exert too much force at the beginning. Most people would tacitly choose to defeat weaker opponents first, then on the basis of self-protection, try to knock down the remaining strong opponents so as to strive to become the final winner.

Unfortunately, in the face of absolute strength, tactics, wisdom, and so on were all superfluous. Chen Rui just shook his cloak lightly, and everyone flew into the air involuntarily. Then, they fell heavily one by one, unconscious.

In Division 3, ‘Aguile’ advanced easily.

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