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Chapter: 1176

Chapter 1176: Gu Qingyao Is A Formidable Opponent (1)

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Lin Dongxu had pursued Qin Si for many years. They formalized their relationship two years ago, and the Qin family accepted Lin Dongxu.

For the past few years, Qin Si had been busy with work and had since pushed back her wedding date. However, Lin Dongxu agreed to keep waiting for her. Now, even Qin Zhiyuan as the father-in-law could not stand it any longer, and they were discussing a wedding date so that the two of them could get

married soon.

Lin Dongxu was now considered a somewhat well-known businessman in the capital. Very, very few people knew his background. They only knew that he seemed to have some connection with Mo Beihan, but they did not know about their actual relationship.

After all, at this time, the bulk of Mo Beihan’s holdings was still overseas. The people in China did not know that Mo Beihan had such a huge business empire.

But Qin Zhiyuan knew a little about it.

In the past, the Qin family only knew that Lin Dongxu worked for Mo Beihan and was loyal to him, But no one really knew what he actually did or the extent of their relationship.

Qin Zhiyuan only found out a little when Lin Dongxu and Qin Si formalized their relationship two years ago, and he greatly admired Lin Dongxu for it. He felt that Lin Dongxu had been very discreet over the past three years, even when he was pursuing Qin Si and proving his ability had been crucial.

A family like the Huo family would never think of Lin Dongxu as important, so Huo Tianxiang just dismissed him.

That day, Qin Si had come back from an overseas work trip. Lin Dongxu had driven to the airport to meet her.

Before she arrived, Lin Dongxu had already bought a very large bouquet of roses. His smile showed that he was waiting for his beloved girl.

‘When Qin Si emerged and saw his familiar figure, she sped over to him.

Lin Dongxu naturally opened his arms wide to receive her, and the two of them embraced each other tightly.

In the two years since they made their relationship official, they almost always acted like that after a separation. Each time, Lin Dongxu would prepare some presents to surprise her.

Sometimes he bought her clothes or jewelry, sometimes it was a cozy dinner, and sometimes it was fresh flowers.

Qin Si had been very happy over the past few years. She and Lin Dongxu never fought. They always seemed to be passionately in love.

Qin Si smilingly clasped him around his neck. "Did you miss me?"

Lin Dongxu was beaming from ear to ear as he held his beloved girl in his arms. He was smiling rather foolishly!

"Of course I missed you!"

Qin Si smiled and stood on tiptoe to land a kiss next to his mouth, which cause Lin Dongxu to grow even more excited.

Qin Si clutched her flowers joyfully and said with a smile, "Let’s go. I’m exhausted. I need to have a good sleep."

Lin Dongxu quickly picked up her luggage and followed her. "Right, right, right! Si Si, you must be exhausted. The house is all ready. If you hurry back now and nap, you might be able to get over your jet lag. The food is all ready!"

Now Lin Dongxu had plenty of money. He had many properties in his name. In the capital, he had a stand-alone villa.

He often stayed at the villa. It was in the city center and was not particularly big, He had almost no family, and the relatives that he was closer to had almost all passed away. So he preferred a cozier house.

It was a two-storey house and had been decorated simply and cleanly. It had a romantic feel, and the style suited a girl like Qin Si.

This was where Lin Dongxu planned to stay with Qin Si in the long term, so he decorated it according to Qin Si’s tastes..

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