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Chapter: 897

Chapter 897: Mysterious Corpse

Just when the door opened a gap, the wandering spirits that rushed over turned their heads and fled like they sensed the most terrifying thing.

In the blink of an eye, the entire sea of ​​the wandering spirits receded like a tide.

Chen Rui was taken aback by this phenomenon. The wandering spirits, which will fight to the death, are actually scared away!

Immediately afterward, Chen Rui sensed a strange breath emanating from the ‘door’ opened by Tiffany. This breath did not spread fast, but when Chen Rui wanted to dodge, he found that he had already been shrouded in it. This ancient and mysterious strength seemed to be above the law.

In an instant, all kinds of thoughts, such as eternity, immortality, imperishable, and so on emerged from Chen Rui’s mind at the same time. He was unable to maintain the state of [Sneak] and revealed himself.

The moment he showed his figure, he suddenly felt 2 blade-like sharp qi falling on his back. When he turned around, he happened to meet Satan’s gaze.

There was a hint of surprise in Satan’s eyes, and there was more ice cold murderous intent – Yes, it’s this human! Back then, he was only a Demon Overlord ant, but he has actually advanced to the level of a Demi-God, and he can actually activate the secret skill of concealment under my eyes, a Pseudo-God (avatar)! I actually haven’t noticed him yet!

This was not the most critical issue. There was only 1 type of person who could enter the Ghastly Floating Land apart from those super powerhouses whom Satan himself sent to assist Tiffany, and that was his old enemy, Sariel!

The next second, the mysterious ancient breath suddenly changed. Chen Rui only felt an irresistible suction, and he was sucked in by the door.

Those who were sucked in were Tiffany, Keressa, Enquit, and the countless wandering spirits that had no time to escape.

The only exception was Satan. The avatar was getting dimmer while watching Chen Rui’s disappearing figure with a sneer on his face. The gaze seemed to be watching a corpse entering the incinerator.

Soon, the avatar turned into nothingness with a pop.

The mysterious door opened just a little bit. After sucking them as well as a large group of the wandering spirits, it gradually closed again before disappearing into the air as if nothing had happened just now. Only the wandering spirits fleeing in panic in the distance witnessed what had just existed.

After Chen Rui was devoured into the door, before he had time to see the surroundings, he felt that his body and soul trembled at the same time. All the strength, especially the life force and faith power, began to flow away quickly. Even the Star Armor on his body gradually faded.

Chen Rui was taken aback. He tried to use the kingdom power with all his strength to fight against it, but he couldn’t resist. Star armor, including the Wrath King Armor, which was known as the strongest armor, was useless in front of this strange devour power.

As Chen Rui’s thoughts moved, he had recalled the avatar Shura and merged with him. He put away the strength of [Pole Star Transformation], and the Star Armor quickly disappeared. At the same time, a faint black hole appeared beside him. The devour power of the black hole and the devour force in the space counteracted each other. However, even if he cast the black hole together with Shura, it still could not completely offset the strange suction. It just became much slower than before.

Chen Rui finally got a chance to breathe. He calmed down and secretly operated the Super System, integrating the faith power and life force of the solar system in the Super System into his body. It was equivalent to replenishing his lost strength.

The faith power and life force of a large solar system were extremely amazing. Even if part of it had been lost, it was quickly replenished, so the real consumption was not very large. After Chen Rui quickly adapted to the devouring power, he could see the surrounding environment clearly.

Chaos Realm, as the name suggested, was full of chaos and indistinctness, but due to the devouring power, the body was moving forward involuntarily as if attracted by something. There was no way to resist it.

"Ah!" A sharp scream sounded from behind. It was actually Keressa whose body had begun to collapse.

Enquit’s condition was not much better. Although he was at the peak stage of the Demi-God where his power of kingdom and life was far better than that of Keressa, he couldn’t stand this rapid consumption. The [Armor of Faith] on his body had long disappeared. It wouldn’t be long before he followed the footsteps of Keressa.

Not just Keressa and Enquit, but the wandering spirits as well. The wandering spirits rapidly faded and dimmed as they were sucked forward. This was true annihilation. Even law fragments couldn’t be condensed, and they couldn’t reborn.

Besides Chen Rui, there was only 1 person who could keep calm in this terrifying environment, and that was Tiffany.

Tiffany’s skin faintly sparkled. Although her life force was also flowing away, she seemed to be well prepared. There was no abnormality on her body. Chen Rui could see that this was not Tiffany’s own strength, but the role of a special item. The secret method should be used in the item to reserve a lot of faith power and life force, so Tiffany was not affected.

However, the power of this item was limited. Once it was exhausted, Tiffany’s life would also dry up.

After Tiffany opened the door, she had recovered from that unconscious state. She noticed Chen Rui’s gaze and glanced back at him. Although she was a little surprised that he didn’t have any abnormality, she didn’t pay much attention to it.

