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Chapter: 896

Chapter 896: Open

"Stop the wandering spirits first! Or we’re all screwed!" Keressa screamed.

Keressa was right. Tiffany was behind them. Now was the last moment to open the door, if the ‘key’ fell into the hands of the wandering spirits and the door failed to open, neither Satan Team nor Sariel Team could complete the mission, and there was only death waiting for them.

In this situation, Chen Rui, Enquit all Keressa all temporarily gave up their previous grievances, divided into 3 directions, and joined forces to block the wandering spirits.

They could only resist and could not escape.

Next to Enquit, the projection of an ice and snow world became clearer and clearer. His shattered [Armor of Faith] was actually condensed again, but this time only the shoulder armor and breastplate were condensed, so the power buff had dropped a lot.

After all, resisting the [True Red Extinction] made him severely injured.

Enquit’s icy power did not have much restraint on the wandering spirits. He was just supressing them with pure strength. However, the defensive power of the ice crystals was very good, forming a series of barriers, blocking the Demi-God wandering spirits in the front.

The recoil of the Evil Pupil in Keressa had been basically suppressed. Her talent strength was extremely powerful. Especially now that she was in a medusa form, she could fully exert the power of [Petrify], and its lethality was far greater than that of Enquit. The wandering spirits solidified wherever she looked. Even the wandering spirits at the Demi-God level were no exception, but the speed of petrification was much slower. Furthermore, even if they shattered after solidifying, they would recondense.

The wandering spirits of the Kingdom and Demon Overlord levels were different. The Kingdom level could be reborn once or twice whereas the Demon Overlord level was directly turned into dust and annihilated. Although the Demon Overlord level belonged to the highest level of the ‘normal world’ outside, it was the lowest level of the pyramid here like a cannon fodder that could be disposed of at any time.

Chen Rui had already been equipped with the Wrath King Armor and the Sword of Fallen Angel. The armor of [Pole Star Transformation] was in energy form that could be fused with real armor, and it still looked like a Star Armor on the outside. The power of the Wrath King Armor was integrated into the current Red Star Armor, so there were no worries of spiritual erosion of the wandering spirits. The Sword of the Fallen Angel swung out layers of tidal wave-like gigantic sword qi, slashing toward the incoming wandering spirits. His fighting experience with the wandering spirits was quite rich. The wandering spirits were torn apart and annihilated under the overlapping giant sword qi and the gentle water wave.

The attacks of the 3 had shown great power, but they were still unable to stop the wandering spirit sea. Under normal circumstances, this lethality should be able to effectively attract the hatred and anger of the wandering spirits, but the current wandering spirit sea actually ignored the 3 as they all rushed wildly in Tiffany’s direction.

Enquit’s ice crystal barrier lasted for less than 1 minute before it completely collapsed.

Although Keressa’s [Petrify Kingdom] was extremely effective, it could not completely petrify due to the endless wandering spirits. The powerful wandering spirits with outstanding strength even shattered the outer petrified layer and continued to charge.

The situation on Chen Rui’s side was even worse. Facing the dense wandering spirit sea, although the [Overlapping Sword Qi]’s damage was greater, it couldn’t hold back the continuous incoming enemies. The wandering spirits that were cleared were instantly filled up. Even the original most effective [Ripple Sword Qi] was almost useless. It was true that [Ripple Sword Qi] could get rid of great power with little effort, but when the quantity reached an unacceptable level of ‘millions’, it was naturally insufficient.

A lot of the wandering spirits that had been eliminated had formed law fragments, but none of the 3 dared to collect them. They were attacking while retreating simultaneously as they could only slow down the turbulent tide of the wandering spirit sea. They were already less than a kilometer away from Tiffany.

More than half of Tiffany’s symbol had been completed, and the repulsive force generated was gradually weakening, but the breath of life was more and more intense, causing the wandering spirits to be more violent. The pressure on Chen Rui and the other 2 was multiplied.

The distance between the wandering spirit sea and Tiffany quickly shortened. 900 meters, 800 meters… In the blink of an eye, it was already less than 500 meters.

"Roar!" Chen Rui and Keressa heard a loud roar at the same time. In an instant, almost all their senses were rendered useless by the power of the roar.

Enquit had activated the battle form of the great demon, and his head suddenly doubled in size, making him look particularly ferocious. His kingdom changed from a world of ice and snow to a huge ice crystal head which roared just now.

This roar contained terrifying faith power. A large number of cracks appeared in the space as if countless bombs were detonated at the same time. A huge gap suddenly opened up in the wave of the wandering spirit sea in front, and all the wandering spirits within the range were torn apart to oblivion. The roar lasted for some time, and the gap continued to expand. The wave of wandering spirits at the edge of the gap were all rolled back.

Enquit’s strongest killing move, [Split God’s Roar]

As the peak stage of the Demi-God, Enquit finally showed his great strength. Of course, this was not what he wanted, but under the current situation, it was no longer an option to hide. As the roar gradually weakened, Enquit’s breath also weakened rapidly.

