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Chapter: 861

Chapter 861: The Real Battle Begins

Preliminary, Division 24.

This should be a match without suspense. Like the previous matches where Red Pipit, Zola, Sarandi and other seeded players were located, the favorite candidate to qualify for this game was the 4th place in 1st group of the screening round, seeded contestant No. 1305, the Dark Shadow Empire’s secluded powerhouse, Darast.

Darast took only 26 minutes to get out of the Land of Courage, which was faster than the Bloody Empire’s First General Gustav. It was said that this person had been keeping a low profile. His strength should have entered the peak stage of the Demon Overlord.

Darast looked at the 199 contestants around him indifferently and was not in a hurry to make a move. He was a man of calculation. Among the contestants, Gayeh, the sorcerer of the early stage of the Demon Overlord, should be the strongest opponent. Although the magician is weak in melee combat, he has many methods that cannot be guarded against. Moreover, the next round after the preliminaries is one-on-one elimination matches. I must save every strength and try my best to finish him off in 1 move.

As Darast expected, the rest of the players did not join forces to attack him, but fought against each other. A few wanted to take advantage of the chaos to launch a sneak attack, but they were all defeated by Darast.

After Darast killed the sneak attackers, he suddenly felt that Gayeh disappeared from his mental lock, and he couldn’t help being surprised. He thought that the other party had activated some special magic. When he focused, he was even more surprised. A translucent onion hit the head of his strongest opponent into unconscious.

Darast had a bit of an impression on this onion. It is the 3rd lowest onion in the preliminaries called Dodo. This weakest person should be the first to be finished off. Unexpectedly, it knocked down Gayeh!

It’s definitely not luck. It’s acting weak! Darast condensed a green light ball on his hand and shot it toward the back of Dodo’s head. This strike seemed ordinary, but it contained powerful territory power. It was an almost all-out attack as he intended to eliminate Dodo when he was off guard.

Unexpectedly, the translucent guy grabbed his face with both hands and twisted it, and his entire facial features turned to the back of his head inconceivably. He also had 2 more hands which pulled his mouth wide toward the light ball.

When the ball containing powerful destruction power rushed into the big mouth, it was actually like a snowball falling into lava, disappearing without a trace with several puffs of mist.

What’s going on? It ate my blow that was launched with almost full strength? Darast’s eyes almost bulged out. Just as he was distracted, the onion instantly appeared in the sky, turned into a big hammer, and smashed down like lightning. Darast sensed the terrifying pressure and didn’t dare to take it. Just as he was about to run away, he found that his feet were tightly entangled by the translucent tentacles that extended out. The hammer that missed the target turned into a huge mouth and bit toward him.

"Watch Master Dodo’s killing move – devour the world!"

Darast was so terrified that he couldn’t care less. Just as he was about to smash the number plate and escape, he was still 1 step late and was swallowed by the huge mouth with lightning speed.

This scene stunned the audience in front of the big screen as well as the rest of the Division 24 contestants.

After the enlarged Dodo swallowed Darast, his body suddenly squirmed unruly. Just when everyone thought that the peak stage of the Demon Overlord powerhouse Darast was about to break out of his body and reverse the situation, Master Dodo’s squirming stopped, and the back of the onion turned into 2 round… buttocks.

Immediately afterward, there was a loud sound, then everyone around covered their noses. Darast’s body was ejected with some kind of pungent gas, and his body was covered with some kind of mucus that looked like excrement. He flew for tens of meters before falling to the ground. Although he did not die, he had completely lost consciousness.

The translucent green onion master spat with disgust as if he was disgusted by the unpalatable taste. At this time, the contestants of Division 24 were not stunned, but scared to the point of peeing —— A peak stage of the Demon Overlord’s powerhouse was eaten and excreted!

In the next second, almost all the survivors crushed their number plates at the same time and disappeared on the battlefield as rays of light.

Division 24 contestant No. 9780, the dark horse, Dodo advanced!

When Master Onion who became famous in that match appeared in the rest area of ​​the arena, it attracted the attention of many people. They all pointed and whispered behind him while Paglio, Roman and others simultaneously revealed a ‘I don’t know this onion’ expression – Dodo’s ‘devouring the world’ (actually, eating, drinking and excreting) was too unsightly.

It wasn’t just Master Dodo who was the dark horse. Ms. Black Dragon, who was at the bottom of the screening round, also won easily, but the most astonishing scene happened in Division 65. Almost in the blink of an eye, all the people turned into statues wrapped in dark red crystals. A mysterious man in a dark red cloak walked out slowly. Wherever he passed, all the statues turned into dust and disappeared without a trace.

No. 17571, The Fallen One, advanced to the next round.

None of the 199 opponents survived.

Although casualties were inevitable in this martial fighting game, the ruthlessness and cruelty of this ‘The Fallen One’ still made the audience tremble. Chen Rui felt that the attack method was familiar, but he couldn’t remember it at that moment.

After 3 days of preliminaries, more than 10,000 contestants who passed the screening round were left with only the last 63 to enter the quarter finals. The quarter finals’ contestants would be eliminated in a 1-on-1 match. The winner of the 1-on-1 battle advances to the next round while the loser is eliminated.

63 contestants were divided into 2 brackets, and the last winner of each bracket would compete for the first place in this competition to truly be the number 1 in the Demon Realm.

After drawing lots, 31 people including Chen Rui, Zola, Raizen, Lalaria, Olypheus, and the mysterious The Fallen One were assigned to the upper bracket; 32 powerhouses including Catherine, Paglio, Dodo, Roman, and Red Pipit was divided into the lower bracket.