In less than 10 minutes, Keressa’s life force had been completely exhausted, and she finally turned into ashes and disappeared. Even if her scheming was deep, she still couldn’t resist in the face of absolute strength.

The next who was annihilated was Enquit. At this time, the rest of the Demi-God level wandering spirits had also disappeared, leaving only Tiffany and Chen Rui in the huge space. They continued to fly forward under the influence of that strange suction force.

Another 2 hours passed. Tiffany looked back again, and she found that Chen Rui was still unscathed. She finally showed a surprised gaze – This person should be the opponent to get the silver box, and he also has some kind of special item like me, but my item is made by Teacher Satan with great effort. Its power is definitely far superior to the opponent’s. As long as the opponent’s item strength is exhausted, he will be dead.

Chen Rui didn’t know Tiffany’s thoughts. He tried to activate the [Star Gate] just now, but received an unexpected prompt, "The strength of the controller is not enough to cross the S-level space seal and above."

S-level space?

When I was traveling through the human world, it was prompted as A-level space. Although I don’t understand the specific details of this hierarchy level, it is certain that this Chaos Realm of ‘S-level and above’ is far superior than the human world and the Demon Realm.

At the Ghastly Floating Land just now, he also tried to set the star point and turn on the [Star Gate], but after passing the ‘door’, it could not be activated. It seemed that if he wanted to leave here, he could only figure out another way.

The devour power in front suddenly heightened. Chen Rui and Tiffany trembled at the same time as if they had passed through a certain barrier. Immediately afterward, their eyes lit up, and the infinite chaos finally disappeared. They were greeted by a brand new scene.

This was an endless universe. From a distance, one could see the faint planet, just like the planets of the Super System, but it was countless times larger than that planet as if it was a real universe.

The previous feeling of eternity, immortality, imperishable… reappeared and intensified countless times. Correspondingly, the power of life and faith flowed away faster.

Chen Rui frowned slightly: This should be the real Chaos Realm, which no longer has the suction force that makes one unable to control the body. I can fly freely in this space. The silver box should be somewhere in the Chaos Realm. The question is, where is it? It’s impossible to search each planet, right? This universe is vast. Even if I can survive here with the Super System, even if with a lifespan of hundreds of thousands of years, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Chen Rui thought while following behind Tiffany.

Tiffany looked at this strange man like he was her mortal enemy. She had been sleeping in the crystal coffin previously, so she did not know that this ‘Raikkonen’ was a member of the ‘Satan Team’, not to mention that Chen Rui was not the real Raikkonen.

Although Tiffany was vigilant, she did not dare to act rashly. Although she had been cleansed in law power in the ritual of opening the door, she had benefited a lot and could break through to the Kingdom level at any time, but this person’s strength was obviously far better than the ordinary Kingdom level powerhouse. If she fought recklessly, she would not be an opponent.

"Ms. Tiffany, don’t be nervous. In fact… we are old friends." Chen Rui tried it, and this space did not hinder the transmission of sound.

Tiffany didn’t make a sound, and the alert in her eyes became stronger.

"Remember what happened on the 4th floor of the Bloody Empire’s Book Collection Hall?" Chen Rui shook his head, "I brought you out."

"It’s you?" Tiffany raised her delicate eyebrows, and she saw Chen Rui’s face changed. No doubt it was the person who saved her back then.

Tiffany’s expression eased slightly, but she didn’t let her guard down, "Why… why did you come here?"

"2 purposes." Chen Rui smiled slightly, "Firstly, to find something; secondly, to bring you back safely."

Tiffany directly ignored the second ‘purpose’ and sneered secretly. No doubt it is for the silver box! The mission this time is extremely important to me. No matter what the origin of this person is, I cannot let him succeed!

Tiffany became more and more alert as she nodded calmly. Without speaking, her eyes looked into the distance, and she was shocked.

Chen Rui followed her gaze and also showed an astonished expression.

A mysterious thing appeared far away.

It appeared to be a human body.

Chen Rui’s first impression of this human body was ‘gigantic’.

Huge, vast, even…boundless.

In fact, Chen Rui and Tiffany were far away from the ‘human body’, but even looking at it from a distance, they could feel the unimaginable size.

The strange thing was that this human body had no life at all. It seemed to be dead or it had fallen into a deep sleep.

At the moment of seeing the human form, Chen Rui and Tiffany simultaneously had a trembling deep in their souls as if they had to look up at this ‘corpse’ whenever and wherever it was.

Relying on the power of the Super System, Chen Rui gradually suppressed the abnormality in his soul, but another feeling surged- This ‘corpse’ contained a might that could not be described in words. A gaze or even a thought could completely annihilate him.

Chen Rui couldn’t help shivering, and he subconsciously used the [Analytical Eyes]. The corpse’s shape suddenly changed. It was not a corpse, but countless stars. To be precise, a solar system!

A complete solar system, or rather, a small universe!

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