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Chapter: 1172

Chapter 1172: Perfect Scheme (1)

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The family was simultaneously frightened of China, and disdainful of it. If the Qiao family had not gone back five years ago, they would not be so curious about the situation in China.

After five years of observation, they finally decided to come back and take a look.

Especially since they had orders to return to China. After all, the Huo family originated from China. Now that things were fairly peaceful, it was natural that they would return and it would not arouse much suspicion.

The Huo family was now living in a stand-alone villa in the city center. They were extremely unhappy!

They had just retuned from overseas. When they saw what the situation in China was like, they were so upset that they almost had a breakdown.

The conditions here could not compare to their living conditions overseas.

The villa they were living in was already the best villa they could find, but it was still so lousy.

This time, the head of the Huo family, Huo Lin, his oldest son, his third son, and his two illegitimate sons had returned.

His second son remained overseas to watch over their businesses there. After all, to the Huo family, their overseas holdings were their bread and butter. They must be overseen carefully, or the family would have no recourse.

"Father, this terrible place is so dilapidated, just like a rubbish heap. There’s no way we can stay here."

The Huo family’s oldest son, Huo Tianxiang, could not stop complaining. He had been a pampered young man when he was living overseas, and he was used to a life of luxury. He could not get used to anything in China.

"That’s right, Father. The conditions here are so poor! This house is all right, but when I look around outside, everything is so dilapidated. How can we do business in a place like this? Can these people afford anything?"

Third Son, Huo Tianning, did not like this place either.

Huo Lin thought about everything he had seen on the way here and looked stern. But he did not feel confident.

"Let’s just make do and live here for now! The Qiao and the Qin families have been back for five years and haven’t gone back. If this place was really so terrible, they would have gone back long ago. They wouldn’t have continued to stay here."

Huo Tianning grew upset at the mention of this. "Who knows what they’re thinking? The Qin and Qiao families have always been old-fashioned. You also know that from our years overseas. Besides, the Qiao family’s granddaughter is in China, and the Qin family’s parents are here. It makes sense for them

to come back. But why should we come back with them?

"We could have waited a few more years until the conditions here improved!"

‘When the families fled overseas, they had come from the same country, and that had created a special bond between them.

They were all in a foreign land, and in a way, they had clung to each other for comfort.

The Qin and Qiao families were closer and had progressed swiftly. When the Huo family saw that, they tried to integrate themselves into the group, but they had not been very successful.

Actually, the Huo children and grandchildren all approved of the Huo family following in the Qiao family’s footsteps. After all, they had reaped benefits from doing this for years. The Qiao family was excellent at business, and all of them were very successful.

Even though she was a woman, Qiao Yuying had managed to make Qiao’s Jewelry a big success. At that time, Qiao Yuying was still single, and they had come up with the idea of obtaining Qiao’s Jewelry.

As the Qiao family business continued to grow, their plots grew deeper and more defined.

Today, replacing or even annexing the Qiao family was the common goal of the entire Huo family.

Huo Lin said impatiently, "All right, stop complaining. Sir must have had his reasons for asking us to come back. Just do your job properly.."

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