There were countless criss-crossing black lines around Keressa, dividing the space into countless facades. These black silk were her hair, or more precisely, countless venomous snakes. The kingdoms of the Demi-God level were all real projections. The kingdom of Enquit was a land of ice and snow while the kingdom of Keressa was actually the snake hair of the medusa!

There were terrifying poisons in the small spaces divided by the snakes. Unfortunately, these poisons had no effect on the wandering spirits, but the power of the facade of the small space was not only that. The spirits were all sucked in.

The number of the wandering spirits was extremely large, and those space facades swelled up quickly. Keressa’s eyes flashed, and the space facades burst open. The power of so many façades exploding at the same time was not as simple as 1 plus 1, but it exploded several times in a special superposition method. The wandering spirit sea on this side seemed to be torn into half by a pair of intangible giant hands. Keressa’s strongest was not the [Petrify] but the ‘explosive’ power!

This kind of power once let her escape from Vesilna’s trap before she came back and set a trap to trick Vesilna. Now facing the precarious situation, she finally launched her full strength.

Chen Rui’s side was also struggling. At this distance, [Pole Star Storm] would definitely not work. The only big move was [Scorching Dragon Roar]. However, just before he activated it, he had an idea, and he crushed the snake pattern badge without hesitation.

After a while, an irregular hole appeared in the space in front, and a figure appeared in the vision. This was an ordinary-looking young man, but he exuded a feeling of being one with the world. Although it exuded only the breath of Demi-God level, this kind of conception was beyond the reach of even Enquit, the peak stage of the Demi-God.


One of the strongest Pseudo-Gods. To be precise, it was a Demi-God level avatar.

As soon as the avatar appeared, he fell into the encirclement of the wandering spirits. He didn’t seem to activate any means, yet the wandering spirits around him actually stopped. The power of time!

Chen Rui clearly sensed the familiar law power, and he was shocked. Satan actually has the same special time law as me!

With a wave of Satan’s hand, the wandering spirits retreated one after another. Chen Rui could see clearly that this ‘retreat’ was not being pushed away, but a reverse flow of time. While ‘retreating’, the wandering spirits quickly became weak and thin. By the time they ‘retreated’ back to the ‘original state’, they had been completely annihilated.

It turns out that time law can also be used like this! Chen Rui was excited. His current time law was limited to ‘pause’. It was almost impossible to change the flow rate, let alone reverse the time like Satan. It even dealt lethal damage.

All the wandering spirits in the circle around Satan were annihilated by this blow. Satan glanced at Enquit and Keressa in the other 2 directions, then he looked at Tiffany who drew the last symbol. A hint of doubt flashed past his eyes. Just before the avatar appeared, when the space was split, Chen Rui had activated [Sneak] and hid near Tiffany.

The avatar of Satan was only the strength of Demi-God, [Sneak] of the Super System was extremely wonderful, especially Chen Rui was still in the state of [Pole Star Transformation], so although Satan had already felt some strangeness, he still couldn’t find Chen Rui’s trace.

"The badge that summoned me should be…" Satan seemed to remember something and frowned, "Could that person be here too? Could it be that before he died…"

Without waiting for Satan to think for too long, the wandering spirit sea had approached again. Satan snorted and shook his hands. Countless tiny ripples appeared in front of him. This kind of ripples seemed ordinary, but with a high-speed and powerful shock force. The wandering spirits that rushed forward shattered and disintegrated into powder.

When Chen Rui saw this scene, the concept of ‘high-frequency weapons’ in the past life’s science fiction movies suddenly appeared in his mind. Satan’s means is exactly the same high-frequency concussion’s profound meaning. Even the previous time law should also be just the tip of the iceberg of Satan’s true power!

Although Enquit couldn’t check what happened on Chen Rui’s side, he noticed the arrival of Satan and seemed to be more diligent. Keressa also somewhat guessed it and felt uneasy.

Although powerful, Satan was a Demi-God avatar after all, it was impossible to completely eliminate this sea of ​​wandering spirits. Moreover, a steady stream of the wandering spirits came from afar after being attracted by the breath of life. Let alone Demi -God, even a Pseudo-God might fall in this encirclement.

Satan glanced back at Tiffany, and he stretched out his hand. A powerful and pure power rushed over. This blow was not to hurt Tiffany but to assist her.

Tiffany’s black and white eyes flourished. The speed of drawing symbols suddenly accelerated, and the concentration of life breath also doubled.

This change agitated the group of wandering spirits immediately. Even Satan started to retreat under the terrifying pressure. It was even more difficult for Enquit and Keressa to resist. The group of wandering spirits that broke through from those 2 directions was less than 50 meters away from Tiffany!

Chen Rui was taken aback. Just as he was about to show up to resist the wandering spirits, Tiffany’s movements suddenly stopped. That the group of law purple mist had completely disappeared – The final symbol was completed!

In the space, a ‘door’ slowly opened.

The door to the final destination, the Chaos Realm, finally opened.

TL: They struggled so hard in this realm, what will they face in the next realm?

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