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Chapter: 863

Chapter 863: Burning; The Will of the Wrath King

Wrath King Armor, 1 of the 7 artifacts, the highest artifact of the Samael Royal Family.

This armor could greatly reduce physical damage and magic damage, protect the soul, immune to spirit invasion, automatically recover damage and could also bestow ‘Soul Armor’ that had half of the attributes of the Wrath King Armor to a specific person for a limited time. It was considered an overpowered equipment. Teris used the ‘Soul Armor’ to escape from the [Supernova Explosion] cast by 3 Shura.

Although Raizen’s strength was great, under the circumstance of suppressing strength and limited by the range of activities, it should be difficult to break through the defense of Wrath King Armor and cause decisive damage to Bridget.

However, what Bridget needed was not defense, but offense. There was no suspense about the outcome of this martial battle championship, and it didn’t matter to him. What he needed to do was to move Raizen out of that circle!

This was related to the life and death of thousands of family members!

With Raizen’s strength and experience, fancy moves or ordinary territory wouldn’t work at all. The most direct and pure attack method was the most effective.

With a growl, Bridget let out a lot of thick blood which condensed into a giant phantasm about 8 meters high. When the giant was formed, Bridget had a wrathful expression on his face, and his muscles swelled again. He stomped his feet, and his body rushed toward Raizen like a sharp arrow. The ground reinforced by the enchantment actually cracked under this stomp. This showed the powerful force.

[Wrath Blood] – When the blood was lost by 1/3, a few talents who had [Bloodfury] could enter the state of [Wrath Blood] where the attack power would leap qualitatively.

This punch condensed the strength of [Wrath Blood] and the territory power of the giant phantasm. The audience all had an illusion as if the giant phantasm was making a move at Raizen. This move immediately launched thousands of punches.

When they looked at it again, all the fist power in all directions immediately converged into a fist, hitting Raizen in the chest. This fist carried a huge momentum that was different from before. It already had a faint rudiment of the law power. He could only resist it forcibly.

Raizen’s casual expression turned serious as he stared at the punch without moving. Just as Bridget’s fist was about to approach, he threw his fist out swiftly.

In the eyes of the audience, Raizen’s fist drew an overlapping image which seemed to be blurred by the high speed.

Only a few people such as Chen Rui could see it clearly. Raizen punched 3 times in total. The first punch hit Bridget’s wrist from the side which was akin to his soft spot; the second punch diverted the remaining momentum of Bridget’s punch power which was similar to a ‘recycling’ process. Bridget’s fist power was completely eliminated; the third punch hit the exhausted fist head-on, taking advantage of his weakness to kill him!

The 3 punches of interception, divert, and strike were done in 1 go. The timing was skillful and precise that Raizen only seemed to punch once.

"Boom!" Raizen’s figure swayed, but his feet still didn’t move, and the giant phantasm behind Bridget suddenly dimmed. He retreated 5-6 steps, leaving cracked footprints in the sturdy ground with each step.

There was blood oozing from the corner of Bridget’s mouth. This was no longer [Bloodfury]’s skill, but the injury caused by the shock of Raizen’s punch. If it wasn’t for the protection of Wrath King Armor, this punch would be enough to shatter his sternum.

"Wrath King’ is nothing more than that!" Raizen said indifferently, "You’re taking a pure ‘force’ route. If you reach the extreme, you can crush any ‘skill’. Unfortunately, you haven’t realized the real gap. Your ‘force’ is not worth mentioning to me."

Bridget did not expect that under the same strength, his proud royal talent [Bloodfury] was actually suppressed by Raizen. He shouted angrily, unleashing [Wrath Blood] to the extreme. The giant phantasm became clear again and rushed toward Raizen with all its strength.

Chen Rui shook his head secretly. Raizen is right, Bridget took the path of ‘force’, but his strength was not complete brute force. It was characterized by conciseness, precision, and suppression.

Raizen’s style is actually somewhat similar to Bridget, but Raizen’s strength is an organic combination of ‘force’ and ‘skill’. Especially after kingdomization, his understanding of strength has changed qualitatively, and the combination of the 2 has been close to the perfect state. In the attack just now, Raizen’s ability was actually inferior to that of Bridget who had activated [Wrath Blood], but he was able to completely defeat his opponent. This is the best example.

Judging from the current strength comparison between the 2 sides, unless Bridget raises the strength to a level that can absolutely suppress the opponent, or else, no matter how hard he tries, he will not be able to move Raizen out of that circle.

The most important thing is that the strength of [Bloodfury] is not endless. Once the blood flow exceeds the limit, the attack will drop sharply, especially when the state of [Wrath Blood] cannot last. Otherwise, there is a danger of death.

As expected, Bridget was unable to shake his opponent under the frantic attack, but he was knocked down again and again by Raizen.


