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Chapter: 1173

Chapter 1173: Perfect Scheme (2)

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Huo Lin was also feeling very vexed. He impatiently reprimanded his son, then went upstairs to rest.

Huo Tianning was stunned as he watched his father go upstairs!

"Hey… hey, Father…"

He helplessly turned to his older brother. "Older Brother, are… are we really going to stay in this hellhole? I don’t want to stay here. I want to go back to France. There’s nothing here. What’s good about this place?"

Huo Tianxiang said angrily, "I want to go back too! But Father insisted on coming here. What choice do we have?"

Huo Tianning said, "Then… then I’ll go back to France and ask Second Brother to come over. Why should he enjoy life over there while we’re here in this god-forsaken place?"

Huo Tianxiang laughed coldly. "That’s because you’re the vainest of us all. If you were as capable as Second Brother, you would have been the one to remain overseas to oversee the family business!"

Huo Tianning was furious. He had two older brothers and was usually very spoilt. He was more playful and less capable than his two older brothers, but.

"But you are more capable than Second Brother! Why should Second Brother remain overseas and not you?"

Huo Tianxiang also felt rather aggrieved. "It’s precisely because I’m more capable than you and Second Brother that I’m here to expand into this market."

Huo Tiannin;

Huo Tianxiang was the Huo family’s Oldest Young Master. He was also very talented and was used to a life of luxury. He was particular about the finer things of life. He could not get used to anything here and had a lot of pent-up anger.

He could not reprimand his father, so he reprimanded his younger brother to vent his anger.

He said to Huo Tianning sternly, "Give me a break! Just behave yourself and stay here. Also! Dress up properly every day from now on. Find a way to get close to that Gu Qingyao. This is your specialty. You must get it done."


Huo Tianning was a typical playboy. He was the most handsome of the Huo brothers, even including the illegitimate sons. His biggest use back here in China was to make a marriage alliance.

Since the Huo family was targeting the Qiao family fortune, Gu Qingyao was the most suitable target.

They had already discussed this when they were overseas.

But Huo Tianning was reluctant!

"Oldest Brother, that Gu Qingyao is already married with a child! This kind of woman… shouldn’t you think of a different plan? I have so many women. The rich young ladies overseas are always pursuing me. But you bring me to this hellhole to pursue a married woman. This… the thought of it disgusts


Huo Tianxiang grunted coldly. "Disgusting? Qiao’s Jewelry is disgusting? Gu Qingyao is the sole heir to Qiao’s Jewelry!"

Huo Tiamning: "…"

Huo Tiamning said helplessly, "Qiao’s Jewelry is great, but… if Mo Beihan finds out then… we will make bitter enemies out of the Mo family. The Mo family has a huge business in the capital, and their roots run very deep. Surely it won’t be good to offend the Mo family like that?"

To men, a person who cuckolded him was a bitter enemy. To be honest, he was rather frightened of trying to steal Mo Beihan’s wife.

Huo Tianxiang laughed. "Our main goal is to destroy the alliance between the Qiao, Gu, Qin and the Mo families. Gu Qingyao is a critical piece in this game of chess. As long as the relationship between her and Mo Beihan is destroyed, the Qiao, Gu and Qin families will not be able to form an alliance. They

might even become enemies.."

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