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Chapter: 1175

Chapter 1175: Perfect Scheme (4)

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Huo Tianning was startled. "Are you saying…"

Huo Tianxiang smiled rather sinisterly. "That’s right. Once Gu Qingyao is in our hands, the Gu family will expect the Mo family to attack them. They will definitely look for other allies. With our financial power, they will certainly be tempted.

"Then the Gu, Qiao and Qin families will be our allies. Even if it is for self-preservation, they will definitely pull our family into their camp.

"Then you can just let the Gu family and the Mo family fight it out! Ideally, they will both sustain major damage. Then the Qiao family’s support in the capital will be weakened. With Qiao Jewelry’s only heir in an external party’s hands, who do you think Qiao’s Jewelry will end up with?"

Huo Tianning immediately burst out laughing.

"Hahahaha, it will certainly be me, hahaha… cough…"

Huo Tianning was laughing when he suddenly choked. "Wait, that’s not right. That bunch in the Qiao family has never really been on our side. On the surface, they appear to cooperate with us, but in reality, they are not united with us. It’s true that Gu Qingyao is Qiao Jewelry’s only heir, but the Qiao family

is full of men! Will Qiao Xinming and his other cousins watch Qiao’s Jewelry fall into our hands?"

Qiao’s Jewelry was such a big business, he was sure that the Qiao cousins would be reluctant to relinquish it.

Huo Tianxiang smiled and looked confident.

"So what if they are reluctant? Gu Qingyao is the Gu family’s only granddaughter. Qiao’s Jewelry may be called Qiao’s Jewelry, but Qiao Yuying is the Gu family’s daughter-in-law. One might say that Qiao’s Jewelry belongs to the Gu family. Don’t you think that the Gu family would rather Qiao’s Jewelry go to

their own granddaughter than to the Qiao cousins?"

Huo Tianning was stunned before he became delighted!

"That’s right! That’s the crucial point! Oh, I almost overlooked that point. This Gu Qingyao is really the key."

Huo Tianxiang said, "Glad that you understand. This is very important. Don’t just keep thinking about your little concerns. You have to find a way to coax Gu Qingyao over to our side. When Qiao’s Jewelry is ours and you don’t like her, you can always get rid of her and find someone new.1

"Besides, she’s the Gu family’s granddaughter. If the Gu family defeats the Mo family in the future and then continues to stand strong, then Gu Qingyao will be our trump card. We’ll just keep her in our family, but you can always have other women.

"Just don’t bring them home, and she won’t be able to do anything about it!"

Huo Tianning agreed. He was delighted. 1

"all right, I understand. Oh, besides Gu Qingyao, when it comes to marriage alliances, isn’t there a Qin Si? Should I court Gu Qingyao first or Qin Si?"

Huo Tianxiang felt rather impatient. This younger brother was so stupid. He might be a little more handsome, but he was really useless.

"What use are you besides looking good? Can’t you grow some brains? Qin Si is our backup plan. She’s Gu Qingyao’s friend. Her best friend. She’s also Qin Zhiyuan’s daughter. Marrying her will also benefit us.

"But can she compare to Gu Qingyao? If it doesn’t work out with Gu Qingyao, we will choose Qin Si. Can’t you grasp the subtleties?"

"Aren’t you an expert with women?"

Huo Tianning shrank back. "I… I understand. I will take note of Qin Si.

"But Older Brother, that girl, Qin Si, already has a boyfriend. You have to help me keep an eye on him."

Huo Tianxiang said dismissively, "He’s a nobody.. No need to bother about him!"

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