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Chapter: 1165

Chapter 1165: Five Years Later (2)

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Gu Jinxuan was willing to work hard, and the Gu family was more than happy to help him.

Gu Jinfeng smiled and said, "Sure. If you have any ideas, feel free to run them by me. I’m willing to teach you anything I know.

"Besides, if you’re free, you can always chat with Yao Yao. That girl knows more than I do!"

Gu Jinxuan frowned and said in embarrassment, "That’s not so nice! She’s my younger cousin! I’ve borrowed fifty thousand yuan from her, and I don’t know when I can return it! As her older cousin, isn’t it rather embarrassing to ask her for advice?

"Besides, won’t that fellow Mo Beihan make fun of me?"

Gu Jinfeng laughed. "It’s up to you! It would be a waste not to make use of such an excellent teacher. Oldest Cousin, Second Cousin and I occasionally ask Yao Yao for advice on many things!

"That girl has been spoilt by Mo Beihan. She doesn’t have much ambition, but she has more ideas than we do."

Gu Jinxuan said, "Even if she’s not ambitious and doesn’t do anything, I suspect that girl has enough money to last a lifetime. Ever since I moved to the capital, I have the sense that Yao Yao is richer than all of us."

Gu Jinfeng’s brows rose. "Wow! Good insight!"

Gu Jinxuan’s eyes widened in surprise. "You mean I’m right?"

"You really are!" Gu Jinfeng laughed. "Let me tell you! Yao Yao is the richest of us all. Although I don’t know exactly how much she has, I can tell you that the girl certainly wasn’t lazing around during her years overseas.

"And then there’s Mo Beihan. He has plenty of connections! The two of them are very discreet, and no one knows of their true powers. Even I don’t know exactly how much they have.


"So! If you want to broaden your perspective, you should chat with Yao Yao more often. Many of our current successes were secretly planned out by Yao Yao. We also got many ideas from chatting with her."

Gu Jinxuan: "…"

He had been away for so many years, having fun. Had he missed out on something?

Gu Jinfeng glanced at him and said meaningfully, "Go and work hard! That couple keeps a very low profile. The economy in China hasn’t progressed yet, and many of the noble families are very poor. If you don’t believe me, wait and see! When all the noble families progress and the economy improves,

their abilities will become apparent.

"By my estimation, their achievements within the next five years will shock you!"

Gu Jinxuan: "…"

Gu Jinxuan was rather incredulous. "Really? Five years? Do you mean that if those families in the capital progress for another five years, they still won’t be able to compare with Younger Cousin and Mo Beihan’s achievements?"

"Um!" Gu Jinfeng nodded.

Gu Jinxuan’s mouth twitched. For some reason, when he saw Fourth Cousin’s earnest expression, he immediately believed him.

This proved to be true.

Five years later, Gu Jinxuan still had not figured out how many businesses his younger cousin had.

Time always seems to pass more quickly when you are working hard. Five years flew by. Within these five years, Gu Jinxuan paid close attention to Mo Beihan and Gu Qingyao. He wanted to know if his Fourth Cousin had told him the truth five years ago.

But the truth was that within these five years, his observations caused his shock to deepen. As he observed his younger cousin more closely, he increasingly realized how wealthy she was. His knowledge of her changed continually.

Now five years had passed, but he still had not completely grasped how powerful his younger cousin and Mo Beihan were.

Although his personal fortune had undergone a complete transformation over these five years, he wondered why he felt poorer than ever..


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