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Chapter: 1170

Chapter 1170 The Huo family Returns To China (1)

After waiting for five years, the Huo family was finally back.

The economy in China had progressed. Although many people were still disdainful of entrepreneurs and felt that a steady job was the most respectable, this had not prevented the rise of the first tycoons.

In the ’80s and ’90s, the streets were paved with gold.

The pioneers in business were already tasting the sweet fruits of their labors and had slowly turned into tycoons. Many saw how rich they had grown and had begun to change their way of thinking

When even people like that saw business opportunities, what more the major financial conglomerates with their great foresight?

The Huo family originated from China. Over the past few years, they had closely followed the progress of the Qiao family and the Qin family. The Qiao family had already moved their short-term focus to China. The Huo family had always followed in the Qiao family’s footsteps, and after hesitating for five years, they had finally grown impatient.

Gu Qingyao smiled. "They’re finally back! Not bad! To come back now shows that they have greater foresight."

At this time, China’s economy was far inferior to that of other countries. Very few large financial conglomerates had moved here, and everyone was just watching and waiting.

It was unusual for the Huo family to return at this time.

Gu Qingyao would not be surprised even if they waited another five years to return.

It looked like the Huo family was still very interested in the Qiao family business!

Gu Qingyao smiled. Good that they were interested!

She was interested too!

All these years, she had been waiting for her cousins to progress in China and gain a firm foothold.

Now that five years had passed, they had all matured and stabilized. Their businesses had taken off. It was now time to seek revenge on the Huo family.

Gu Jinxuan smilingly leaned over. His smile was rather cunning!

"I heard from Oldest Cousin that you’re very interested in the Huo family’s business, right?"

At first, the Qiao cousins had not been very sure what Gu Qingyao was planning. But after a few years, they slowly figured it out.

The Gu and Qiao families were very close, and all the members of the younger generation were very outstanding. They naturally enjoyed getting together to discuss the future.

As a social butterfly, Gu Jinxuan got along with everyone in the capital, and the Qiao cousins were no exception.

Gu Qingyao smiled, "That’s right! The Huo family has always been following in the Qiao family’s wake. They have practically replicated the Qiao family business. It’s disgusting. Their business skills are far inferior to the Qiao family’s, but they have greatly affected the Qiao family. Now that they have seen the Qiao family’s progress in China over the past five years, they’re back and might be up to their old tricks again. "You know how much demand there is in our markets. The markets are still not mature. If the Huo family comes over now and imitates us, they will certainly earn a lot of money. What if it affects the Qiao family’s reputation. What will we do?"

Gu Jinxuan understood.

In these five years, he had been overseas twice. He had specially gone traveling to see the world, and, having broadened his mind overseas, he finally realized how big the world was.

He had some knowledge of the Huo family. At the moment, their foothold in the market was not firm enough, and it would be an easy matter for the Huo family to imitate them.

The people here were still very naive, and their thinking was quite straightforward. Even many businessmen were not agile thinkers.

"Well? Are you going to devour the Huo family?"

Gu Qingyao smiled rather arrogantly, "Who asked them to keep imitating the Qiao family? Even their business model is similar to the Qiao family’s. One Qiao family is enough. Don’t you agree?"

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