After the upper and lower halves were determined, the opponents were decided again through draw lots. Raizen, Catherine, Chen Rui, Lalaria and others were listed as seeded contestants, so they had separate draw lots.

The overall level of this martial battle championship was extremely high. Those who could enter the quarter finals were all powerhouses with extraordinary strength. In fact, there were many powerhouses with the same strength, but they were eliminated in the preliminaries due to luck or grouping problems. No doubt, luck was actually a kind of strength.

Elimination matches were real duels. Basically, there was no chance of cheating. One could only fight each match. If he encountered an unmatched opponent, he could only accept your fate.

After the draw lots were over, the battle list was released. The exciting elimination matches began. Chen Rui was lucky enough to draw an empty number and directly advance to the next round.

2 matches in each of the upper and lower halves would start at the same time in 4 fields.

The 2 matches in the upper bracket were: Olypheus vs. Stiller. ‘The Fallen One’ vs Fanta.

The 2 matches games in the lower bracket were: Catherine vs Versten. Red Pipit vs Famar.

Catherine’s opponent was Versten, her newly promoted third general of the Dark Shadow Empire. Versten was one of the most powerful powerhouses in the military. He had been suppressed by Broc before in the Jergal Fortress. When Broc was dead, he was naturally promoted to be the third general who guarded the Jergal Fortress. He was grateful, but he unexpectedly faced his ruler in the first round.

"Your Majesty, please forgive my rudeness." Versten bowed deeply and solemnly to Catherine as soon as he appeared.

Catherine smiled indifferently, "Versten, let everyone see the true strength of the empire’s general whom I trust."

"Yes!" As Versten’s muscles grew, and a powerful breath erupted from his body. When he waved his hands, countless meteor-like flames flew toward Catherine.

Those flames suddenly slowed down before they approached Catherine. In the blink of an eye, the intangible strength disappeared without a trace, and Catherine’s voice sounded behind Versten’s back.

"Go all out, don’t let me down."

Versten shuddered. His figure disappeared suddenly, and a golden puppet appeared on the spot, rushing toward Catherine. Catherine tapped her feet and rose into the air. The golden puppet in front of him suddenly turned into Versten again. On the ground where Catherine was originally, the golden figure broke out of the ground and missed its attack.

Although this attack missed, Versten’s tactics and manipulation of the golden puppet were truly impressive, anyone with a discerning eye could see that Catherine, who was at ease, was just training the empire’s general. Anyway, the rule of the game was to assume defeat when one gets out of the battlefield, loses the ability to fight, or admits defeat. The empress naturally would use this opportunity to train her own general. They exchanged moves with flames everywhere which seemed very exciting

There was also a thrilling scene on Ms. Black Dragon’s side. Stiller was the top magician of the Fallen Angel Empire. She was at the peak stage of the Demon Overlord, and had extremely rich actual combat experience. It stood to reason even though Ms. Black Dragon canceled Satan’s spiritual imprint and used the ‘Imperial Demon Claw’ given by Father Dragon Emperor, it was still not an easy task to defeat an experienced peak stage of the Demon Overlord.

In all fairness, after Stiller became Zola’s apprentice, she had indeed made great progress. Unfortunately, she was a magician, and she could only kneel directly when she encountered a black dragon who was naturally immune to magic. After all, not every magician was as badass as Ms. Fairy Dragon.

Stiller was also an old acquaintance of Ms. Black Dragon. After symbolically casting all her magic power in one breath, she conceded defeat without hesitation. Those powerful spells looked colorful and gorgeous.

The winning Ms. Black Dragon had a smile on her face. The registration fee for the competition was 1 black crystal coin (from the boss), and she got 50 black crystal coins through the screening competition, and 1000 black crystal coins through the preliminary competition. Now that she had won the first match and entered the next round, she could get 2,000 black crystal coins according to the reward rule. In summary, it was a net profit of 3,050 black crystal coins!

Ms. Black Dragon’s battle with Stiller wasn’t the first to end. The battles of Red Pipit and that mysterious man, ‘The Fallen One’, ended sooner than her.

Famar was a speed-type trainer. The intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord’s strength was an existence that needed to be looked up to in the eyes of ordinary powerhouses. Unfortunately, when he ran into Octopus King, whom he himself had to look up to, he fell to the ground, completely losing his strength before seeing how the opponent made a move.

‘The Fallen One’ was against the Dark Shadow Empire’s top magician, Fanta.

The mysterious man in the dark red cloak just glanced at Fanta, and Fanta, who had the strength of the peak stage of the Demon Overlord, shuddered. Then, as if he saw something terrifying, he actually stood dazedly on the ground and was unable to move. He could not activate any magic or means.

Fanta, who was shrouded in terrifying breath, kept reminding himself that he had to follow Her Majesty Empress’s prior instructions. When he found that he could not hold any longer, he immediately smashed the number plate to get out of the battlefield. However, his body did not react and a kind of solidifying feeling spread over.

Immediately afterward, the body of the Dark Shadow Empire’s top magician began to crystallize rapidly, and he soon turned into a crystal statue. When The Fallen One waved his hand, the pale red crystal statue burst violently.

The top magician of the Dark Shadow Empire was annihilated before he could cast a spell!

Chen Rui, who had been paying attention to this battlefield, suddenly squinted as he finally remembered where he had seen this kind of attack, the missing Crystal Dragon Jacob!

TL: Jacob is back? But red crystal though…

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