Bridget was blown away again and landed on the ground with blood all over his face. His right shoulder was severely deformed. Raizen’s blow just now dislocated his shoulder joints, and the giant phantasm became dim as never before. Its momentum finally began to drop sharply, apparently reaching its limit.

"You have no hope of winning. I have no interest in dragging around like this," Raizen looked at Bridget contemptuously. "Fortunately, the Wrath King Armor is here to save your life."

Save my life?

Bridget made a mocking expression, coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood, and slowly got up again. He gasped violently as his left hand clasped the dislocated shoulder on the right, and with a push, the shoulder returned to its original position. The pain during this process was quite severe. Although there was cold sweat on his forehead, his will was like steel. His brows didn’t even wrinkle.

Next, Bridget did a shocking thing – Everyone saw a flash of light, and the black armor on his body was thrown aside, revealing his heavily wounded body.

Bridget’s body was covered with bruises and scars. Raizen’s punches were very domineering. If it wasn’t for the protection of the Wrath King Armor, the bones of his whole body would have been shattered. Even so, his internal organs were severely damaged by this continuous heavy blow and shock. Bridget looked indifferent as if the body wasn’t his own.

This move by Bridget was far beyond Raizen and all the audience’s expectations: Wrath King Armor is the most important factor that enabled Bridget to fight Raizen until now. Giving up the protection of Wrath King Armor now is tantamount to suicide.

When Bridget looked straight at Raizen like a sharp blade, Raizen felt a tingling sensation in his eyes, and he heard 2 words, "[Blood Burning]."

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

As the huge bloody giant was absorbed back into Bridget’s body, the loud explosions came from his body. His blood was actually imploding in his body.

Under this kind of implosion, Bridget instantly turned into a blood man. The spilled blood quickly evaporated like a burning flame which was brighter than ever before.

[Blood Burning]—— A mutated [Bloodfury] talent that was a step further than [Wrath Blood]. With one’s soul as the trigger, it burns the blood to the extreme and bursts out the greatest strength beyond one’s limit.

This was also the forbidden strength of burning life and soul. Once the blood was exhausted, the soul would also be obliterated. Under the protection of the Wrath King Armor, Bridget cannot activate this desperate forbidden power.

Raizen was right, with the defensive artifact of Wrath King Armor, he could save his life and even escape the Bloody Empire alone, but he couldn’t escape, retreat nor lose.

Because his family was still in Raizen’s hands! Because he was the patriarch of the Samael Royal Family!

Therefore, Bridget gave up the Wrath King Armor without thinking and chose to fully activate [Blood Burning].

Bridget knew very well that he only had the strength for 1 blow. After this blow, he had only 1 result whether he won or lost.

However, without any hesitation, he chose to burn everything to attack the unattainable figure.

"There are things that are innate in our blood and in our breath, it will not dim or fade even in the face of death."

In the eyes of the arena’s audience, Bridget turned into a bloody flame and flew toward Raizen. His body or facial features could no longer be seen. The only thing one could see clearly was his unyielding gaze.

An extremely dangerous warning sign surged in Raizen for the first time. His expression suddenly became solemn as his fists were glowing with purple light.

"[Thunder Emperor Seal]!"

Although Raizen did not cancel the strength limit of the Demon Overlord level, he had launched the strongest attack.

The 2 clusters of power had collided in the blink of an eye. At this moment, due to the strong vibration of the space, the entire projection in the arena became blurred.

After a long time, the projection gradually became clear.

There were 2 figures.

Raizen and Bridget raised their right hands at the same time, maintaining a punching posture. There were large cracks on the ground around the 2 of them. A circle of woods on the periphery dissipated into particles.

The light in Bridget’s eyes began to dim rapidly as the woods were annihilated.

I shall become the sword in the cold night, (Song of Essidor)

Swaying fiery blood.

Burn out the darkness.

For the relatives who are watching behind.

I shall abandon cowardice

Abandon longing,

Abandon honor and disgrace,

Abandon my life,

And guard here…

I really want to hear it again,

That woman’s singing…

Raizen’s pupils shrink suddenly. He took one after another step back. Where he stepped, the ground cracked every inch. At the third step, he finally stood firm, but this step had already stepped out of the circle.

This punch contained all of Bridget’s [Blood Burning] had surpassed the limit. It actually surpassed the attack of the [Thunder Emperor Seal]!

Seeing this scene, Bridget’s gaze, which was on the verge of collapsing, flickered before finally extinguishing completely.

Raizen didn’t wipe away the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth; he didn’t attack again. He just looked at Bridget who was still standing stiffly without a trace of life. The emperor’s indifferent gaze was still cold, but it was no longer indifferent.

After a while, Raizen turned away quietly without even looking at the Wrath King Armor on the ground.

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