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Chapter: 1163

Chapter 1163: Little Five Returns To The Capital (4)

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Gu Jinfeng stayed at the Gu house for a while, then went to look for Gu Jinfeng.

Gu Jinfeng had already established his company, and since he was just starting out, he needed many people in various areas. He was very busy.

‘When Gu Jinxuan found him, he was very busy in his office.

"Fourth Cousin!"

Gu Jinfeng was sitting behind his work desk. He raised his head in surprise when he heard that. "Little Five?

"You’re back?"

Gu Jinxuan was inwardly shaken to see the current Gu Jinfeng.

‘After many years of experience overseas and a year of traveling after he returned to China, Gu Jinfeng now had a different aura from the average person.

Gu Jinxuan suddenly realized that the Qiao cousins had the same aura. So did Mo Beihan and the eldest Qin son, Qin Li.

They had an intimidating air, but they were reserved and modest. Yet somehow, they seemed unapproachable.

"Um! I came back yesterday and went to the Gu house to see the babies. Yao Yao said you were here, so I came over."

Gu Jinfeng smiled and asked someone to bring him a cup of coffee.

He was wearing a suit. Gu Jinxuan somehow felt pressured when his cousin sat down in front of him. Once again, he was made aware of the gap between the cousins.

To be precise, the gap between him and the other cousins.

"Is everything over there settled? Is Third Aunt still unwilling to come back?"

Gu Jinxuan understood without needing him to elaborate.

He nodded. "Um! In her heart, the Zhou family is the most important. She even blames me for being too hardhearted and causing her to suffer so much. Naturally, I won’t allow her to return while she is still this way."

Gu Jinfeng patted his shoulder. "Little Five, you were always out there having fun, and we older cousins thought that you hadn’t grown up! Now it seems that in certain ways, you are even more outstanding than Third Cousin.

"You handled this matter correctly. If this matter with Third Aunt is not resolved, she will grow worse in the long run. You and your brothers won’t be the only ones affected. Even if the rest of the Gu family doesn’t mind and continues to protect her, if her plots should be exposed one day, as her sons, your

future would be immediately destroyed. I’m sure you know what will happen to you children if you have a close relative with a criminal record."

Of course, Gu Jinxuan knew. It was precisely because he knew it so well that he had asked Gu Jinhang to resolve the matter before things grew too serious and hurriedly sent Zhou Ping away.

The Gu family was still on the ascent. This time, their marriage alliance with the Mo family had raised their prospects even further. He was well aware that in the next few years, Second Uncle, Oldest Brother and Second Brother would rise rapidly. In that manner, the future generations in the Gu family

would have an easy time.

He was not prepared to be an official, and Third Cousin was unlikely to be wildly successful. But Little Seven and Little Eight were unknown factors.

They were still young, and with their cousins’ connections, they had limitless potential. If Little Seven and Little Eight wanted it, their uncles and older cousins would certainly help them.

But if their mother had any stain on her reputation, it would be difficult to accomplish many things in their future.

Gu Jinxuan said, "I understand. Fourth Cousin, I also realized that, so I thought I would teach my mother a lesson to make her come to her senses. Later on, when I asked my mother, I found out that it was my grandmother who suggested alll those ideas. My grandmother feels that since my mother gave

the Gu family four sons, the Gu family would not do anything to her. No matter what she does, the Gu family will always pick up the pieces.

"If we ignore this matter, my mother will definitely do something on a larger scale next time.."

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